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MakeWebGames is back, 2019 edition


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3 minutes ago, SRB said:

I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see this, and I request everybody else do the same.

Only 4 days in it. What’s 4 days between friends ?

Is it any consolation that I am glad that you are back as well? I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

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19 hours ago, SHAD said:

Damn. I'm so glad this place is back. A treasure of nostalgia. And my account still works!

Damn right! Did you password work as well? Not sure if people had to do password resets or it would just magically work.

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4 hours ago, Script47 said:

Been wondering about MWG for a while now and I ended up speaking with Dave about it today and he mentioned the URL changed.

Glad to be back and glad to see a lot of the old folks here too.

If I get a chance to grab the old URL I shall do.

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18 hours ago, illusions said:

Hey up me bitches the dead has arrived, joking aside its nice to be home again

Welcome back! Glad you're not dead, feel free to change your name. I used to be called "iamwicked" and it was good the day that name died.

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