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  1. MNG

    RC Engine Mods

    In no rush, was just curious. Message ya on discord
  2. MNG

    RC Engine Mods

    I am looking to hire an developer to create a donation mod (design already created just need an actually API and automated), player type (MTG has took on this task but no update) and president mod. My budget for these 3 mods are $125. Need these done with in the next 2 weeks.
  3. Lol i'm still waiting for my mod
  4. It might save you some money if you already use an existing engine such as GRPG, the RC engine features are really simple and with the creators active on this forum i'm sure you can hire one of them to create the features for you. (If you want the design, I could definitely create you a layout related to the style, check my game thread) MCCODE is still out as well and I know for sure the features use for the RC engine are already out just gotta look for them. RC Engine, why not just use that engine and hire a developer to switch it to PHP 7 and PDO? I have a team that's capable of doing that part but as far as creating features its a no go. (You probably have to sign up to ruthless city and contact user ID 1 to see what's going on with the selling rights and stuff tho)
  5. https://www.street-crime.com/ I use to love this game, it's the whole reason I got into textbased games.
  6. MNG

    WC: Ruthless

    - Icons/Images have been updated - New Awards - Players are able to upload their own image name - Mobile 80% complete (need to add in icons) Coming Soon - Rank System (Being work on) - President Mod (Still Looking for a developer) - Gym & Albums need to be fix - Attack, newspaper, crimes and explore need to be restyled Updated Pics
  7. MNG


    I have no clue
  8. MNG

    WC: Ruthless

    https://prnt.sc/n8p8qn Been working on this mod I converted from GRPG to the RC engine, trying to figure out how I would would replace the username if the player has a image name?
  9. MNG


    Could always make me mods for the RC engine 😄
  10. Here's the correct section I believe 😄 https://makewebgames.io/forum/20-game-projects/
  11. MNG

    Text Based RPG Gaming

    Maybe, if you can target the mobile market and add graphics then it might a success.
  12. MNG

    WC: Ruthless

    Welp if you still got them or available for hire shoot me a PM boss man 🙂 Thanks!
  13. If not lucky on here try flippa.com
  14. MNG

    WC: Ruthless

    Just gonna say @Alan &@Alan jinks me but having fun learning more about this engine. Recent updates that I have done is - Fix Awards - Fix Factions - Register - Style a few pages Problems That I Am Aware Of - Albums (Uploading but not letting players see them), I don't like the idea of users uploading images so I will go the link route - Items, I don't know yet but i'm sure it's fishy - Forgotten, need to make it relate to the game - Mobile, some pages aren't mobile friendly - Donation, Need to test the donation - Register, members not getting all the tables they should have Here's a few pages I recently touch up
  15. I guess your right, but it's the principle and not salty. Carry on with your life bud I have work to do.
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