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  1. Okay so you are looking for the inside CSS to be modified and icons created for money crystals etc and mafia theme. hmm $50.00 are you looking for a clean design as design and implementation is a bit low.. I paid over $1,000 for a design [email protected] || Peter and in the end never got the design i paid for in game & Login Page don't get me wrong its not like he took my $$ and never got back to me all was going fine we were speaking paid for design in advance he had some RL issues going on at the time but still trying to complete the project. The project was late so he kindly offered me some extras for the design like logo etc and i happily accepted login page was designed and in game design too he had shown me all the screenshots then everything went down hill from there lack of contact. I Yet i still patiently wait for a refund or my amazing design. Its not like @W3Theory || Peterto let down a customer he's a well known designer and Trusted coder by many around here and has been here for as long as i remember He even designed / coded by mobsters online template and another 2 templates i have.. Mobsters Online
  2. Someone has started the HTML AND CSS AND JAVASCRIPT this i have written a little php should get u started 🙂
  3. $35 Option to TRY and steal from a gang. (crystals, money, items) if you have items. Based of above a formula which will random outcomes and chances of pass / fail. Alert system when you have been hit. New option to add security to your gang higher security the harder to get successful attacks but there is always a random chance of getting hit with high security. Staff file to check logs / security purchases for each gang. Logs system which logs every user that tries to attack gang or user buys security items and keeps date / time via timestamp. PM ME OR VISIT MY WEBSITE TO GET FB CHAT. SmartWeb Production's
  4. Can make scripts for mccodes for you if you need. (cost depends on mods or whatever needs done) Install gangster legends and test the whole game make sure it is bugless. pretty sure it would be @Dayois still working on the engine as far as i know i am sure he would of patched up any issues. adding in levels and experience easy enough. $50.00 to install Gangster Legends script add levels and experience 0-200 and test the modules if you wish to speak further than contact me via pm or at [email protected] or my personal website to get a fb chat box that will come right to my mobile. sure its in the footer already but ill add it anyways lol SmartWeb Productions . I have a deal on if you spend $20.00 from the store on any of my modules (There's quite a lot for mccodes v2.0.5b) you will receive *** ANY MODULE FROM THE MARKET CREATED BY ME FOR ANY ENGINE OR A CUSTOM CODED ONE **. Thanks Steven
  5. wow thanks for mention Sim 🙂 how's it going not spoken to you in very long time hehe
  6. Not very good with PayPal ipn myself but first place i would look is to make sure the certificate is valid. What have you tried to fix it. Any issues in PayPal logs on server? Is your IPN still pointing to your site on PayPal settings. Have you went to PayPal Sand Box and tried paying there using fake money. see if it passes i am sure you get a website that pings ur website make sure it receives info. You have not given much information accept it was working then stopped and custom engine. Could you provide us with some more info plz
  7. Might not be on a engine could be a pet website just because forum says gamemakers a lot of people come here for various work i think he wants a randomize the searches click random <?php // insert some sort of header / connection file // include_once __DIR__.'./filename.ext /* Guess all this information (the words are being stored in a database not an array you could do something like this below. BEWARE I HAVE ONLY SECURED ONE PART OF HIS CODE THE REST IS ABLE TO BE ABBUSEABUSED BY VULNERABLE CODE IF NOT DONE PROPERLY.. */ if (array_key_exists('random', $_POST)) { $_POST['mother-body-size'] = array_key_exists('mother-body-size', $_POST) && is_string($_POST['mother-body-size']) ? strip_tags(stripslashes($_POST['mother-body-size'])) : null; // Check if input is empty or not. if (empty($_POST['mother-body-size'])) { // kill code } // not sure on how your sql quries are coded in. $check = $db->query('SELECT * FROM pets ORDER BY RAND() ASC LIMIT 10'); if (!$db->num_rows($check)) { // kill script } $r = $db->fetch_row($check); echo "Mothers body size is ".htmlentities(htmlspecialchars($r['mothersbodysize'])); } If anyone wanna contribute or make it into array and then query it via the array i just couldnt be bothered using array functions and array key checks etc. something to start with.
  8. thanks for shout out bud 🙂 i can say your trusted hahaha fuck your older member than me I, remember when i started out used a lot of your mods. Deffo you remember the tattoo its rare wow another old coder when i was a noob and went by nonstopcoding.
