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  1. Would just like to take back my comments about @ColdBlooded he has paid me what he owe from the mccodes.com website Thanks 🙂
  2. Yay so glad you got around to that will making my modules easier if requiring crons. Thanks
  3. I never had any issues with you up until i paid you for that design but you never delivered the project i went by the name NonstopCoding at the time. never got a refund either because stupid me sent it as a gift.
  4. I have developed for the rc engine quite a lot back in the days when it was around more code is just basic mysql_ If you ask me purchasing the rc engine is a rip off You would need to either pay or do Full conversion to pdo (some pages go over 2k lines) Updated to php 7 standards Security added Missing features / cron code that is missing I have the rc engine on my computer and its a good engine don't get me wrong but as i said above if you are not a developer its going to cost you a fortune to get the work done just my 2 cents hope it helps.
  5. @TesterPro yes modules can be converted to any engine as long as you know what you are doing if you want a conversion i can do that for you but will cost per module. @Dayo That's a nice ideas there 😉 and hope you get sales @anyone who wants conversions i can work with Grpg v1 Grpg v2 Mccodes v1 Mccodes v2 If its Redux which was done by mccodes long time ago (if thats still even around) then sorry i can't help unless you give me access to the code to learn what i need. Q&A Q: If i run Redux and dont want to give you access to it. A: That is totally fine but there will be some information you will need to share with me which is listed in the bullet points below. Example of a query to show me how you query database Example of how you calling the users information example being ($ir['username']) would show there game username. If there is a special way to place your files or the way they need coded then i need to know (Gangsters Legends v2) works like a engine i have never seen before. (the engine is amazing once you get used to it :D)
  6. Yea it should of just glad you glad you got it patched if anyone else contacts me about issues with grpgv v2 ill pass them on to you.
  7. like i said on other post Sniko is great guy and coder he was even around before me on my old account.
  8. @MNG 😉 Thanks buddy and yea you have im on discord these days if you need me SwiftGaming (Web Developer)#0482
  9. I can vouch for @sniko he is a very old and trusted member of make web games and good coder would like to see what its like now 😛
  10. Right so get to the point there is a slight issue with the grpg v2 engine if you have purchased this engine and are having issues please do the following. open up your dbcon.php located in "inc/dbcon.php" and look for if (!file_exists(__DIR__.'/config.php') && !defined('INSTALLER')) { exit(header('Location: /install')); } change this to if (!file_exists(__DIR__.'/config.php') && !defined('INSTALLER')) { exit(header('Location: /install/install.php')); } I do not work for the GRPG Team just this bug has not been patched and people are buying the engine and prob request a refund so figured so save any hassle i have left adam and mtg a message on another topic but i posted the fix here for anyone who purchases it before it gets patched. @Magictallguy when i tried it just error out saying something like to many redirects i think but once i actually set the location to the file it worked perfectly. Just thought i would make a thread as i messaged Adam about it but hes most likely busy and plus someone emailed me asking for help to fix it get it fixed save any problems issues refunds etc.
  11. @rockwood my personal game is on GRPGv2 Mobsters Online i also use gangster legends for development issues very nice engine and a lot more attention going there than anywhere else ill link it anyways Gangsters Legends Engine Test Site My game is not live to the public yet. @Adam @Magictallguy There is a issue with the dbcon.php not pointing to the installer file this has not been patched yet i just had someone email me about the same issue i contacted adam on discord but still seems to be not fixed.
  12. @rockwood About 90% of my project have been around game engines (mccodes / grpg / grpgv2 / gl-engine) I have just started working on gl engine modules for clients and have picked up the code system very quickly even as i have never used pdo like that but if you had website that needed fixed or features added i could do that no problem i just don't have experience is designing sites well i do but im not very good at it 😄
  13. i quite like it mate nice job looks clean and seems to go well on the eyes
  14. Hi my names Steven used to go by @NonStopCoding have been developing for over 6 years and have plenty experience in most engines on this site. If you would like to hire me you can send me a private message here or contact me the following ways Email: [email protected] Discord: SwiftGaming (Web Developer)#0482 If you are contacting me from email please do put your MWG username (Make Web Games Job request - your username) You will see all work done by me and screenshots / testing of your own before you send payment. Payments Accepted: Paypal Skrill Bank Transfer
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