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  1. this has been rectified. the upgrade in bootstrap from 3 to 4 changed them 🙂
  2. Thanks @Dave hard part is getting it out to the world and getting an active player base now. I have registered it on top voting sites and running an social media advertising campaign to try and gain some traction so we will have to see what comes of it 🙂
  3. try login now. your previous pending varifications were using the same username so cancelling each other out
  4. when you clicked the verification link did you get the message "your account has been validated successfully!"?
  5. it appears yahoo are blocking our verification emails. if you have another email to use for now whilst we investigate @MNG this better ?
  6. iv just tested and it came into my inbox. make sure your email was typed correctly.
  7. Check your spam/junk folder. Had an issue with them yesterday but @AdamHull rectified. Taken on board. Thanks for your input. I’ll look into it :) I did post a couple month ago asking on here but had no response so had to outsource
  8. thanks for the feedback. i would be happy to see any concept ideas you may have, finding somebody to do the design seemed dificult as many havent used grpg before or havent the time. thank you 🙂 hope you enjoy it
  9. The day has come to open up for a public Beta. 😁 https://elite-forces.com Running GRPGv2 but with modifications added and code updates. Complete new layout added (ingame background differs ingame than screencapture) for some reason screencapture cut the background image off. Responsive for mobile We are now open for registration for anybody who is seeking a new game to play to pass some time through lockdown etc. For anybody just wanting a nosy i have created a demo login for you to use User- testbot Pass- testbot New features include Updated Stock market Points lottery added Daily Login Rewards (coming soon) User profile signitures (with bbcode) Gym training tracking bbcode to gang profiles created gang private profiles for gang members only reponsive to mobile devices new layout (ingame and login/register) 5050 points game announcements username upgrades (Store option. coming soon) updated Search the streets More mods are currently in production and will be added in good time 🙂 still a long way to go until this game will be complete with the additional modifications already in production but it is currently playable and i am looking to build up the playerbase now. Credits go to @AdamHull and @Magictallguy in the creation of modifications and bug fixes. these two are awsome and have done fantastic work so far. any reviews/comments/suggestions are welcomed.
  10. Andy

    Paying for content?

    i think it would vary with the complexity of the content your asking for and also if its a custom and languages etc
  11. thats very kind of you. what mods do you have out of interest.
  12. Looking for a custom grpgv2 layout to be created. Login/register Ingame layout it will be a complete overhaul. if this sounds like something for you please message me with any previous work and also your rate. i dont want to publish any details on the concept here yet so all will be discussed externally. (Hope this is allowed @Dave) if not via Private Message. thanks
  13. Andy

    COD MW

    Anybody playing this ? What’s your thoughts ? Still think as it’s fairly new it’s still rather campy but enjoying the gameplay and the graphics are great on the PS4 pro. campaign was too short as I completed it in around 6 hours.
  14. Andy

    Offshore Hosing

    Just don’t get them in Italy for peace of mind ? https://dimitrology.com/xtream-codes-iptv-takedown-what-happened-meaning/
  15. Andy

    Prison Reloaded

    did you check your junk email ? Try login now should work
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