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  1. Yesterday
  2. Nice one! Looking forward to this, let me know when it's done!
  3. Trying to make this... Trying a couple of ways so hopefully I can fix/complete it soon..
  4. You can try this out https://www.pagecloud.com/blog/how-to-add-custom-fonts-to-any-website
  5. Ok thanx a lot Benii I found this https://www.1001fonts.com/nickerbocker-normal-font.html I downloaded the files one .otf and one .ttf Can you give me exactly the code for the css because it doesnt work .
  6. Last week
  7. I have unfortunately lost this mod and no longer have the code. Sorry but i won't be releasing this to the community for a while will make a new version. Unless anyone still has a copy of it they could send me then that would be a massive help.
  8. so you need to add the files of font to the font folder in your theme folder. then add to parts in your style.css like body{ something like this font-family: 'Roboto Mono', monospace;
  9. yes i mean font families but i asked which file i should edit because i cant find it 🙂
  10. Just nod if you can hear me
  11. Can you define font style? Do you mean bold, underlie, italics etc or do you mean different font families? If it’s font families you can use https://fonts.google.com
  12. Where i can choose the font style of the letters. I found in bootstrap.css but nothing changes. Thanx a lot
  13. Is there anybody out there?
  14. That’s awesome! You’re probably appending to $this->html twice when you may mean to within a conditional 🙂
  15. Hi Dave, I'm starting to get the hang of it. 👍 I'm able to pass the variables from the controller to the view and they are now appearing. Now I have a bug with everything being repeated twice, it's probably something small I'm overlooking.
  16. so i fixed the bug i moved the line given by KylleMassacre now the only thing i need is the images in equiped items <?php require("globals.php"); echo "<h3>Your Equipment</h3><hr /> <div class='row'> <div class='col-sm-4'> <div class='card'> <div class='card-header'> Primary Weapon "; if (!empty($ir['equip_primary'])) { echo "(<a href='unequip.php?type=equip_primary'>Unequip</a>)"; } echo " </div> <div class='card-body'>"; if (!empty($ir['equip_primary'])) { echo $api->SystemItemIDtoName($ir['equip_primary']); } else { echo "No Weapon"; } echo " </div> </div> </div>"; echo " <div class='col-sm-4'> <div class='card'> <div class='card-header'> Secondary Weapon "; if (!empty($ir['equip_secondary'])) { echo "(<a href='unequip.php?type=equip_secondary'>Unequip</a>)"; } echo " </div> <div class='card-body'>"; if (!empty($ir['equip_secondary'])) { echo $api->SystemItemIDtoName($ir['equip_secondary']); } else { echo "No Weapon"; } echo " </div> </div> </div>"; echo " <div class='col-sm-4'> <div class='card'> <div class='card-header'> Armor "; if (!empty($ir['equip_armor'])) { echo "(<a href='unequip.php?type=equip_armor'>Unequip</a>)"; } echo " </div> <div class='card-body'>"; if (!empty($ir['equip_armor'])) { echo $api->SystemItemIDtoName($ir['equip_armor']); } else { echo "No Armor"; } echo " </div> </div> </div> </div><br/>"; echo "<div class='row'> <div class='col-sm-4'> <div class='card'> <div class='card-header'> Pet "; if (!empty($ir['equip_pet'])) { echo "(<a href='unequip.php?type=equip_pet'>Unequip</a>)"; } echo " </div> <div class='card-body'>"; if (!empty($ir['equip_pet'])) { echo $api->SystemItemIDtoName($ir['equip_pet']); } else { echo "No pet"; } echo " </div> </div> </div>"; echo "<div class='col-sm-4'> <div class='card'> <div class='card-header'> Head "; if (!empty($ir['equip_head'])) { echo "(<a href='unequip.php?type=equip_head'>Unequip</a>)"; } echo " </div> <div class='card-body'>"; if (!empty($ir['equip_head'])) { echo $api->SystemItemIDtoName($ir['equip_head']); } else { echo "No head"; } echo " </div> </div> </div> </div>"; echo "<hr /> <h3>Your Inventory</h3><hr />"; $inv = $db->query( "SELECT `inv_qty`, `itmsellprice`, `itmid`, `inv_id`, `effect1_on`, `effect2_on`, `effect3_on`, `weapon`, `armor`, `pet`, `head`, `itmtypename`, `itmdesc`, `itmpic` FROM `inventory` AS `iv` INNER JOIN `items` AS `i` ON `iv`.