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  1. What are you looking for i will work for any engine money is money at the end of the day ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. I am interested in some work - Implement new blackjack system $40 - Some improvements to current chat system $15 - A couple more voting incentive scripts $15 - Fix keno bug $10 - Convert a few pages to JS - $40 - Convert turf wars from uots engine $100 what is the bug in keno? is there anything special about rc engine i need to know i have a lot of with old version. Contact me at [email protected] or reply to me here in private message or discord is SwiftGaming (Em2Pro4You)#0482
  3. Yea thats what meant to happen but stupid me forgot to put ?code=NEWPASS at the end so obvious reasons it shows as blank ๐Ÿ˜› updated my op
  4. i just get a white page when accessing link no errors or nothing? Scrap what i said above i forgot to put the ?code=NEWPASS lol but this is what shows up for me
  5. That's good but with vpn he can change his ip so any accounts that you or anyone thinks is him and PM Dave and him and other owners / mods will monitor him from behind the scenes
  6. pretty crazy shit you can do wow RC Engine has poor security if poor is the even correct word for it they secure there numbers by simpley putting $_GET['someid'] = abs(intval($_GET['someid'])) which alone will secure it yea but the security is so weak it doesn't even do any checks in the code for example $_GET['someid'] = array_key_exists('someid', $_GET) && ctype_digit($_GET['someid']) && $_GET['someid'] > 0 ? $_GET['someid'] : 0; //its not the best but it checks the its set and that its a number being recivied via the get variable and then it checks if its
  7. @ags_cs4 Contact the host and tell them that he is using a illegal copy of your design and you want it brought down they will surely ban him yeah i know he have backups but just need to keep eye for your design its yours you can tell it a mile away so any game he throws up just let him keep wasting his money on shared hosting / vps / dedicated servers in the long run he will lose a lot more money than he paid for the design. Sad to see people stealing other peoples work and trying to claim it as there own bloody joke if u have psd etc host will shut it down no problem they wont want
  8. Thank you kind sir. ๐Ÿ™‚ It must of been one of them things when i was converting over the module for the first time staff file must of slipped my mind or something. But hey its done now and i have some nice ideas for this module coming thinking about going through all the code and giving it a revamp so eats less resources than needed code clean up which i have mostly done. (for staff file haha). Might actually remove the functions is it is GRPGV2 (not really needed but it does give it that grpg style code.) @LICENCE OWNERS - If you have ideas that you wish to see in the module
  9. SwiftGameR

    Cash APP

    Being honest I have never had a payment been taking in bitcoin or been offered bit coin but thanks for the information did not know this thank you.
  10. I am happy to say that i have completed the conversion of the staff file which is needed to add edit and delete heists (pretty basic for now) in this new version 1.0.6 Here is some of the changes to be expected. Fully working staff file for adding, editing, deleting heists. (completion time will be added into the add heist function too) Heist completion time (optional). If you can't get enough people to help you with your heist you will be able to purchase bots for in-game currency / points (Each bot will contribute its own power to the heist + might get you a nice sur
  11. SwiftGameR

    Cash APP

    i have been using alternatives to avoid fees as well so will check this out with your link thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I give customers like 15% discount if they pay by using stuff like > UK Online banking or Mobile Banking. > Wire Transfer (I signed up for western union they have payment options for the buyer) > Bitcoin
  12. It appears you are correct thank you for pointing that out to me i must of have forgotten to convert the staff file i have the staff file in the Mccodes folder i keep i will convert it to work with grpg and grpgv2 and then upload a fully working staff side for this module and will update it here when done.
  13. Design looks amazing SOSFactory not heard of them for ages they did a few designs on games i used to play looks expensive ๐Ÿ˜›
  14. I was talking to you buddy ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. yea not hard to make it update the user if hes online just need to create a variable to store time then do check if there online time greater than there current timestamp or you could use UNIX_TIMESTAMP() https://www.w3resource.com/mysql/date-and-time-functions/mysql-unix_timestamp-function.php
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