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  1. Andy

    Prison Reloaded

    did you check your junk email ? Try login now should work
  2. Andy

    Prison Reloaded

    You may have seen In the GRPG area about the game but just wanted to make this section as it’s the first iv seen of a mobile application version of a game. Only currently available on android as iOS have a few more hoops that need jumping through but slowly getting there. Feel free to download/play/rate/review πŸ€ͺ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.prisonreloadedpro
  3. also working on mobile app versions 🀩
  4. https://www.prisonreloaded.com as you might have guessed its a prison themed game. recently gone live. if you find any errors/suggestions then please fire away. Demo login user and pass = testbot
  5. Hi all, just posting this here as im struggling on where to start with advertising. i think were gone of the old days of submitting sites to 100's of top voting sites as they dont seem to as active as they used to be. with the modern age of advertising being towards social media sites or google ads etc im just wanting some clarification on any results people have had from it if any. or maybe if im getting this completly wrong and barking at the wrong tree altogether. any advice towards advertising your site is welcome. Thanks. Andy
  6. Proud to launch https://www.prisonreloaded.co.uk Running GRPGv2 Any issues or suggestions welcomed. Thanks
  7. I couldnt find a relevent section to post this so decided to post it in here but its just a heads up. There is a user going by the name of Power when registering on games. he slanders your game to try deminsh the name etc. Claims he can hack your game and its poorly made and then links them to his current (stolen) game https://mafia-paradise2.co.uk His ip on registration so you can keep an eye out for him was [redacted]
  8. Andy

    Game layout

    sorry for a late response. i havent ever had anything like this priced up before so wasnt fully aware of any price range they go for. as for the work requested it would be to create and code the new layout. i think im currently in good hands with somebody willing to help with it πŸ™‚ ill make sure to show you the final result πŸ™‚ thanks for your inputs
  9. Andy

    Game layout

    I am looking for a new layout to be made for grpg. Login and game I want to to be modern and responsive unlike the current layout on there. I have a budget idea of around $100 but this can be flexible depending on the work required. You can see the current game here www.prisonreloaded.co.uk if you think you can help then let me know. Much appreciated
  10. Messaged you regarding css and html work. Old thread I know but if your still looking for the work let me know. Thanks
  11. not sure why but i started with 50 mill ?
  12. logged in now πŸ™‚ looks nice
  13. im not sure thats the mod im looking for. i want everywhere thats referred to as crystals to be changed to points. not so much a mod but an edit.
  14. I'v been browsing through the mods and can't seem to find what I'm after that's still up for sale. The mods I'm after 5050money 5050points Grpg style search streets Russian roulette Hall of fame by country (lvl,total stats) Username upgrades to text image or colour changed ect. Crack the safe A few edits I want doing. Changing crystals to points Have explore changed to the users current city City image for current city Few extras I need doing I need some graphics designing (discussed over pm or Skype for full list) Voting for the game to be set up Donator packs changing A few small edits in game. Please either pm or Skype me at [email protected] and let me know what part if not all of the work u can do and how much. Thanks. Payment for mods will be upfront. For images and edits afterwards or part. And all through PayPal. Thanks.
  15. hi all. im looking at starting my own mmorpg. i have purchased v2. im looking at somebody to possibly design a new layout and secure the script and install some new mods. budget is limited as im recently out of employment but any help is greatful. thanks
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