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  1. still looking ­čÖé
  2. Looking for a PHP developer, to work on my game (elite-forces) pay is negotiable. With lots of work to come. DM me for more information
  3. Andy


    yes his work is unquestionable. 100% best in the business in my opinion. he has a new site up for his avatars https://www.avatar4devs.com/ but also still does game designs ­čÖé https://www.sosfactory.com/how-to-design-pbbg-game-layout/
  4. Andy


    we had a issue with hotmail blocking emails. this should now be resolved ­čÖé
  5. Andy


    yes, and thank you ­čÖé
  6. Andy


    Elite Forces is a captivating, military-themed, free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG. Enter into a world of tactics and operations. Choose to either join a regiment or create your own. Complete missions in order to move up in the ranks and earn experience and money! Be the mastermind behind successful operations or get ready to defeat your foes and train your stats in the gym. Choose your allegiances wisely! Before your friend becomes your enemy. http://elite-forces.com/ In open BETA now We have done a full scale reboot form our previous release and now welcoming back members to join our growing community.
  7. Andy

    PSD conversion

    thanks for all the replies. i am sorted now ­čÖé
  8. Andy

    PSD conversion

    i am looking for somebody to convert psd to HTML+CSS i have the psd's for login and inner page.
  9. this has been rectified. the upgrade in bootstrap from 3 to 4 changed them ­čÖé
  10. Thanks @Dave hard part is getting it out to the world and getting an active player base now. I have registered it on top voting sites and running an social media advertising campaign to try and gain some traction so we will have to see what comes of it ­čÖé
  11. try login now. your previous pending varifications were using the same username so cancelling each other out
  12. when you clicked the verification link did you get the message "your account has been validated successfully!"?
  13. it appears yahoo are blocking our verification emails. if you have another email to use for now whilst we investigate @MNG this better ?
  14. iv just tested and it came into my inbox. make sure your email was typed correctly.
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