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    I typically have a laptop on me, or near me most the time, unless I'm out drinking then code isn't important hahah. I wouldn't personally hire someone who programmed solely on their phone. We have a specific development workflow and tooling which would be very hard to manage on a phone. Wish you all the best with your search though.
  2. Prison Struggle We have found and hired a front-end developer.
  3. We optimized the heck out of the server and the game to make page responses super fast. That's because you're using a mobile device and we've not optimized for it yet, you've basically opened a new tab for that view.
  4. We've made a lot of new improvements over the previous months along with revamping a lot of the core of the game to make it, in our opinion, the fastest game online! This is along with an active player base of ~150 per day. Come along and check out what it's like in our prison walls! https://prisonstruggle.com/
  5. We're actively looking for a skilled and competent front-end developer to undertake a desktop to mobile conversion job on one of our web properties. Your initial task will be to convert the existing in-game design based on GRPG to work fluidly on mobile using responsive CSS (and most likely some HTML tweaks). This developer will also need to know PHP to be able to fully execute on our task. You must have previous experience and able to provide prior work for vetting, you will be required to sign an NDA. We're willing to pay upwards of $300, or an hourly rate of $30 per hour for this
  6. I would highly advise conducting in depth due diligence, this community is sadly full of less than honorable developers.
  7. Dave

    Work Setups

    Gross! Use PHPStorm
  8. Much better! Is it an UPLIFT desk?
  9. You can to use your OS's default Emoji system, this is activated on Mac via CTRL + CMD + SPACE and it looks like this:
  10. I don't meet the requirements I believe, I didn't look into it, I certainly don't need it πŸ™‚
  11. I don't get one 😞 so nothing
  12. Dave


    Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your stay here πŸ™‚
  13. We have a support ticket system for issues like this, however this is just your browsers session handling not resetting for when you open PHPMyAdmin. The other user won't be able to access your databases without prior access to your cPanel.
  14. Thanks for the shoutout! These games were indeed both built on GRPG, but you're correct in saying they're far from it now. Many years of customization has resulted in a familiar play style but with a much better codebase.
  15. @SRB that screen hanging off the side is giving me real anxiety. I use black mode for most things, including on my Mac, iPhone and in my editors, it's "nicer on the eyes" for the most part. Published articles seem to suggest dark mode is not necessarily always better though, so who knows: https://rxoptical.com/eye-health/is-dark-mode-better-for-your-eyes/
  16. @ags_cs4 @SRB I just installed a new dark theme which is compatible with the new version. You can swap to it using the "Theme" link in the footer. @Dayo all plugins are enabled again, so the link is working once more πŸ™‚
  17. @Dayo looks like an issue with the plug-in, I’ll look into it. I don’t think the dark mode theme works on this version so I’ll look for a new one.
  18. Thank you! It was a major update to the forum software, so hopefully lots of things are improved πŸ™‚
  19. Dave


    I would personally use http://braintreepayments.com. Any charge back we've had with PayPal we've won by providing sufficient evidence, along with reciting the terms the players agree too upon purchasing virtual items from the game. I know a friend of mine used Stripe and was hit with a lot of chargebacks and ended up spending more due to the reversal fees. If you run your game correctly, with proper legal policies and act with integrity PayPal will typically side with you. Stripe on the other hand is at the discretion of the bank.
  20. Dave


    Business PayPal 100%, you don't want to be running a business through a personal account and they decide to shut your account down for any reason. You can just apply for it, you just need an email and a bank account.
  21. @ishmell if you're unable to prove these claims against you are not factual within a reasonable amount of time I will remove this thread and ban you for fraudulent activities.
  22. The one posted in this thread should work just fine, are you having issues with it?
  23. Well I banned @Danny_T, that's one thing we can do πŸ™‚ He already stole someones code so I don't even want to deal with warning him and having to babysit him.
  24. Yeah it’s annoying how little availability he has 😏 @Aaron_ is just useless πŸ˜‚
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