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  1. Dave

    Offshore Hosing

    The only reason you'd need an offshore host is if you weren't doing something legal with your application. If so there's a lot more other concerns you should be worried about then the location of the servers.
  2. I've pinged @ColdBlooded again, hopefully he'll send a response here.
  3. This sounds great, it'd enable you to create bundles of different modules for different genres. So all existing modules would be part of the mafia package and then in time you could release other bundles for other genres.
  4. As far as I'm aware the original author hasn't updated this project in a while. The official website just displays a coming soon screen right now: https://www.nw-engine.com/ You'd be better off finding a project that is actively maintained.
  5. @ColdBlooded will need to deal with this, while I have access to the admin control panel of McCodes.com I do not have access to the PayPal to process withdrawals. I've personally sent him this post so hopefully he'll resolve this ASAP. @KingKong I will happily download and send you your own mods, let me know on Discord if this is something you'd like me to do.
  6. Which game engine is this using? Or is this a custom built game?
  7. Welcome back to the forum, glad you're back 🙂
  8. Welcome back! Glad to hear you’ve moved into a programming job from mccodes!
  9. Me too, but luckily I managed to convince @ColdBlooded to let me revive it! Glad you managed to find us again through Google and welcome back
  10. Dave

    Laravel Vapor

    The auto scaling and serverless management are the real asset here. Other options where you host and manage yourself will always be cheaper. The whole concept it to allow someone else to deal with your server infrastructure so you don't have too. $40/month is pretty reasonable for that.
  11. I've approved your account so you should be able to reset your password now.
  12. Hey! Tried DM you on Discord yesterday. I've had issues with my old account Aventro, I managed to login but when I tried changing email address to a @icloud.com one everything went south. No email confirmation and I was locked out. Not sure if you received the emails from me on the Contact page either.

  13. Welcome back! Let me know if you need anything.
  14. Dave

    MCCodes V2

    You can purchase a license from http://mccodes.com still!
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