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  1. Zettieee


    Hey. Not really been around much but I have been busy! Here's something I've been working on: (Assets have been purchased as I really cant do modeling!) https://giphy.com/gifs/l0K41Zbn3WYwDNBmM <-- small gif of movement system   A few screenies of the art style: http://imgur.com/a/jLNsR It's currently not playable as they is no content but thought you guys might like it. It will (I hope) be a dungeon crawler somewhat close to how Gauntlet Legends (psone) played without that edgy camera. Somewhat looking for someone to help with level design (mapping in unity
  2. Selling both mods at a discounted price for the next 24 hours! Ajax chat: http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=173 ($25) [Now $15] - free integration ! JQ inventory: http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=167 ($20) [Now $15] Contact me here or via skype: scruffy.gamer Enjoy :)
  3. Formatted and fix for mysql_error()   <?php include(DIRNAME(__FILE__) . '/globals.php'); switch ($_GET['action']) { case 'adddo': add_to_do(); break; case 'adddosub': add_to_sub(); break; default: a_home(); break; } function a_home() { global $ir, $userid, $h, $c; if ($ir['user_level'] > 1) { $sql = "SELECT n.* FROM needsdone n ORDER BY status"; echo "<table width='65%'><tr><th>List</th><th>Status</th></tr>"; $q = $db->query($sql); while ($r = $db-&g
  4. You can goto the mccodes.com site and download the latest 2.0.5b
  5. I think you installed the game using MYSQL driver and not MYSQLi
  6. [uSER=65371]sniko[/uSER] Come do this.
  7. Zettieee

    Get action

    So why not wrap the switch in an isset and forgot the top code?
  8. Zettieee

    Get action

    preg_replace_callback() for php7 But why define the action like that for a switch? if the action is null it should goto the default switch
  9. To me frameworks never made sense. Relearning basic functions just to start a project is a little rough for me. You're all welcome to help btw.
  10. Zettieee

    Get action

    This looks like a headache. This wont work if $_GET['action'] is a number. /E_ALL ctype_alpha ctype_alnum() works for alphanumeric characters :)
  11. Goto gym, press train. Stat bars don't change yet the page reloaded. Click home and see that your energy is gone.
  12. Not sure if a whole rewrite isn't needed. So much code is so badly written it's hard for me to do anything without breaking something else.
  13. $db->query("SELECT * FROM `mail` WHERE `mail_to` = '".$_SESSION['id']."' ORDER BY `mail_time` DESC LIMIT 20"); I selected * because the only row we didn't need was mail_read and the extra typing wasn't worth it.    
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