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  1. Another little progress update, a lot has happened since I posted this but hadn't got around to updating this topic. Misc: Implemented custom confirm dialog and moved away from using window.confirm. Modified crimes to have a chance of using a % of your awake. Added awake into modifier for crime success, if you're tired you're gonna fail more. Modified gym to reduce the amount of awake taken from training. Further UI improvements throughout entire game. Fixed numerous bugs throughout. Added up to date bot protection methods to catch and ban cheaters. Fixed and implemented all crons (yes I'd been testing the game without crons up to this point). Implement numerous factories & singleton classes with caching to improve performance on repeatably loading the same model. Added composer auto loader for easier inclusion of modules. Swapped BBCode library for a modern choice with built in XSS protection, and more BBCodes. Probably some other stuff.... Now for ones with pretty pictures! New Registration: I designed and built a new registration, as the game previously had a very awful and non user friendly registration page. This registration is fully responsive, I'l also worked on making the login responsive to hopefully be able to attract some more mobile players! Basic Avatar System I wanted a way for characters to feel personal, so I implemented a very simple avatar system with further customization planned for once I release the game. Forums I deem it really important for players to be able to communicate in the game. Not just to each other but to staff members in an open forum, due to this I commissioned @Magictallguy to build a forum for the game: Better Slots: Apparently slots are an important way of making money, who'd have though! I rebuilt the entire slots system and implemented more realistic prizes based on multipliers of where your barrels end up landing. Yes you can end up getting x30 your bet back!
  2. Dave


    Damn you're working quickly. Super excited to see it once it's ready for people to register 🙂
  3. I actually looked for a similar thing on iOS and there are a few good examples, less sure on Android. I wish there was a day that I could work solely on my iPad Pro. From some research this one seems pretty good: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kidinov.awd&hl=en_US
  4. Dave


    Welcome back to the forum Sim!
  5. Dave


    That logo is pretty cool! It might work with your layout, I'm unsure. GameSiteTemplates has some awesome templates that might suite your logo better but would probably need some tweaks to fit your game: https://www.gamesitetemplates.com/photoshop-templates/fantasy/medieval.html
  6. Dave


    I feel like you've gotta share the logo now!
  7. Dave


    This sounds awesome! I like a different spin on a text based game which doesn't follow the standard mafia style games. You could make that design responsive, it'd just be rather interesting where you have to move everything. It's a nice layout, one of Peter's best! However, I'd be concerned at how tall the header area is which means the content is really far down the page which would be even worse when trying to make it responsive. I find the best way to do responsive is you just drop most of the fluff images for background images / colors. If you want any help I'll be happy to give some pointers. Excited to see the beta!
  8. Dave

    Hello everyone

    Hey Aaron! Welcome back to MWG, glad you've joined us all like in the good old'en days.
  9. Dave

    Cronless Crons

    I love the idea of cronless crons, as long as you don't randomly lag a user out for ~30 seconds performing some crazy intense logic as they're the first visitor in a few days. This is a nice simple implementation though! Thanks for sharing. I'd still promote deferring heavy, long running operations to an actual crontab. I remember this whole idea came around partially due to everyone using hosting which didn't support crons lower than 15 minutes, so neat to see it's coming back (shameless plug: even though MWG hosting supports minute crons).
  10. What's your budget for this project?
  11. Happy to help confirm purchases, just let me know!
  12. Just so people are aware you can purchase hosting with your account credit earned from Marketplace.
  13. That's neat man! I'd make all the icons the same width so the text is always starting at the same point. You should also experiment with how a super long title might work.
  14. I can endorse Sniko as a trusted member of our community! 😄
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