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  1. Hey, learned something new today ?
  2. I'm on, thank you ? seems to be all good
  3. Thanks for the welcome @Dave - was a part of the old Mwg back in the day, glad it's back!
  4. Well hello there, if you're reading this, you must want to know who the hell I am huh? Well, I'm Death, aka Dylan, aka Stoner Death, 24 years old at the time of writing (birthday in 29 days) I've been a webmaster / developer's apprentice (won't go as far as calling myself a dev just yet) for the past 14 years and recently have gotten back into coding. I've been learning under Mtg while running my own game... I'm the new official owner of Your Mafia Gaming or Your Mafia which was acquired in October of 2018 when the original owner decided to abandon his community and finally ended up leaving ownership to me. As you may have read in the thread for Magictallguy, we've been busy on revamping the game for the community. Currently, the game is a live version of a recoded gRPG v1 fully customized and rewritten to be PhP 7.2 compatible and use MariaDB with a closed BETA currently in development for MVC support. The Screenshot above, is the login page for the Mvc version - what you see here is Color Admin being re-purposed for front end use.
  5. Well, I wouldn't say "Like" is the word for it... But with the constant upgrading and the demand for change in our project specifically, (yourmafia) it has definitely caused a number of rewrites just for optimizations and getting the original file set to work on PhP 7.2... Originally the game was written in very broken gRPG v1 and barely capable of running on PhP 5.4 let alone attempting to run on higher...
  6. You mean, we're running YM v2.0 running on a completely rewritten gRPG v1ish... with YMv3 currently in development / closed beta? Remember, you already rewrote the original YM once ?
  7. death

    DCSG Hosting

    Sad thing is, that is an old accusation from back when he dropped his host on me. I never paid for the work because I never received the files. I never even got to see the finished product. I believe that I have even posted a total of 13 screen shots in an accusation thread where MNG is defined as a scammer.
  8. death

    DCSG Hosting

    As am I. I don't expect any delays, down time, or issues any time soon. A possibility of an upgrade to a much faster ram soon, but nothing else
  9. Okay, I have seen some of Pete's work and have been told that he is an amazing developer as far as layout designs are concerned. However, he is a bit out of my budget. I am able to offer $100.00 USD for a fully coded gRPG website layout for a mafia based game. I am looking for it to be customized and unique. Please PM me if interested in this task.
  10. death

    DCSG Hosting

    Server is still up and strongly running. We are always accepting new clients and open to new package ideas.
  11. death

    DCSG Hosting

    CENTOS 6.5 - Linux OS cPanel Version - 11.42.1 (build 16) Apache version - 2.4.9 PHP version - 5.4.28 MySQL version - 5.6.16 Architecture - i686 Perl version 5.10.1 Kernel version 2.6.32-431.17.1.el6.i686 Bandwidth – 500Mbps HDD Size – 2TB with RAID 1 2TB backup partition on separate HDD (currently 1TB physical space remaining) RAM – 32GB
  12. death

    DCSG Hosting

    All stats will be reposted on this thread in the next few hours and the site is live.
  13. If I can get the $55 before this is sold, will gladly purchase it to incorporate into my current server design then
  14. If it could be coded into a WHMCs template and used easily with my already going hosting, I may look into it. Will keep an eye on it and if not sold by the time I have the funds, will PM you
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