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  3. ill take a look at it, i copied over the module code alot for the themes i may have not updated a link somewhere. I also need to add a theme preview option.
  4. AlizHarb


    Version 1.0.0

    Hello , are you waiting for something interesting? here its!!! 😍 Now you can make it more fun between your gangster, how?ðŸĪ” let's make them explode each other properties!😁 now they can train to gain power which they can use them to explode a property!!ðŸĪĐ to install the module in your game you have only to go to your admin panel , upload it from the module management 😉 Make it more fun for your gangsters!!😋
  5. cobraz

    EU Mafia

    Hi, Im so happy to share with you the brand new design for EUMAFIA + Some of the game features. Thanks to @BeNiiiBoiii for coding the design and helping me with some of the code! You guys can register and check out the live code at www.eumafia.com My templates: Login: https://www.deviantart.com/dopedeviant/art/Mafia-Game-Template-Login-892547336 Logged in: https://www.deviantart.com/dopedeviant/art/Mafia-Game-Template-2021-892547509 Screenshots: Mobile: Login Page: Logged in: The game is still under development and working on some new features and upgrades in the future! - Hope you like
  6. when you install a new theme from the theme manager once installed and you try View the theme you get an error message also the theme doesnt actually show when installed php lower and higher have same issue
  7. What were the bugs? im working on v2.5.0 at the moment so i could fix the issues for the next version 🙂 I'm glad you both like it, its been a long time in development and I'm so glad people are using it.
  8. I'd love to help you with that one but I haven't set it up for sometime fresh. The good thing is once you get through those initial hiccups of getting it going, its a very good engine.
  9. the 2.4.1 has an issue when installing a new theme and trying to view it you seem to get the old nbbc errors
  10. Its a very robust engine and can't say it enough great for people like me starting out to see how things work and trying to make them work also lol with development like this.
  11. Last week
  12. Ive been messing with this engine for a few weeks now still getting used to the hooks and how things work. But I have to admit It has great potential Fixed a few bugs I found on the free version and added to other scripts which didnt take too long.. Well done Dayo
  13. I tried the debugger from https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.debug-backtrace.php but this hasn't given me any clues so I'm none the wiser. Its just annoying I have this issue but would really like to know what happened/what it is that's causing the 5 minute delay and 5 minute reduction on each click while ID 1 is in jail. Its got me good as I am starring at it for so long as its bugging me and its the only timer that its happening to. fixed it.... all I'm prepared to say lol
  14. AlizHarb

    Gang Radar

    Version 1.0.0

    Hello, lets start with a new module! what about gang's radar? i think its a good idea to make the gang members get ready for the war! to install this module , delete old gangs and detectives modules and upload the new! Enjoy it! ðŸĪŠ
  15. I made a fix for php 5.4 and above that should cure this issue for the nbbc issue
  16. AlizHarb


    Version 1.0.0

    Hello , what about a new crime? 😍 Now you can make it more fun between your gangster, how?ðŸĪ” let's make them steal from each other by using the police men to help them!😁 now they can use the police men to steal from another player or even send them to jail for some money! the player can also earn some EXP!ðŸĪĐ to install the module in your game you have only to go to your admin panel , upload it from the module management 😉 Make it more fun for your gangsters!!😋
  17. I have an amazing issue I can't believe it myself that's how amazing it is - its hard to believe. So, I have my Jail timer where ID 1 is on click given 5 minute reductions on each click. The only thing I can relate this to (I haven't changed any code in Jail for months for example) I created a Jail reduction item that reduces Jail time by 5 minutes. I used it a couple of times when in jail as an item to verify it works which it does. So, when i get ID 1 to go to jail now its on click its reducing time by 5 minutes. Is that a coincidence? I have tried to reset timer when in jail and this makes no difference and created another item to do that and no difference. How do I stop the 5 minute reduction per click jail bug for ID 1? I can't replicate yet for any other player and I have cleared cache, cookies etc To give this some visual context. In my image below I clicked when I had under 5 minutes left and clicked again for the screenshot and the timer on the left updated to 0 minutes left! Further testing and I believe the timers are both out. Another example below. I've done the reset timer thing and its making no difference. What else can I do? Delete the jail timer from userTimers table? The time is out like its reading two different times and reducing as a result of the click or something like it: deleting from userTimers didn't work still not in sync. its bugging me as its only ID 1. Below is my other player to test with and timer is in sync:
  18. Our Spooktacular Halloween Event is now live! Come to https://prisonstruggle.com/ and get trick or treating:
  19. Hey everyone, I am giving away these domains to MWG users for free. Most will expire by March, so if you want them transferred to you. Just send a PM with your email address and I can get the transfer started. If not, they will all just expire as I won't be renewing them. They are on sale on namecheap, however, I can easily take it off and send it to you for free. Hope someone else can make good use of these.
  20. nbbc7.phpnbbc8.php these files are nbbc7 from PHP versions 5.6 up to 7.2 nbbc8 from PHP versions 7.3 up to 8+ put both files in the class/ folder then open up class/pageElement.php change line 10 require("nbbc.php"); TO $ver = (float)phpversion(); if ($ver > 7.3) { require "nbbc8.php"; } else { require "nbbc7.php"; } You can now switch back and forth to any working PHP version from MultiPHP Manager
  21. Small update, we've temporarily opened registration to the game to allow some players in for testing before our official open beta October 30'th.
  22. yep tried it on 7.0 and had number of errors error: syntax error, unexpected '' (t_encapsed_and_whitespace), expecting identifier (t_string) or variable (t_variable) or number (t_num_string) line 801 is the culprit which is $urlParts['host'] = $part; ive done a { and } count and they are not equal on the updated nbbc.php version which works on php 7.3 - 8.0+ { = 216 } = 214 Not sure if its NOTEPAD++ but on line 28 which has a { there is no end also line 745 has a { and no end.. The <<<REGX line 747 doesnt seem to end
  23. There were numerous error reports when i used that version i need to set up a proper test environment with several PHP/MySQL versions and do a full compatibility check, for now i cant see me dropping support for php <7.4 as its still quite a large chunk of systems
  24. yes i am in there
  25. Earlier
  26. Dayo just replace the nbbc.php with the 4 month old version Ive tested the file on 7.4 and 8 and both work perfectly
  27. Ill have a look at this as the php file didn't work for php 7 and i want to avoid two files for the different versions tbh
  28. Thank you found it finally 🙂
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