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  1. Right on the target! player classes what’s it called. Yeah nothing to simple, it just put them in a city and give them a banner of what class they are.
  2. I honestly thought I typed more than that sorry. Was a bit in a hurry but I wanted a feature where players have 5 options to choose from when they first login. Once they choose it they get sent to a certain city. And a profile banner shows which group they’re in. I know this have a name but I can’t figure out what’s it call.
  3. MNG

    Game Advertising!!

    I agree, I always failed going the block url route with mccode but I try using key words, help a little
  4. MNG

    Trade mods

    Got my hopes up, thought this an actual trade mod
  5. MNG

    MWG Mod Challenge

    Please not more useless mod that no one is buying. The market is flooded with over priced mods that shouldn’t be even more than free. Not referring to you Sims just in general
  6. MNG


    Paul, you have some explaining to do!
  7. MNG

    Game Advertising!!

    That’s true but theirs factors which why I believe it was him, the first guy knew about MWG (theirs not many players that’s aware of MWG), another was he assume I use a certain engine (once again theirs not many players that’s aware of this) and finally the icing on the cake, my account judge disappears or banned from his site and I never did anything on it besides look around. If I was him I wouldn’t even had notice me. Let’s say maybe that player was a developer which I highly doubt cause out of all my life owning games I never seen a developer go out their way to act childish unless they were being paid and if that’s the case it still falls on the owner cause he/she paid the hit man.
  8. MNG

    Game Advertising!!

    I have HIGH faith in my players that they will not join that 2002 knock off ruthless city. @Andrew Washington you and your members are always welcome to spam WC, the WC team will block and continue to have a nice day,
  9. MNG

    Show your MC-Codes game

    Bout time you release this I’m going to be a old man, ya teasing us at this point
  10. What is Sim trying to say is the game looks basic as if you just added a few paid mods and edited the theme which is alright but you want to stand out from other games. If you need help with your layout design you could add me on discord and I could offer some tips. I haven’t signed up to your game but after seeing sim screenshot, I’m sure theirs nothing worth signing up atleast not now. It’s a big game community for the gl engine, don’t rush your game release as you could hurt yourself in the long run. Be patient and ask for help, if I’m free I’m usually easy to message about designs.
  11. I need an competition mod, message for details and your rate.
  12. when someone come to you about a mod, your response shouldn’t be “download the newer version”, what happens when that buyer engine is modified? I guess all the recent mods that was built in this month was the old version cause I had no problem installing. So, I assume sense I can’t use this mod even after I sent you my file and your response was STILL download the recent engine, am I entitled to a refund?
  13. MNG

    Daily Login Rewards

    Doesn't work on my version and the creator is bad at support. Don't worry I'll solve YOUR issue and help others that still using the old version.
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