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  2. Can't you make it once your health reaches 0 the players that took your health make there names show on your profile of how much health they each took of you bl,example dayo attacked you and took 30% health , Athena attacked you took 30% health newttest attacked you and took 40% , your health is destroyed ? Something like that , then for them to recover there health it regains within 24 hours ? This will be fun for members running train attacks on orther , this is why my idea sounds great . This is were tripwires come useful and safehouses and dogs as pets . And players purchasing extra health to prevent being damaged orther than being killed and losing everything there health regenerates free back to 100 health every 24 hours , and then they can buy health to max 250 , I only say this because I think it would be great for players . Especially gang wars and stuff . Because if you make like MCC players will get bored of the same thing that's been done over the last years, example a player can attack you and steal drugs and cars orther than money and points . Or a player can attack you for your health , for a game to be successful people have to donate to gain extra advantages of they don't donate there health bar within 24 hours gets refilled for free, you could also add a perk that can be used only one time to get your health to 250 health absolutely free, once used it can never be used again after your health reaches 0 You can't create a game and make everything free the owners need to earn something for server payment and future game updates , I made over 500€ of my game and I haven't taken a single penny out for myself I've used all the money on servers and game updates by hiring professional coders to improve certain mods .
  3. It would be a ACP option so you can say if the user has been online within xxxx seconds you can attack. I always like the idea that you both have to be online so you can have retaliation.
  4. as always you amaze me with you ideas, 10/10 will work amzingly on the GL engine even better than the mcc version tho the online condition make me have some doubt but if the game is booming it will be good, but i think you can have it toggles on/off so it will work fine on the start of the game
  5. They do loose health and when it’s 0 you (the admin) can set it up that the account dies or the account goes to hospital
  6. I get a error with this mod . When collecting it gives me a error
  7. So they don't lose health , or get killed . And players ain't able to rob donator items of orthers , it's only to secure there health and points , and there's a z Rand of points or cash that can get taken or Cars.
  8. What about being able to "clone" other players that you get good exp, gold, points, whatever from? It would cost to clone and then cost X amount to heal the clone to be used again???
  9. So I’ll explain my idea for the attack module. 1) It can be PvP or PvE 2) For PvP both users have to be online and in the same location using detectives to find them. (Creates a money sink in the game) with the option of a instant find for points (not P2W as there is a in game option available) 3) You can choose to Mug (money) or Assault (health) 4) if mug you do a little bit of damage 5) if assault you do more damage but no health, if they are below 0% health you can choose to kill them off like in GL or send them to the hospital like in McCodes. This will be configurable. 6) PvE you can set up new accounts in the ACP and set them as a BOT. Players can then attack these bots as they would any other player. Bots would travel every xx minutes and gain xxx money per hour. 7) your profile would display your mug/assault stats.
  10. I get where you are coming from on this idea. However, if someone is offline, why should they care if they are being attacked. They are offline which means getting attacked will not affect their gameplay. If they get robbed while they are offline because they left items out, gold, points, on a market for sale, whatever, then that is on them for not having secured them. That's one thing but to have items stolen from their inventory or items that are considered "donator" items ... you're going to piss off your player base very quickly. Players, whether donators or not, work hard for the things that they accumulate and to have them robbed of those items willy nilly will quickly lose you players. If you can develop a system that they can purchase cheaply, say "armed guards" for $5.00 USD that will last for 3 or 6 months protection, then you'd be onto something. Very few players will invest in a game they are playing until they get a good working knowledge of the game. They'll test the waters for the perfect combination of donator items that work best for them, usually buying from an in game players market that sell "donator" items to players who don't have the real life cash to do so before they are wiling to donate from their own pockets. The other thing to keep in mind is that a lot of players will quickly get discouraged and leave if all that they see that will get them ahead is by having to buy all these donator items. The last thing you want to do is create an environment where the only players to succeed are those that have deep pockets. You can have the best game in the world, but if you're perceived as being in it for the money only and not for the players interaction, your game will die before it's gotten off the ground. I know this sounds like common sense, but time and time again, you see games come and go because the creators didn't or refused to see that overloading their games with "pay to get ahead" items chased players away. It's almost impossible to recover from that. Just my 2 cents worth.
