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  1. If not lucky on here try flippa.com
  2. MNG

    WC: Ruthless

    Just gonna say @Alan &@Alan jinks me but having fun learning more about this engine. Recent updates that I have done is - Fix Awards - Fix Factions - Register - Style a few pages Problems That I Am Aware Of - Albums (Uploading but not letting players see them), I don't like the idea of users uploading images so I will go the link route - Items, I don't know yet but i'm sure it's fishy - Forgotten, need to make it relate to the game - Mobile, some pages aren't mobile friendly - Donation, Need to test the donation - Register, members not getting all the tables they should have Here's a few pages I recently touch up
  3. I guess your right, but it's the principle and not salty. Carry on with your life bud I have work to do.
  4. How can I pay for something I'm unaware of? The problem was a mod that was suppose to be converted that was suppose to work after THE DEVELOPER said it did then out the blue today he says it never worked from the start, so why not just say that from the start? Anyone that ever work with me can never say I been this angry before. Sorry if you think I'm being a dooche but I honestly dont care for your sensitivity.
  5. Dick move since you never told me anything related to this mod, but dont forget I am the same guy that hired you numerous times and paid you before mods was even finish. Thank you for showing your character.
  6. MNG

    Prison Reloaded

    I love GRPG, the theme is just hurting my eyes but I believe your going for the prison theme look. I think I released a free design to the public similar to prison struggle. I might be able to do a redesign of it, free of no charge for you but you'll have to find someone to convert it xhtml/css (Usually cost about $25 and up)
  7. He's host by one.com, when you say stolen you got proof right? If so let's DMCA this bad boy down.
  8. MNG

    Hey hey

    I always love the features of these type of game engines but I just really hate the game layout.
  9. MNG

    Hey hey

    I was just looking at your website about 2 hours ago, but welcome back 😄
  10. A president mod President.php this page shows the president and if the president he can change taxes (can not set taxes no higher than 15%) of the game and pick a Congress team (6 members total not including the president) this page also allows players to vote to impeach the president. If more than 100 players vote the president and the Congress team will be kick out the white house. So if theirs no presidents the admin can open a poll and members can enter it till the admin close it and then they can start voting for the member. The winner will be come the president. Will have to add taxes in the game, taxes should come out of everything when it comes to using money. As for donation mod just want something with logs and allow admin set donation packs Any takers 😄
  11. I use the RC Engine, I need a donation system and a mod created. My budget for this $100. Not sure if I'm in the right section.
  12. MNG

    WC: Ruthless

    Great, it work! So all errors are out of the game.
  13. MNG

    WC: Ruthless

    [11-Mar-2019 04:57:29 UTC] PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; bbcode has a deprecated constructor in /home/wise/public_html/the-_-file/includes/bbcode_parser.php on line 21 [11-Mar-2019 04:57:29 UTC] PHP Fatal error: 'break' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context in /home/wise/public_html/the-_-file/includes/bbcode_this.php on line 17 bbcode_this.php bbcode_parser.php
  14. MNG

    WC: Ruthless

    Yeah I still get nothing,
  15. MNG

    Mobile App or not.

    Well that question is entirely for your user base, I think the big picture here is to be ready for all types of players. With a app on the market it could bring more players in, just imagine having a user base of 1,000 players and you tell them to download and install the app for some type of award. Next thing ya know you'll probably have an app of the day or something like that now your bringing mobile players in. As in another version, not really all your pages should work on the same theme but a problem I have is some of the pages just stretch a lot, so I add a container and try to make it where players can scroll the object which give them a chance to interact with the game a bit more. Me personally not a fan of all the scrolling down vertically, I prefer horizontal but everyone has their own preference and you should take it into consideration if your a game owner.
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