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  1. But how we going to sign this person up for viagra ads without knowing their details!? 😞
  2. 1 year later... Love it! 😄
  3. The query was broken - that should work now, as is.
  4. In your minute cron, add something like ... $db->query("UPDATE users SET jail = 15 WHERE userid IN (1, 2, 3, 4) AND jail = 0"); Replacing 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the account IDs of the NPC's. Note: I'm not 100% certain the method for query execution is query() - but you should be able to see if it's not from the other queries in the cron file.
  5. Try it above the following line: if ($ir['fedjail'] > 0) That should display in the header about where you need it.
  6. What code have you used? I don't mean quote from here - post the actual code you've used. Someone can actually help then - right now, we would all be shooting in the dark to try and hazard a guess.
  7. Encouragement needed? Well, I can help with that.
  8. It's not passing the war id variable to the query, hence it erroring on warID= ... nothing. So on the surrender form, make sure the field for the war id is populated, and that it's passing the variable by the same name, to that query.
  9. Lol, I don't even trust myself these days.
  10. SRB


    You can't say that, you use netbeans 😛
  11. SRB

    Work Setups

    Totally going off topic now, but we have been for a while, so never mind! Not sure if you're completely sold on current theme, but there's a developer called Dayle Rees who wrote up a tonne of themes for multiple editors, VSCode included. They can be previewed here - http://daylerees.github.io/ Peacock and Zacks were 2 of my favourite - I'm a dark theme kinda dude though, as we established recently.
  12. SRB

    Work Setups

    While I want to agree, I can't. Depending on what you're working with, VSCode is a solid choice. When I played around with React for a while, VSCode with a couple of plugins worked brilliantly. My opinion isn't because it's free, either - I have the full suite license for Jetbrains, so I could have used webstorm. Credit where credit is due for VSCode.
  13. Similar, but I bought the Autonomous one - https://www.autonomous.ai/standing-desks Premium model so it has the stronger motors / legs, as I didn't know how much everything on it would weigh - Premium model is guaranteed for 300 lbs of weight. Didn't buy it with a desktop because they are pretty standard sizes, and I wanted 1.9m across, which is very non-standard.
  14. Hope this helps your Anxiety, @Dave
  15. Likewise, I needed to tell someone to suck a meaty man stick - you left that wide open (not your mouth :P).
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