  11. well at this point all MCC idea are copied over to GL so its not bad most ppl are used or come from MCC background so its kinda good to make them used to the engine with ease from all you said this cought my attention wich can be good idea if implemented good and the others will make the game heavenly Pay-To-Win its nice idea but most ppl that voted for the attack want the MCC version in GL but your idea is kinda built on top of GL kill system but its nice tbh, you the only one that gave a good idea to upgrade GL mode with some logic behind their idea πŸ‘
  12. I already have some good ideas for the attack mod so keep an eye out πŸ˜‰
  13. Not sure about anyone else but I for one am glad ... well done! πŸ™‚
  14. Hello and Welcome, Your enthusiasm is commendable and you will likely need to maintain this momentum because commitment will be required given many games have come and gone after the initial warm feeling has faded. It is a big advantage to have some coding knowledge, even if its just being able to change a font size/weight/colour or change somethings position on a page. The ability to do this develops over time and an intensive crash course should certainly help but you should not expect to become an expert coder overnight. There are long term members of this site for example, who readily admit their coding efforts when they first started out fifteen years ago were very ordinary and so patience will be the key. That being said, you personally do not need to be an expert coder when there is so much help available from those who have acquired vast amounts of experience over a long period of time. There are many members here on MWG's who are available to provide their coding services to assist in developing your game and there are numerous platforms outside of this one offering similar services. Yes you will have to fork out some gold when using them but thats going to be part of the deal. Building a player/user base is the holy grail every webmaster strives for. You can have the prettiest site with the coolest features offering the most remarkable benefits to its users but if on-one visits the site its all for nought. Many factors are going to influence just who visits your site, things like your on and off page SEO, your sites position in the SERP's, is your game ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing, is it interesting enough that players want to keep returning, do you advertise it (paid and unpaid)? Organic traffic from search engines and word of mouth endorsements from other players will be the most valuable traffic source's but your going to have to convince these entities why you should be on the first search page for certain keywords and why a player should tell his mates about your game and invite them along to join in. Sooo, get your game right before anything else, look at it objectively from a third parties perspective and provide a compelling reason for players to want to keep returning and for new ones to visit. Along with that, recognise that the game is going to change/develop over time and that nothing should be locked in stone. Many of the big sites started with a basic script years ago that has evolved over time and your game also should have some degree of fluidity about it, keeping it fresh and interesting. As for purchasing an established game "in your budget", while you have not suggested what that budget is its likely to be not that much, making the old adage "you get what you pay for" completely relevant to the discussion. There are a couple of games presently for sale on Flippa but their prices begin at USD$1000 and they are fixer uppers to be sure but perhaps someone here can offer you something along the lines of what it is your seeking. There is lots to learn and lots to do and I wish you every success going forward. πŸ™‚
  15. Last week
  16. I take your point. I wouldn't say its outrageous... Sounds like a interesting idea but very, very elaborate.
  17. I was thinking something like when a player attacks another player the max health that can be taken from the attack is 10 health leaving you with 90% health if another player attack you and takes another 10% health, if your player gets killed the players that attacked you to kill you will show in your profile you got attacked by Athena,phpstudent,dayo your health will regenerate in 24 hours meanwhile you won't be able to attack anyone until your health reproduces, then you could have the option to steal there cash/points, or Cars ... Some idea that would be great to have in the GL script This would inplement a safehouse to protect you whilst you are offline ... When there thinking of a new attack system , we have to think of something fun for our members to enjoy and to protect themselves at all times . Donator items such as tripwires were you get attacked and you set tripwires so the attackers fail there attack to kill you . Maybe donator items were you can buy extra health to not be killed or being suspended from being attack for 24 hours . Max health 100 but you could purchase extra health for example 50 health 20 points , max health of upgrading setting a example of 250 health. As a GL script it should be different from MCC but familiar to attacking options as MCC , just a idea, this attacking mod could become a paid mod which everyone would want to have .my ideas are outrageous but they are the beginning of something new . You could create dogs to protect you on attacks or to increase your attack chances , dogs could be brought or won from personal events .
  18. You assign the strength/defence of said knife and gun to determine which is stronger and will help you win an attack. Mcc, while not perfect, has a framework with which dayo might be familiar with and can refer to. Unless you have an alternative, tried-and-tested, model which you can detail then I suggest this mcc model.
  19. Example if someone has a knife they can kill someone that has a gun And it can't be the same as MCC or it will be just boring GL needs to be different that MCC . It's a different script .
  20. Attack mod should kind of mirror MCC V2 in my view, With Hospitalise, Mug and Leave options. One to add time to hospital time, one to mug other players' money that they have on hand, and the other to gain EXP by attacking players at a higher level than them in order to level. Turn based attack system with a player's stats and equipment(weapons and armour) being taken into account in determining a successful attack. I would imagine a lot additions like a hospital, and other features will need to amended for it to work like this...
  21. May I give you some ideas for the attack mod dayo?
  22. Thanks I'll check it out once o arrive home , I have the GL script and also the mcc I run both games . Nice it looks well good I like it What is your budget?
  23. thats for mcc , well its a simple code i did back in the day challenge 1.5 by ags_cs4.rar
  24. Not to sound rude but if you think his stuff is out of your price range what exactly are you expecting to pay for a fully coded site with a custom theme and extra features?
  25. I wanted to check the challenge area to see if it was any good
  26. It would be helpful if you would give some idea of your what your budget will be/is. I'm probably off base here but I have the impression that you think this is going to be as easy as 1-2-3. It takes time to learn the code, regardless of what you choose to go with. Building a player base will also take time and money to build as well. In any case, I wish you the best!! πŸ™‚
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