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  1. I haven't tested this or anything, but I think the below will work: window.onerror = function(msg, url, linenumber) { alert('Error message: '+msg+'\nURL: '+url+'\nLine Number: '+linenumber); return true; }
  2. gamble

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    My mistake for misinterpreting the message. I didn't interpret it as a joke, so my bad. On a positive note, I am glad you got your issue all figured out! Have a great day!
  3. gamble

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    Yeah...I don't think you read that definition that you presented. Scavage has nothing to do with searching, which this mod is clearly aimed towards: "You have to search the streets at least one times!" Scavenge means to search for discarded items.
  4. gamble

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    Just a quick note: the word is "scavenge" not "scavage" Sorry, but it was bothering the hell out of me.
  5. Assuming the previous post is your exact code, you are missing the parenthesis after preventDefault.
  6. gamble

    Time "wasters"

    I'm not quite sure this is the most appropriate place for this, but it seems to be correct. Apologies in advance if it is not. Anyways, to my question: what are the best ways to keep a user interested during cooldowns? Do you have any modules that you've implemented to keep a user playing for longer durations of time? My thoughts for good time "wasters": -Casino games -Chat Rooms Those are really the only few I can think of right at the moment, but I'm curious to hear others' thoughts. Thanks!
  7. gamble

    Item System

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but by making 2 separate leaderboards as you suggested you pretty much admit it's pay to win - if you purchase items you're a higher tier player, therefore you're not worthy to be compared to them if you haven't made purchases. Just my thoughts
  8. gamble

    MWG is back?!

    @Simits been a hot minute since I've seen you and worked with you. Last time we worked together Skype was still a thing lol. Glad to see you're still part of the community
  9. Hey...don't know if anyone will remember me, but I'm back! Currently have no live games, but am working on one in GoLang. See you guys around!
  10. Mmmmmk bud. Keep talking.
  11. I think you should look up the MVC architecture, and the way CI works. As for the hard coded links: at most they were in 1 file, and that file was the css file.
  12. Oh, and you had to change the htaccess file. Other than that yes, it really was. No extra software or anything. Just upload, change the htaccess file, and of course update the db information.
  13. The original coding has nothing to do with the ease of set up...it was literally just upload and go.
  14. This christmas marks my PSN accounts 10th year! Thats crazy!
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