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  1. Hello MWG, Black Diamond Studios is looking to hire 1-2 PBBG developers who are familiar with the GLv2 Engine, Gitflow Workflow, Github, Git, PHP, AJAX, MySQL and other front end technologies. We are developing a next generation PBBG, and are looking to expand our team! For more information please send a message to me @here or Discord: Killmonger#6969 Thank you for your time! ~ Killmonger
  2. I have purchased a beautiful design from @ags_cs4!! Brilliant Work!
  3. That is very true!
  4. I have reached out. Much Appreciated! @Sim
  5. Hello all, hope your have a great day! Down to business, I am in search for a Web Designer to create a Fantastic Responsive UI Layout. I would need CSS/HTML/UI Layout I can provide some PSDs as well. My Current game is Thugwarfare.com, take a peak! My budget: 500$ I also have exact examples of what I would like created using Adobe XD. It's currently running on a LEMP stack php7.2 is the backend Budget includes Installation to game
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