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  1. Did you upload the files to the correct directory? cPanel typically has a public_html folder.
  2. Dave

    jQuery round #3 Forms

    Every time you modify the contents of the content using AJAX just run your finding that binds to all forms, as any form that was there previously won't exist anymore.
  3. LockdownGaming is the parent company to both our games, we use that email address for most communication. So I think it's fine to leave it as it is 🙂 Thank you for your feedback though.
  4. We have rebranded to just Prison Struggle under our new domain https://prisonstruggle.com/
  5. Working on lots in my day job and then working on our 3 games the rest of the time: https://musicbattle.com/ https://prisonstruggleclassic.com/ https://prisonstruggle2.com/
  6. Dave

    2Games 1 login

    I imagine it'll be the PHP session cookie, it's probably not restricted to the directory and rather to the domain. So you have a session which appears correct to both applications. You can either tell PHP the directory the cookie should be available on, or alternatively use sub domains 🙂
  7. Prison Struggle - Free to Play MMORPG LockdownGaming (myself & @Aaron_) are proud to announce our acquisition of the original Prison Struggle game which has been re-released under its new name Prison Struggle Classic. Sign up today for free at https://prisonstruggle.com/
  8. Dave

    WIP: Game

    This sounds cool! I'm excited too see it 🙂
  9. The .com had a previous owner, we had to purchase it from them, kind of obvious if you ask me 🙂
  10. He's already on a warning before this happened and all his posts have to be moderated. We'll continue to monitor
  11. Dave

    Mccodes V2 Themes

    We can add a new category for themes 🙂
  12. The domain name, we went from .online to .com
  13. The escalation mark broke it, try again!
  14. We're happy to announce we have a new home at https://musicbattle.com/
  15. I agree with @Magictallguy if you aren't using the prepared statements then just do a straight up query. I typically don't prepare "safe" variables, like things directly pulled out of a database which have been correctly cast, but it's good practice to prepare everything just in case something slips through the gaps 🙂
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