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  1. Go to website, enter any single character in email, then another in password, and click log in button...
  2. Jimmy? Not aware of him, unless he's using a new name up there. One I'm thinking of is called Michael who moved to Bolton from Leicester. Most probably has a sign saying "Street Flowers". This guy?
  3. Don’t you have your very own origami flower making crack head in the city centre?
  4. SRB


    Please don’t. Couldn’t bare a code base of function calls prefixed v3_
  5. SRB


    More chance of getting a wank off the pope.
  6. SRB

    Error Messages

    Use PHPStorm and you'll have less as it highlights them magically!
  7. That's literally going to the URL - http://mccodesreover.000webhostapp.com/ Not doing anything else - just trying to load the url.
  8. New one today. I like this game.
  9. Dead page. 500 error thrown.
  10. I am assuming due to this on his domain - http://wizwych.com/ ?
  11. SRB

    Text Based RPG Gaming

    I thought she retired and you put the dress on these days?
  12. SRB

    Text Based RPG Gaming

    From my 10 years + of observations, I find the opposite of this to be correct. People who put in the work and want to create an awesome, unique game can make ok money, but very few make a huge sum. On the other side of that, I've seen a lot of thrown together, include-any-free-mod-i-find games to make a tonne with no real effort on their part, no storyline and more holes than a Glaswegian prostitutes tights.
  13. It almost feels like I should defend my title, but everyone knows there is only one resident asshole around here.
  14. Background looks fine to me,
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