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  1. some like someone has hacked ur site somehow one of ur mods might be not secured or secured and checks in place etc. would of had a look but 2 late hehe Sim is a great developer he will find the cause 😛
  2. check your Database for any inserted JS or CSS code Plus if hes double clicking its going to block the entry from first time he sent the form information. I guess you have went from v1 to v2 make sure both mysql and mysqli driver are not both running causing double queries.. V2.05b is secure to what i know of lol but its already converted to the mysqli driver selected upon installation. <?php require_once __DIR__.'/globals.php'; // Run this code in a file on its own and see if which number returns. Scans userid from the ```users``` table and if it finds a result it
  3. ah okay iv been so busy with rl stuff not really looked at whatys changed plus never used bootstrap lol but thanks
  4. I have a much more advanced version for mccodes on store.. but yes would need converted wouldn't be hard at all being honest.
  5. That sounds wicked mate and isn't most of GL engine already mobile friendly?
  6. omg I had a big list of what was coming and I clicked off page and lost my writing took a while to write it all out (Developers Worst Nightmare) Going to cut it into a smaller text with some information on what's away to change to the module over the next couple weeks (Sorry so long just busy with personal site code / store needing added plus multiple other pages needing coded. I did have a list of the new stuff coming but this is the second time i have lost it I am not writing it a 3rd time lol but i will say the "Game Owners" who purchase the module will have full control of
  7. Yes this module is fair anyone can take part but now you have mentioned about keeping it fair for obvious reasons the stronger players will win. I did not think of this at the time but glad you mentioned it because I will be upgrading this module so players can be even. Here is some of my ideas!! If you have been attacked and killed (This user wont be able to attack you again for 10 minutes? (limits them to 10 points per 10 mins per lower person.) Considering making everyone into groups so once the killer of hour is active only people you can attack or be attack from is pe
  8. can u grab one random function with a query in it so i can see your code structure i can see its been converter to mysqli then pdo so could be issue within ur code causing it. Can if not to much hassle? send it here or private up to you. just something with a query in it so can see how to SELECT or UPDATE
  9. @UOTS-Owner I would take @Magictallguy offer he is amazing developer and like I said in my post when Adam mentioned me I always turned to MTG and he was great fixed my Credits Mod IPN in 5 - 10 minutes. I have also learned a lot from this guy Great Developer Very Friendly and Helpful and goes out his way to help people the best he can and he does amazing job help run this site as a admin and I have been around this site for a very long time before Dave got it. Talking back when mccodes was actually getting modules created for but then the previous owners tried to change there forum and all the
  10. Did you convert the old mysql_query to MySQLI or PDO? sorry just trying to get simple stuff answered while your online hehe
  11. Echeck PayPal's via PayPal accepts automatic I think? please correct me if I am wrong here PayPal is taking over everything hard to keep up with them lol but yeah I had broken IPN for ages and it was actually driving me crazy it should of worked but it just would not work..
  12. reading info now from where I got mentioned missed all the convo above me lol but yes when i was playing with rc engine the ipn was screwed I have a credits on for old grpg but from what I remember the engine is that out dated depending what php version your using and what code is being used. for example your running php 6 but code is built for php4 some functions etc might not work. Have you fully updated your code so its not the MySQL now.
  13. I am still around buddy thx for mention but IPNS I used to turn to @Magictallguyhe was really good at pp IPN but ill take a look. Also is ur ipn set up on PayPal and linking to your IPN listener file
  14. while your inside your header file don't forget to add the <script> tag for javascript / jquery to work also needed for my playershops module if you add link and then go back to shop page and move the selection off item the item id box disappears. <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.6.0/jquery.min.js"></script> @rednspirited Personally I would stick the query after here $bgcolor = '000000'; $option = ''; $propq = $db->query('SELECT proposal_to FROM proposals WHERE proposal_to = '.$ir[userid]); if ($db->num_r
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