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  2. Yeah the duplicate was already removed.
  3. The ID attribute needs to remain the same. The duplicate name attribute needs removing.
  4. Still no luck without changing id='editor1' back to id='comment' and losing the text editor
  5. peterisgb


    All suggestions sorted. Login/Registration cleaned up. Screenshots added to the home page. Many other updates done.
  6. Find if (!$_POST['msg'] || !$_POST['title']) { $title = null; $msg = null; if ($_POST['msg']) { $title = "<font color = 'red'><b>Title cannot be blank</b></font>"; } if ($_POST['title']) { $msg = "<font color = 'red'><b>You must enter a comment to post</b></font>"; } And replace with if (!$_POST['msg'] || !$_POST['title']) { $title = null; $msg = null; if (!$_POST['msg']) { $title = "<font color = 'red'><b>Title cannot be blank</b></font>"; } if (!$_POST['title']) { $msg = "<
  7. Thanks for the response, I tried both of these but still getting You must enter a comment to post
  8. Yesterday
  9. I have purchased a beautiful design from @ags_cs4!! Brilliant Work!
  10. A donator pack creation mod with a working IPN for mccodes is highly demanded, if you're looking for ideas
  11. Either change your textarea name to msg (and remove a name attribute) or change $_POST['msg'] to $_POST['comment'] towards the top (and remove a name attribute)
  12. You could probably use some command line tools like imagemigick. Just a quick search and I found something like this.
  13. Last week
  14. Welllll ... this is what I came up with after many hair pulling hours. Working in Paint, built in pic editor and Gimp. It started with finding the outer frame, the background texture and the sword. The frame wasn't what 100% what I wanted so I spliced the pic, saving the top half, then mirror imaged it. Yeah. One job done. Not. I had to use GIMP to cut out the inside of the frame to make it transparent. Then I pulled the background texture into GIMP, then pasted the frame onto the texture and cut out the external areas of the texture around the frame. Yay! Then I opened that in my b
  15. Just to lay the argument to rest, Hobo Battle is a clone of Thug Battle. This was announced and well known before I even opened the game. I even stated this frequently during the months leading up to opening Hobo Battle. I'm transparent with my players. I am however happy the post has been bumped up 🙂 No publicity is bad publicity, right ? 😄
  16. Not too mention the fact that a lot of game admin like to follow a similar pattern in their games so that players will recognize who owns/runs the game.
  17. it is different thought, and when hobobattle was released it was relatively different from thugbattle, thugbattle was just changed to look a bit similar as it looked better nothing wrong with that?
  18. Don't think it applies here as there is barely any change made to the original template used in thugbattle. This is low effort. He could've at the very least changed up the style of the page, made it look different while keeping all the options the same but nope. Its practically thugbattle's twin (almost).
  19. Looks pretty simple, photoshop layer with a filter and add the image ya want.
  20. there is no programe like that as far as i know but it can be made in photoshop or any image editing software be it free or paid as long as it have multi-layer feature
  21. omg I had a big list of what was coming and I clicked off page and lost my writing took a while to write it all out (Developers Worst Nightmare) Going to cut it into a smaller text with some information on what's away to change to the module over the next couple weeks (Sorry so long just busy with personal site code / store needing added plus multiple other pages needing coded. I did have a list of the new stuff coming but this is the second time i have lost it I am not writing it a 3rd time lol but i will say the "Game Owners" who purchase the module will have full control of
  22. Hey, all! I'm wondering if anyone knows of a program, preferably free, that will change images to game icons. Like the example above. Neither are my images, I searched an old game for an example and then searched google for the "live" pic to give you an idea of what I'd like to be able to do. I'm lousy at graphics. Basically anything I try to do in any type of graphics goes from sugar to shit very quickly. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!! 🙂
  23. Hi, Here is an update template, i've made some changes to the background and centered some element - this is the currently the final layout. Any feedback would be great. Thanks, Jamie.
  24. Why do you have name='comment' twice but you're not calling to $_POST['comment']?
  25. All I did was replace my gangs files with sniko mod , and removed all SQL tables , now I get this error .
  26. `gang` is a valid column name in the `users` table in default MCC v2. Either you're not using v2, or you've renamed the `gang` column
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