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  1. I will give this a try I’m trying to wait and see if mtg reply’s first sense he did make the wrapper
  2. yes i am I found out that the sql is not working for some reason I double checked everything and I dont see anything wrong with it. How is it solved?
  3. I have also tried == when I do that it acts like $row doesn’t exist so I basically see what’s inside of the if(!$row) func
  4. i am using php 8 & PDO but i am trying to select enum from the database for friends and enemys list and im not getting an error but i can only get it to say that i am friends with them so it just says remove friends i have tried several different things to get it to select if your friends or enemys but it will not let me do it here is my code $db->query('SELECT type, user, person FROM lists WHERE user = ? AND person = ?'); $db->execute([$i['userid'], $u['userid']]); $row = $db->fetch_row(); if(!$row) { $fri = '<a href="friends?add='.$profile_info->name.'">Add friend</a>'; $ene = '<a href="enemys?add='.$profile_info->name.'">Add enemy</a>'; } else { if($row['type'] = 'friend') { $fri = 'remove friend'; $ene = ''; } else if($row['type'] = 'enemy') { $fri = ''; $ene = 'Remove enemy'; } }
  5. You ever launch this? It looks great
  6. The reason I hate it is I don’t understand it lol I will play with what you just gave and see if I can make something work I haven’t decided to do per level or crime level yet but I do like that easy medium hard thing it will make it way easier for me haha and as always thank you for the reply my good friend
  7. So I’m currently creating my own engine. I am working on crimes but I have no idea how to do a crimes “formula”. The only formula I have worked with was McCraps and that confused the hell out of me and well it sucks IMO… does anyone have any suggestions on something easier then the McCraps crimes formula? I haven’t even started that part yet. I would like it to either go off how much crime exp you have or get harder depending on how much nerve is required to complete it. I don’t even know where to start for it does anyone have any ideas/suggestions for me? I would like the crimes to start off really easy but get Significantly more difficult as you go up in crimes more similar to say torn as much as I don’t want to use it as a reference. Thank you in advance for any ideas/help that anyone gives.
  8. I am currently creating my own script if your willing to help by simply answering my questions when I have them please pm me I’m not new to pho but just came back from a huge coding break so I’m a bit sloppy

  9. Lol I know I was joking because we where told in 2019 it was still going
  10. Thank you I will play with it and change things around and see what result I get
  11. So i tried that and the error went away but it’s still not showing I am a male it’s just showing the default which I have it as ‘Male’,’Female’,’Unsure’ “Unsure” is default and that’s all that is displaying Never mind that fixed it it was displaying the default because of one of my fix attempts going wrong lol thank you
  12. I was going to remove isset once I fixed it without having it I will give that a try soon as I can Thank you
  13. function __construct($id = null) { global $db; /*users*/ $db->query('SELECT userid, name, pass, level, experance, jail, hospital, gender, race, FROM players WHERE userid = ?'); $db->execute([$id]); $row = $db->fetch_row(true); $this->id = isset($row['userid']); $this->name = isset($row['name']); $this->pas = isset($row['pass']); $this->level = isset($row['level']); $this->exp = isset($row['experance']); $this->jail = isset($row['jail']); $this->hospital = isset($row['hospital']); $this->gender = $row['gender']; $this->race = $row['race']; $players = players::getInstance();
  14. The only way I can get it to go away is if above the error I add. $row[‘gender’] = ‘’; above the error but I know that’s the incorrect way to fix it That being said it’s backend stuff and I would like to do that for the whole users table so it would be an insane amount of extra bs
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