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  1. Lol ya beat me to it. OP, leave gimp DF alone. Try photoshop for 30 days.
  2. So far it doesn’t really seem hard to config and set them up but again I still haven’t tested myself yet just doing research. I just thought it would be cool to have my own rust server to invite my friends or to sell them to people to rent monthly.
  3. More like in the rust, dayz, role playing fields. I read guides and such but haven’t tested myself. Going to split my dedicated server into a few servers just to play around with but just curious on others experience when coming to actually playing and connecting them ya know.
  4. Anyone ever set up a gaming server if so, whats your experience with setting them up and some tips for a newbie trying to sell game servers.
  5. Looks pretty simple, photoshop layer with a filter and add the image ya want.
  6. Your best bet is to make jail bots and attack bots separate
  7. It should of, I just tested this on my game. Try this, if your running the outdated version. Open up ya cron five file and follow these instructions Under $query4="UPDATE users SET hp=maxhp WHERE hp>maxhp"; Add this $query182="UPDATE users SET jail = 15 WHERE userid IN (6) AND jail = 0"; Then find this $db->query($query4); and add this under it $db->query($query182);
  8. MNG

    Power Server

    I'm literally paying for a server I don't use. I have my games and sister site on it but she doesn't log in either lol. I use cPanel for my control panel so yeah it's pretty easy to use. So here's my proposal. $10 a month for the customize plan. Customize Plan - Add up to 10 domains as you wish - 150 GB Storage - cPanel Server Specs 10 Core 60GB Ram 1 TB Storage (Maybe 10 GB used) 1 Gb Port
  9. I am interested in this 😄
  10. Message me your discord. Thats the one I got and doesn't work with my current code.
  11. MNG

    Work Setups

    My work set up where I don't do much work but after seeing everyone set ups, I will do better lol. PS: Don't mind my dirty floor, just got back from Afganistan.
  12. I need a donation mod for MCCODE V2 Needs - Logs - Packs - Add to inventory - Discount Yes willing to pay
  13. Message me, i got something hot for ya.
  14. Everyone with a social security number does not get it. It goes off your income taxes filed in 2019. If you make less than a certain than you get it. Also doubt people in jail got it since you don’t usually file taxes in jail.
  15. Sadly I make too much but congrats to all who got it.
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