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  1. SRB

    Http error 500

    And stop using short tags - that shit is disabled on most server configuration right now, so to run your stuff - the first thing anyone has to do is break away from default configuration.
  2. SRB

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    You are using get when you should be using getJSON. When you return your data, use; exit(json_encode($results)); Which then returns json, which the javascript expects, so you can access via scavageData[0].msg etc.
  3. SRB

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    Can someone make Sim his own jQuery board? 😄
  4. SRB

    jQuery Ajax round #2

    var jq = $.noConflict(); jq(function() { jq(document).on('click', 'a', function(e) { e.preventDefault(); var url = jq(this).attr('href'); if (url.includes("?")) { jq("#php__container").load(url); } }); update_stats(); }); You need to attach to something higher than what you are re-writing. You can't re-write the dom and expect to still be attached to it.
  5. SRB


    You don't need to use the anchor tags in the selector because each item has a class already, which can be used. $(function() { $('.nav-link').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); $("#php__container").load($(this).attr('href')); }); });
  6. I may be mistaken here, but I'm sure you only need to write one query for this. Also feels like you may be doing more work than needed. Surely this returns both $inv and $allItems in the correct format? Without seeing the code / database, I'm winging it a little though. I also make the assumption that the resource, $rec, can be used twice. <?php public function constructModule() { $sql = "SELECT IV_id AS 'id', IV_quantity AS 'amount', IT_id AS 'type_id', IT_name as 'type', I_name AS name, I_rank as 'rank', ROUND(I_damage / 100, 2) as 'damage', I_id AS 'item_id' FROM inventory JOIN items JOIN itemTypes WHERE IV_userID = :user AND I_id = IV_itemID AND IT_id = I_type"; $rec = $this->db->prepare($sql); $rec->bindParam(":user", $this->user->id); $rec->execute(); $inv = $rec->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); $allItems = []; foreach ($inv as $inventory) { $allItems['type'][$inventory->type]['item'][] = [ 'id' => $inventory->item_id, 'name' => $inventory->name, ] } var_dump($allItems); $this->html .= $this->page->buildElement('blackMarket', [ 'location' => $this->user->getLocation(), 'inventory' => $inv, 'itemType' => $allItems )); }
  7. SRB

    Game Advertising!!

    You are behaving like a spoiled little 10 year old. If anyone is doing your name any discredit, it's you. If you ARE spamming other games, stop and spend that time making a better game and, guess what, the players will come naturally. Spamming will one day backfire harshly for you - you'll meet someone like me, who'll happily load test your server for a couple hours a day. You know, for the lolz.
  8. SRB


    Welcome... ... how passionate about cats are you? Depending on your country, there's laws about this, buddy 😉
  9. SRB

    MWG Profile Views

    Nobody wants to publicly associate with me. Makes perfect sense that they'd stalk me, but not want it to be known, right?
  10. SRB

    MWG Profile Views

    38k - seems being an ass at times pays off for something 😄
  11. Nothing quite like gender exclusion to guarantee you get the best possible candidates :D
  12. Pick a better font. Go to the link you posted, for the "Nickerbocker" font, and scroll down to the test area. Change the text size to anything 22px or lower - it's hardly readable. Unless you are running a website for the visually impaired and need 50px fonts everywhere, this will be illegible for the end user - ESPECIALLY mobile users.
  13. SRB


    You're not alone. I was hoping it was some kind of spiritual awakening of a lovesac. So disappointed.
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