  9. some like someone has hacked ur site somehow one of ur mods might be not secured or secured and checks in place etc. would of had a look but 2 late hehe Sim is a great developer he will find the cause 😛
  10. check your Database for any inserted JS or CSS code Plus if hes double clicking its going to block the entry from first time he sent the form information. I guess you have went from v1 to v2 make sure both mysql and mysqli driver are not both running causing double queries.. V2.05b is secure to what i know of lol but its already converted to the mysqli driver selected upon installation. <?php require_once __DIR__.'/globals.php'; // Run this code in a file on its own and see if which number returns. Scans userid from the ```users``` table and if it finds a result it will show below which we are going to fetch single item no point in wasting unesserry resources. $UserCount = $db->query('SELECT COUNT(userid) FROM users WHERE user_level > 0 ORDER BY userid'); // because we are only need 1 item from the column which is Count() function with column userid which scans database faster plus saves resources.. // Below we are echo or printing out the result from the query but instead of making new variables and shit we will do it this way. echo !$db->fetch_single($UserCount) ? "Could not find any users in the game." : '.money_formatter($db->fetch_single($UserCount)).' members in your game. // So basicly if there is no records in the users table that Message "Could not find any users in the game." will display on there screen otherwise it will show something like this (1,000 players so the result should echo out 1,000 members in your game. (example it rounds the records in the table well columns) // or just scan your whole database and make sure there is no xss attacks my theroey is both old MYSQL DRIVER AND THE MYSQLI drivers are running at same time doubling the query. /* Some Steps to follow to try fix. 1. Make sure both MYSQL & MYSQLI drivers are not running at sane time. (try Remove the old one and keep the MYSQLI one) 2. Can't you do a copy + paste into a subdomsin see if issue pressists. 3. Do freah install of Mccodes V2.05b which works fine accept the staff files (*COUGH STILL NOT FIXED A WORKAROUND FOR INSERTING 0 INTO THE DATABASE LAST TIME I CHECKED IT WAS NOT IF IT HAS BEEN FIXED NOW MY APPOLIGIES IF NOT THEN AH WELL SHOW THEM THE FIX UP TO WHOEVER USES IT...)*/ # If your having issues inserting 0s into the staff files you need to find the checks where they check if its empty(either post or get variable but ninetimes out of 10 it will be post for staff side unless editing.. // base code example if (empty($_POST['buyable'])) { echo "This must be set a price.; $h->endpage(); exit; } // but if you add a small bit of logic to it to make it inserts 0's and avove. if (empty($_POST['buyable']) && !is_numeric($_POST['buyable'])) { echo "This must be set a price.; $h->endpage(); exit; } # Done now u can set 0s in staff files.
  11. ah okay iv been so busy with rl stuff not really looked at whatys changed plus never used bootstrap lol but thanks
  12. I have a much more advanced version for mccodes on store.. but yes would need converted wouldn't be hard at all being honest.
  13. That sounds wicked mate and isn't most of GL engine already mobile friendly?
  14. omg I had a big list of what was coming and I clicked off page and lost my writing took a while to write it all out (Developers Worst Nightmare) Going to cut it into a smaller text with some information on what's away to change to the module over the next couple weeks (Sorry so long just busy with personal site code / store needing added plus multiple other pages needing coded. I did have a list of the new stuff coming but this is the second time i have lost it I am not writing it a 3rd time lol but i will say the "Game Owners" who purchase the module will have full control of what costs what (15 uses x 10 minutes / health / consumable. To make things harder and more interesting Once someone kills you they can't hit you for 10 minutes default also changeable via staff Panel There was more features but iv written it that many times and lost it I have forgot haha. Currently Working on V1.0.1 - 17/04/2021 /* Wish to add ideas or want to chat you can reach me in one of these locations. Email: [email protected] Phone (Whats app - 8am - 11.30pm): +44 7546364267 Twitch: www.twitch.tv/em2pro4you Instagram: Em2Pro4You PSN: Em2Pro4U */
  15. Yes this module is fair anyone can take part but now you have mentioned about keeping it fair for obvious reasons the stronger players will win. I did not think of this at the time but glad you mentioned it because I will be upgrading this module so players can be even. Here is some of my ideas!! If you have been attacked and killed (This user wont be able to attack you again for 10 minutes? (limits them to 10 points per 10 mins per lower person.) Considering making everyone into groups so once the killer of hour is active only people you can attack or be attack from is people that are your level or 5 levels lower than you and 5 levels higher than you so if you go to the online now while its installed and active you will only see players above and below u by 5 levels. (I know levels don't make difference but it helps a little bit.) Prevent Bulling noob players all players will be kicked to a new location where everyone from 1 - 4 be same location but not included in the event. If they wanna join they need to leave city ID 1 (Might just create a new location for this and edit into the sql Special Location only for this module.?). Even tho everyone is getting chucked into this special location you will only see members that will be 5 LEVELS BELOW YOU OR HIGHER AND HAVE CLOSE STATS SO BEWARE FOR THEM LOW LEVEL NOOBS WITH SUPER STATS 😉 Plan who you are going to hit and stock up on meds / get out hospital items if your game uses them and Crystals / energy recovery items (These items will have time limits between uses to make things fair read below in the Italic if you don't understand what I mean. PLEASE READ THIS.... You are only permitted to use "Points / Crystals" x20 energy refills per 15 minutes (max of 80 refills) Using energy consumable items is allowed but can only use 10 per 10 minutes. You will be paired with players around your own stats and levels ( -4 below you and +4 above you) Players will receive a mail message with instructions and a button saying join. If they don't want to compete don't enter the special event location. Attacks outside of the special location wont count towards your score trying to keep it even. If found abusing / cheating in the event you will be kicked and reset points and can't compete again until next one starts. Q: What is classed as cheating / abusing. A: Abusing glitches, Loopholes, can hack module without owner knowing and continue to use it, Also we class macro programmes as cheating set a auto clicker to continue to attack people you know u can beat and don't even have to be at your computer. no no INSTA BAN FROM GAME IF I WAS OWNER..... This is what I have come up with just by your comment @PHPStudent If You have any suggestions or ideas of your own that you don't want anyone else to have drop me a message we can talk...
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