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  1. Nothing quite like gender exclusion to guarantee you get the best possible candidates :D
  2. Pick a better font. Go to the link you posted, for the "Nickerbocker" font, and scroll down to the test area. Change the text size to anything 22px or lower - it's hardly readable. Unless you are running a website for the visually impaired and need 50px fonts everywhere, this will be illegible for the end user - ESPECIALLY mobile users.
  3. SRB


    You're not alone. I was hoping it was some kind of spiritual awakening of a lovesac. So disappointed.
  4. But did you have multiple marquees and flashing text images? If you didn't, you suck and should go update your website to include them, right NOW.
  5. SRB

    Just do it.

    You can't back out from it once you know it. That's not how this works, my friend... Are you sure!?
  6. SRB

    Just do it.

    *reaches inside black bag of tricks, reads card and looks slightly worried* Do you REALLY want this, or to know what it is?
  7. SRB

    Just do it.

    Go here, sign up and click upvote. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/influencer-discovery-2 Will take you about 30 seconds and you’ll have my gratitude forever... or for about 30 seconds, but that’s better than no gratitude, right? Slightly biased as I work for the company, but more exposure will be nice.
  8. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    Just Some Random Bastard, my guy.
  9. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    Not sure we were vouching for that, but fuck it, I’ll take what I can get ?
  10. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    So basically, you're a 10/10 dick when drunk. A 10/10 army issues dick at that, apparently? xD Aww, you so sweeeetttt.
  11. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    You wasn't asked, so don't worry. That said, you've been here a while but I can't place you. Someone acting a dick, I normally remember, because I naturally like people who are acting like dicks - they appeal, are fun to banter with (and mutual abuse), etc. You used any other aliases? Ran any games?
  12. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    Bored of you now. Back to the topic at hand - Vouch for meh, n00bs.
  13. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    No, I'd much rather just be a dick. A 10/10 dick.
  14. SRB

    Vouch for meh

    You’re right, you’re almost a 10/10 dick. I’d personally score you a 9/10 because although you’re a decent dick, you’re not SomeRandomBastard type of dick, so you lose a point.
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