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  2. Great catch @Mitchell ... I suspect that if your a gamer then your a top 1%'er given it appears that nothing seems to slip by you, . 🙂 You are of course quite correct in your observation and err, my bad but I just had a new privacy policy page installed and was keen to evaluate it with a bit of content and thus I 'borrowed' some from Torn for that purpose BUT seem to have inadvertently left it up. That being said, I asked my solicitor to whip something up and it now takes pride of place on that page, so thanks for the shout out and all good now but I have to say that good etiquette m
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  4. @you deserve it. Your skills are top notch. Very impressive!
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  6. Yes i do agree with this but also with acquiring this game from a complete idiot this is guaranteed the original owner was the one that did this, im sure @CrazyElk will fix this over time
  7. I'd just like to add, on your privacy page, if you're going to copy and paste someone else's privacy policy, at least edit the original game name out of it. Torn was also mentioned 11 other times.
  8. thanks for the mention 🙂 , its great to be mentioned i nthe same post next to the legends 😄
  9. Thank you 😊 Honestly, its an honour to be alongside those names and also the ones not on the list. I learnt directly and indirectly from the help of the legends in this forum. So give them a message first 💯
  10. So I've noticed in several mods and even some mod included in GL that when created items are deleted from the database: For example: a car deleted, a item deleted, a fish deletes. Developers are forgetting to delete these items in other tables that associate thes items with the user. I myself have find myself guilty of this to. So, this is just a reminder to everyone including myself. 🙂
  11. Hello Everyone, I have recently acquired CrimeCity from @forumdime the previous owner. A number of additions, changes and fixes have been implemented with more to come going forward. Please feel free to drop by and visit and to comment on what you find, I would be most interested to read them. 😁
  12. This was an oversight on my part, as i did say was a big list and if i forgot people then sorry. You have been added to the list as you definitely are a trusted coder 🙂 good to hear i am also doing this i have a module lineup after my game is released.
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  14. Once approved, link should be visitable: @Dave @Dayo
  15. Sim


    Version 1.0.0

    What is Jobs? Jobs adds a module to your game that gives players the ability to get a job that pays daily and move up the ranks to earn more stats & money. Features Create Jobs Create Ranks for each jon. Edit Jobs Edit Ranks Delete Jobs (Will also delete all ranks they belong to job and remove job from player) Jobs Ranks (Also removes job from player) Player chooses Job they would like to have Player chooses rank of job they would like to have. IF REQUIREMENTS are met. Player can quit job Player receives notification u
  16. Its a bug when you are the max rank, for now make a rank with 2b exp and ill push a fix soon
  17. Sim

    Howdy All!

    Welcometo the community
  18. Now thats a idea, swimming challenges
  19. As one of the eldest members of the coder. I failed to make your list. So upsetting. Not. Ill just keep producing mods ans releasing them. Soon, some willl be ones that are already released by others but with more features and cheaper pri'es. 🙂
  20. Ah ok no problem, thanks for the heads up. I was actually going to use it for my new Alignment system that which is a copy of the MoneyRank system to display a pic based on alignment. But it acts the same as the MoneyRank system, just doesnt happen as often, takes longer to get to "Rank Up or Down" in the alignment.
  21. I would advise against this as money rank can fluctuate alot during game play.
  22. Hi, I am trying to learn a bit more about the notifications. I was wondering what is the best way to call a notification when a player ranks up or down "MoneyRank"? Thanks
  23. lol 8 months later i wich i kept more than 50$ in btc 😄 , but i think the price will stay in the 30k for some time unless some big news hit and the price will rise/fall but good luck to you all btc holders
  24. { "hide": true, "text": "Delete Job", "method": "deleteJob" }, remove the last , in array in json
  25. thats good to hear, i wanted to hit you up but as i have lost my grandfather every plan i had for this month fell apart, good luck will be looking to see how its gona look 🙂
  26. I am interested in a pool mod where the users can go swimming to cool off, they must have the option of backstroke and doggie paddle and a towel should be provided also to dry off. 😂
  27. @Dayo has now implemented this into my game, great job thank you. 😀
  28. I haven't found an answer yet. i emptied my minor error log and its filling up each time you click with both those errors. It was upto a 2 meg + file....
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