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  1. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    Just Some Random Bastard, my guy.
  2. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    Not sure we were vouching for that, but fuck it, I’ll take what I can get 😄
  3. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    So basically, you're a 10/10 dick when drunk. A 10/10 army issues dick at that, apparently? xD Aww, you so sweeeetttt.
  4. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    You wasn't asked, so don't worry. That said, you've been here a while but I can't place you. Someone acting a dick, I normally remember, because I naturally like people who are acting like dicks - they appeal, are fun to banter with (and mutual abuse), etc. You used any other aliases? Ran any games?
  5. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    Bored of you now. Back to the topic at hand - Vouch for meh, n00bs.
  6. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    No, I'd much rather just be a dick. A 10/10 dick.
  7. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    You’re right, you’re almost a 10/10 dick. I’d personally score you a 9/10 because although you’re a decent dick, you’re not SomeRandomBastard type of dick, so you lose a point.
  8. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    I mean, if you'd just stop giving us ratings of your junk, we'd all be cool and have less confusion. You're acting different.
  9. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    It's a website where everybody lies in their biography box, whilst posting photoshopped. half-naked photographs in the hope of getting some drunken weekend romancing.
  10. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    Wrong site, buddy. This isn't Tinder xD
  11. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    Given a recent post by @Alan recently, it seems we need some way of confirming who's a programmer, with some skillz and rep - and who's a dick, to be honest. The old lists were biased and from a single person, so screw everyone else, just vouch for meh so I can make da monies! ------ Seriously, I've been here forever and had complete access to more games than most people and I've never taken code and started a game -- personally, players piss me off, so running a game would be a damn nightmare for me ... unless it had no players. So yeah, whether you remember me under any alias (DaKingB, LostOne, SomeRandomBastard, Guest and now SRB), did we have experience working together? If so, note it you n00bs 😄
  12. I'll be the first to admit this crime! My Epic / PS4 name is NoSquadLuke
  13. Go to website, enter any single character in email, then another in password, and click log in button...
  14. Jimmy? Not aware of him, unless he's using a new name up there. One I'm thinking of is called Michael who moved to Bolton from Leicester. Most probably has a sign saying "Street Flowers". This guy?
  15. Don’t you have your very own origami flower making crack head in the city centre?
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