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  1. i think i might be able to assist you with this oh this olddd lol
  2. I looked at it. Looks interesting
  3. Hello MWG, I am looking to sell copy of Mobster Story. Mobster Story is a revamp of gRPG v1. I am aware of gRPG v2 but I took it upon myself to revamp gRPG v1 in myway. Along with the PDO update version of gRPG v1 includes Semantics UI framework implementation. For more information feel free to message me here. PAID SOURCE MOBSTERSTORY.COM Demo Account: stusssssy 123459
  4. This has been repaired ? Thank you for all of those contributing to the project and partaking in the BETA. In the most recent update, we've done an overhaul on security. With that being said I want to welcome those that are aware of vulnerabilities, exploit and report here if possible. Thank you to all! Thank you @NonStopCoding and @Magictallguy for some info on weak points in game.
  5. DopeboyGFX


  6. ? damn I fixed this too but reverted to an earlier stage due to some issues! I appreciate the feedback. I love mwg for this ? White text an easy fix. You’re right got to fix the input field
  7. Its not that bad i can now do that
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