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  1. Will drop a pic after a few things are finished
  2. Can’t help it, I think I buy damn near everything you make lol
  3. MNG


    YOUR LOGIN IS CRAP! Jk, but the text place holders are out the content box. Honestly I wasn't even going to login after that but i did and for some weird reason. I really like the header and you did a lot to the engine but as I click around I can't figure out what genre this game would fall in. That could be something you can start plotting in the future. REVIEW 4/10 for the theme 8.5/10 as for the cool features Sims can you help me out bud, I CTRL + F the word "sale" and could find it. Can you tell US where he mentioned he was selling the site cause I notice you said no one would buy it but in order for someone to buy something, it would have to be up for sale right?
  4. Can someone lend me $5,000, my cat needs surgery and I don't have pet insurance 😄
  5. Oh yeah him, didn’t expect him to know how to rip a website css😭
  6. Thanks for the warning, luckily I haven’t came across this member.
  7. Honestly, this is pretty good and excited to see it release!
  8. Damn, sorry I didn't see that thread. Here's something I came up with an hour for your ingame. This is just a PSD but you need to get it converted to XHTML/CSS and responsive. Hope ya like free of no charge,.
  9. Yeah all correct Does it matter the table is enum? Found the problem using echo, on input I had it saying "Land of $house" so it kept inserting that instead of just $house
  10. Damn bro, if you was a month early I would of loved to actually create something for ya but sadly I have my hands tied. As for my 2 cent I'll suggest going more solid colors than transparent.
  11. Been working on a house (player class) and trying to figure why it's not inserting into the user database. The purpose is once the player come to the file and their not in house then it chooses one for them but right now it keeps selecting blank. <?php include "../globals.php"; global $db, $ir, $c, $userid, $h; if($ir['Houses'] == 'None') { $Houses[] = "Grey"; $Houses[] = "Red Ox"; $Houses[] = "Miltha"; $Houses[] = "Frost"; $Houses[] = "Pleasure"; $n = array_rand($Houses); $input = "Land of ". $Houses[$n]; $sql = sprintf("UPDATE users SET Houses = '%s' WHERE (userid = %u)", $input, $userid); $db->query($sql); echo "You've been chosen to be in The {$input}!"; } else if($ir['Houses']) { echo sprintf("You are already in the %s", $ir['Houses']); $h->endpage(); exit; } $h->endpage(); ?>
  12. I don't really know how I feel on the layout, giving me 2010 vibes but as for everything I like the concept and think you chose the right engine to do with this project. I once used it for a military game back in the day called Battle Ops
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