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  1. Thank you kind sir. πŸ™‚ It must of been one of them things when i was converting over the module for the first time staff file must of slipped my mind or something. But hey its done now and i have some nice ideas for this module coming thinking about going through all the code and giving it a revamp so eats less resources than needed code clean up which i have mostly done. (for staff file haha). Might actually remove the functions is it is GRPGV2 (not really needed but it does give it that grpg style code.) @LICENCE OWNERS - If you have ideas that you wish to see in the module then please do hit me up and have a chat we can talk about getting some new stuff added in if its any good πŸ™‚
  2. SwiftGameR

    Cash APP

    Being honest I have never had a payment been taking in bitcoin or been offered bit coin but thanks for the information did not know this thank you.
  3. I am happy to say that i have completed the conversion of the staff file which is needed to add edit and delete heists (pretty basic for now) in this new version 1.0.6 Here is some of the changes to be expected. Fully working staff file for adding, editing, deleting heists. (completion time will be added into the add heist function too) Heist completion time (optional). If you can't get enough people to help you with your heist you will be able to purchase bots for in-game currency / points (Each bot will contribute its own power to the heist + might get you a nice surprise πŸ˜‰ I will most likely add a staff panel side for making your own bots and giving them ability's and power contributed etc.). The patch is not ready to be downloaded yet as i have not fully tested it. One of my buyers is passing any errors to me (need to get a demo set up again I am sure I had one πŸ˜• ) If you wish to request a copy of this staff file please do mail me on here or on discord or messenger (Steven Getty) or Email: [email protected] and i'll send you the file manually until v1.0.6 is ready to be uploaded to the store. Thanks all for your patience while i dealt with real life stuff and still continue to bring new features to this module. (last update was 2016 wow πŸ˜„ )
  4. SwiftGameR

    Cash APP

    i have been using alternatives to avoid fees as well so will check this out with your link thanks πŸ™‚ I give customers like 15% discount if they pay by using stuff like > UK Online banking or Mobile Banking. > Wire Transfer (I signed up for western union they have payment options for the buyer) > Bitcoin
  5. It appears you are correct thank you for pointing that out to me i must of have forgotten to convert the staff file i have the staff file in the Mccodes folder i keep i will convert it to work with grpg and grpgv2 and then upload a fully working staff side for this module and will update it here when done.
  6. Design looks amazing SOSFactory not heard of them for ages they did a few designs on games i used to play looks expensive πŸ˜›
  7. I was talking to you buddy πŸ™‚
  8. yea not hard to make it update the user if hes online just need to create a variable to store time then do check if there online time greater than there current timestamp or you could use UNIX_TIMESTAMP() https://www.w3resource.com/mysql/date-and-time-functions/mysql-unix_timestamp-function.php
  9. Nice its looking amazing i might use it but for my grpg game πŸ˜›
  10. Might want to get some security in them post variables. but looks good <?php $day = array_key_exists('day', $_POST) && ctype_digit($_POST['day']) && $_POST['day'] > 0 ? $_POST['day'] : null; $week = array_key_exists('week', $_POST) && ctype_digit($_POST['week']) && $_POST['week'] > 0 ? $_POST['week'] : null; $image = array_key_exists('image', $_POST) && is_string($_POST['image']) ? stripslashes(htmlspecialchars($_POST['image'])) : null; $prize = array_key_exists('prize', $_POST) && ctype_digit($_POST['prize']) && $_POST['prize'] > 0 ? $_POST['prize'] : null; $textc = array_key_exists('textcolour', $_POST) && is_string($_POST['textcolour']) && ctype_alnum($_POST['textcolour']) ? strip_tags($_POST['textcolour']) : null; $prized = array_key_exists('prizedisplay', $_POST) && is_string($_POST['prizedisplay']) && ctype_alnum($_POST['prizedisplay']) ? strip_tags($_POST['prizedisplay']) : null; $amount = array_key_exists('amount', $_POST) && ctype_digit($_POST['amount']) && $_POST['amount'] > 0 ? $_POST['amount'] : null; // if anyone wishes to contribute and make it better feel free. i have done no checks or nothing. You might also want to add a check to make sure your not adding the same reward twice unless you wish it to be that way
  11. Correct if dealer can pull 2 cards and get 21 you lose unless you got 5 cards could be wrong
  12. SwiftGameR

    Hi :)

    Welcome back yea the forum is run much better than it was before no offence to old owner but Dave does such a better job and payouts from marketplace are usually within a hour if any longer usually a problem and Dave is busy but never had a problem yet.
  13. The csrf is working as i just added it to a staff file for my Advanced drugs module so not quite sure what is up i seem to be having the same issue with grpgv2 it just wont read the session anything i try to do just get the security timeout message but it was working and i have not really made any changes accept the header.php but i have tried to replace the csrf file with my code base in case it was the file and something to do with new updated header.php code.
  14. True but either way he paid me what was owe so updated comment overwrites the old one. πŸ˜‰
  15. Yea i have been working on my mobsters online for years now never got around to finishing it its built off the new grpg v2 script but i took out the features i did not like / want and coded it in the way i want. Its not live but your more than welcome to check it out. Quite a few of the city links wont work as i have not added / moved the file to a folder (i have kept all my games like 50/50 crack safe etc.) in its own folder so when i need to fix something i know where to go instead of looking for the file. Mobsters Online Edit: Well there seems to be a csrf issue happening withing the script right now so you can't actually register but if you wish let me know i can get you a demo account up but until i get into the files and find out why csrf is screwing up not very much in the game will work.
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