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  1. Awesome job Kyle. It looks great
  2. The problem with it is that the $_POST data isn't carrying over. I'm assuming it's because of the ckeditor stuff but I actually don't know how to fix it myself. The title posts because it's not included under the ckeditor part.
  3. Why do you have name='comment' twice but you're not calling to $_POST['comment']?
  4. You need to create the NPC accounts for them to be added to the jail with that query.
  5. I fixed it for her. Issue is having a form without an action, so clicking it wasn't doing anything.
  6. That's in that cron file because that's base mccodes day cron. So it truncates votes daily.
  7. Sounds like there's an error in the cron for ending the class when the days reach 0
  8. That's not what I meant XD I meant general words of encouragement lmao
  9. Not even just a word of encouragement? 😮
  10. @snikowould be the person to ask, as they are his files in the first place.
  11. Veramys


    Is that sarcasm? I mean to me it's pretty obvious he meant hat
  12. If they have more than one quantity of an item and list in multiple places at once that's fine. But an (item x quantity) should be removed from the inventory as soon as it is listed and stored in whichever database for whichever market using the userid of the lister. It should not remain in the inventory, that's just too much trouble.
  13. Still telling me I haven't validated my email
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