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  2. MNG

    Offshore Hosing

    I remember when someone could send a DMCA to your host and that provider would suspend the site for 24hrs then when they found out it was legit they'll unsuspend it. I think this was a problem back in the day. I'm not proud of it but I was taught by a vet on here and took down many of my competition that way. I think that's why I always chose offshore servers over US servers.
  3. I am the Owner of Wise Crime and a graphic designer, I was inspired by Peter and have been designing since 2013 still not on his level though. Services - XHTML/CSS ($20-$50 per PSD) -XHTML/CSS Responisive ($50 -$100 per PSD) -Layout PSD($40-$100 per PSD) -Banners ($35-$70) Prices vary depending on how complicated the design is. Terms Of Service - I can deny any request - Refunds will be only refunded upon MY discretion - All buyers will be able to verify work before files are sent over - Buyers will pay upfront or 50% depending on the work load. - I do not offer installation due to my limited knowledge on game engines Here is some of my work.
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  5. Dave

    Offshore Hosing

    The only reason you'd need an offshore host is if you weren't doing something legal with your application. If so there's a lot more other concerns you should be worried about then the location of the servers.
  6. The servers I manage are dotted around the planet. Only 2 of them are local (to the UK). That being said, I'm not paying specifically for servers to be located elsewhere, it just so happens that they're not in the UK. It can be used for providing a closer-to-home mirror of a site to doing things otherwise illegal on home soil - not that I would know, of course. Personally, I have no issue with offshore hosting, nor do I have much of an opinion on using them specifically because they're not homegrown. If you require an offshore host, you do you. In most cases you're likely to find here, (almost) any webserver will suffice
  7. He’s probably enjoying some cold-ones on you right now. Lol
  8. MNG

    Offshore Hosing

    Just wanted to know everyone thoughts on offshore hosts. I use them but somewhat expensive. Also feel free to post any offshore hosts that you recommend.
  9. It's like you read my mind, I was working on the UI to install multiple modules at once. You would provide a zip file with two folders themes and modules. In each could be multiple zipfilea and it would install one at a time πŸ™‚
  10. I've pinged @ColdBlooded again, hopefully he'll send a response here.
  11. This sounds great, it'd enable you to create bundles of different modules for different genres. So all existing modules would be part of the mafia package and then in time you could release other bundles for other genres.
  12. i like the idea of striping the modules, you will be able to use what you actualy need this will make the engine fast AF, at the same time you will be able to use it as a CMS jsut like u saif if u need to make a private forums then thats just as easy as install it.
  13. With Gangster Legends its very hard to make a different genre of game with it. Im wondering if it would be easier to develop, maintain and expand if i stripped 90% of the modules out of the game and released them free of charge. What would be left is a very basic framework that you could use for a Mafia Game, Si-Fi Game or even nothing to do with gaming. You could for example install nothing but the forum mod and have a private forum. The core would have: A basic bootstrap template User management The admin panel The module manager The Theme manager An improved module manager where you can add module repository's and install modules directly from the ACP (no need to install GIT or upload zip files) Free Modules: Every module currently in GL v2 The current GL v2 Theme What do people think of this idea?
  14. ok thanks I'll look over my view user also i shouldve said i had to turn off debugging from true to false or the other way i around i don't remember That's because before all I got was gamename critical error - query failed nope I deffo ran the installer, but i just put gamename in my last post to tell you error I got initally. my actual game name I havent yet decided.
  15. .. you didn't run the installer, did you? The `settings` table in your site's database is missing a few rows - including game_name
  16. ok thanks I'll look over my view user also i shouldve said i had to turn off debugging from true to false or the other way i around i don't remember That's because before all I got was gamename critical error - query failed
  17. Why not run it on the command line? Everyone has their preferred method of administration πŸ˜‰
  18. Assuming you followed the instructions, you'd be correct - it's in viewuser.php
  19. should I be looking at the sql or view user.php? sorry I'm still learning
  20. This is exactly why i wont allow 3rd party's to put things on my market place. Too much involved
  21. Unfortunately going through the same thing. I've made my mods overpriced so no one would buy them. If I could get my mods removed too that would be great. Don't think we will be seeing any money from it.
  22. Your comments.php doesn't SELECT a COUNT() at any given point - you're looking in the wrong file
  23. Still no communication from @ColdBlooded
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