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  1. Dave

    MCCodes V2

    You can purchase a license from http://mccodes.com still!
  2. No problem, I'm glad to have bought it back! You are correct, it's available on MCCodes marketplace here: http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=68&sec=overview
  3. Dave

    MCCodes V2

    No they haven't @ColdBlooded is active on these forums, just doesn't post a whole lot.
  4. It was about time someone bought it back online eh! Welcome back 🙂
  5. and it looks like Cloudflare has bought MWG and most of the internet down.
  6. Would be great to post your solution to help others! It looks like an issue with $r within the intval() function. I'd recommend using an editor with syntax highlighting, it helps in visualizing these sorts of issues. Visual Studio Code is free and pretty great: https://code.visualstudio.com/
  7. Dave


    Damn, non matching opening and closing tags. Invalid XML detected. Welcome back!
  8. Fixed this! Let me know if there are any other issues.
  9. Oh haha! We are on Digital Ocean so the big cloud boys going down shouldn’t hit us.
  10. As I've recently moved to the US and MWG is actually hosted in Europe I've added CloudFlare in front of MWG to ensure round the world performance is up to scratch. If you discover any issues please let me know!
  11. There are so many great cheap gig sites that are perfect for this sort of work, for instance Fiverr has a crazy amount of results for character design: https://www.fiverr.com/search/gigs?query=character design&source=main_banner&search_in=everywhere&search-autocomplete-original-term=character design
  12. Dave

    👋 Hello

    Welcome back to the forum! I certainly remember your name. @phntmst If you had an old account send me a DM and I can merge the accounts for you.
  13. Yeah it's going to take us a while to actually come up for anything related to MWG or McCodes. Hopefully we'll get there when Google loves us a little more. Glad you found the forum though!
  14. I've tried out some games on Steams new compatibility layer on my Ubuntu install and I must say I'm pretty impressed. You're too busy wanting to re-write other people's code to play games clearly haha.
  15. I used to play it a lot on PS4 but I moved over to PC a while ago.
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