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  1. Classic UK, always limiting people.
  2. Your upload sucks compared to your download 😭
  3. There’s a “Theme” option in the footer. I thought this was to do with the forum. I use dark mode for everything else apart from the forum for some reason.
  4. Also hosting companies can't really be bothered to validate everything, so if a DMCA is legit enough they'll most likely just pull the content. However, DMCA only technically works on websites hosted in the US, unless something has changed recently.
  5. WHY IS THIS POLL IN CAPS Damn seems like I'm the only one using the light theme 😢
  6. Dave

    MySQL JSON field type

    Doesn't it make more sense to store those sorts of logs on disk? Then you can encrypt them and throw them onto another server.
  7. @NonStopCoding as @Djkanna has said feel free to post the code. If @MNG hasn’t paid for it he has no reason to be annoyed. Technically he could just use your free mod and save money.
  8. Dave

    MySQL JSON field type

    Ah okay! That makes sense. I’d personally want a stricter data architecture as it’ll be less prone to missing data. But in reality it depends on the business case! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Does RC engine automatically sanitise $_POST? As right now you're using it directly in a query.
  10. Dave

    Game icons

    That's a crazy amount of helpful icons, I'm impressed! Open source is such an amazing thing.
  11. Dave

    MySQL JSON field type

    I once considered using this type, but realised it wasn't available in any version below 8.0. Meaning we couldn't use it as part of the framework whilst we support older versions of MySQL. I feel like most situations requiring this field type should really have their data architected differently, but I'll be happily proven wrong.
  12. Dave

    MakeWebGames engine?

    It’s a front end JavaScript framework: https://vuejs.org/
  13. It’s the same procedural madness, but it’s certainly different
  14. As most of the content on here is old it’s fine for people to respond to older threads.
  15. MNG sent me the source codes and I can confirm these are not MCCodes.
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