`inv_itemid` = `i`.`itmid` INNER JOIN `itemtypes` AS `it` ON `i`.`itmtype` = `it`.`itmtypeid` WHERE `iv`.`inv_userid` = {$userid} ORDER BY `i`.`itmtype` ASC, `i`.`itmname` ASC"); echo "<b>Your items are listed below.</b><br /> <table class='table table-bordered table-striped'> <thead> <tr> <th>Item Img</th> <th>Item (Qty)</th> <th class='hidden-xs-down'>Item Cost (Total)</th> <th>Links</th> </tr></thead>"; $lt = ""; while ($i = $db->fetch_row($inv)) { if ($lt != $i['itmtypename']) { $lt = $i['itmtypename']; echo "\n<thead><tr> <th colspan='4'> <b>{$lt}</b> </th> </tr></thead>"; } $i['itmdesc'] = htmlentities($i['itmdesc'], ENT_QUOTES); $itmpic = ($i['itmpic']) ? "<img src='{$i['itmpic']}' class='thumbnail' style='background-color: transparent;' width='50px' height='50px'>" : ''; echo "<tr> <td> {$itmpic} </td> <td> <a href='iteminfo.php?ID={$i['itmid']}' data-toggle='tooltip' data-placement='right' title='{$i['itmdesc']}'> {$api->SystemItemIDtoName($i['itmid'])} </a>"; if ($i['inv_qty'] > 1) { echo " (" . number_format($i['inv_qty']) . ")"; } echo "</td> <td class='hidden-xs-down'>" . number_format($i['itmsellprice']); echo " (" . number_format($i['itmsellprice'] * $i['inv_qty']) . ")"; echo "</td> <td> [<a href='itemsend.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Send</a>] [<a href='itemsell.php?ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Sell</a>]"; if ($i['effect1_on'] == 'true' || $i['effect2_on'] == 'true' || $i['effect3_on'] == 'true') { echo " [<a href='itemuse.php?item={$i['inv_id']}'>Use</a>]"; } if ($i['weapon'] > 0) { echo " [<a href='equip.php?slot=weapon&ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Equip Weapon</a>]"; } if ($i['armor'] > 0) { echo " [<a href='equip.php?slot=armor&ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Equip armor</a>]"; } if ($i['pet'] > 0) { echo " [<a href='equip.php?slot=pet&ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Equip pet</a>]"; } if ($i['head'] > 0) { echo " [<a href='equip.php?slot=head&ID={$i['inv_id']}'>Equip head</a>]"; } echo "</td> </tr>"; } echo "</table>"; $db->free_result($inv); $h->endpage();
  17. That’s a lot of hellos! Hello back to you 🙂
  18. You’ll need to pass these from your controller into your view. This’ll be when you call the render function in the inc.php file, the {var} are actually just variables as part of the template system. Im on a plane so can’t be more helpful but I’ll post some code when I can. So you’re basically wanting to pass your data to the template in these types of calls: $this->html .= $this->page->buildElement('theftHolder', array( "theft" => $theftArray ));
  19. I see, building the element appears to be the part I was missing. I will look into that a little further. 😊
  20. What does your method look like? Preferably where you are “building” your element to the page
  21. I've started building my own mod for GL2, it's a basic dice game. The game works and shows the dice totals in the error / success message. And I'm storing the results of each dice in session variables, which I also see is working. array(2) { ["userID"]=> string(1) "1" ["DICE_GAME"]=> array(2) { ["diceone"]=> int(2) ["dicetwo"]=> int(4) } } I'm looking at the BlackJack game MOD code as an example and I see they are reading session variables in the TPL file like this {card} {suite} etc. I tried this same method using {diceone} and {dicetwo} in my TPL file but it's not showing my result. Is there any documentation on the templating or does someone know what I'm missing here? <div class="dice">dice one: {diceone} dice two: {dicetwo}</div>
  22. Welcome to MWG. Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer around here! 🙂
  23. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I've been plugging away at this project since I found it. 😁
  24. Can you share what you've done so far? We can help you resolve the errors.
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