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  1. I actually have a layout already made similar to this.
  2. If it ain't broke, don't fix it 😄
  3. Lol I was just thinking about this.
  4. I am looking for a mod custom just for me, all these features coming out and everyone having the same game is getting weird. My budget for this mod is $40, not asking for much. Membership, - Players can buy the membership for points - This features adds a image on the user profile - Change bank tax rate to 5% - Bullets are at a 50% discount from the bullet factory
  5. 40 big ones! Guest I’ll have to buy this on payday, thanks Dave!
  6. Welcome, glad to have ya here 😄
  7. Do you do custom features requests?
  8. Nice looking forward to this!
  9. The download link is broken, maybe @Dave can fix it.
  10. MNG

    McCodes or GRPG

    Mccode has a lot of mods already out and majority developers here first engine including mines. So the help is there. This is my engine so I can offer helps when it comes to errors. GRPG is a active engine, a lot of cool developers to meet and hire. An active community and very fun. One thing should be aware of hiring someone is to never pay upfront to a unknown developer. When I was ever trying to hire someone a weird guy offer to do it and ask upfront payment which is no no in my book. Join the GRPG discord to get help pretty active including me in it, if ya any help related to css/html and designs.
  11. I believe 7.2 or 7.3, sorry for the late response been traveling,
  12. Looking to sell it for $500 but the price is negotiable
  13. I am selling the full game, rights and grpg v2 license all images are included except awards Very fair price, just want to give you guys a chance before posting on FLIPPA SOLD AS IS (Releasable to the public ready) DOMAIN IS NOT INCLUDED Game Link - wisecrime.com Login Info - demo/demo
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