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  1. don't get me rong im not complaining about the price i dont mind to pay for modules i was just saying that to seker
  2. tested the module and disabled it again why ? 1 i can play it even with 0 currency 2 the txt is not worked out good says 1-100 and says However if you lose, you lose double the amount i guessed! needs to be you guessed 3 when i win or lose it says you won !currency or you lost !currency numbers 2 and 3 are not that bad next time please work it out better
  3. any updates on these modules ?
  4. found another thing in the friendlist i have added some friends and its says user x is online but they are offline
  5. ok i can tink of some modules (modules i would buy ) * User online list * Newspaper * Mariage players can marry each other * House updates * Education System * User shops * User item display * Profile update the current one is basic * More Gamble stuff Casinos * other templates
  6. loaded all the clan modules again and its working now
  7. players need to know if they are attacked so i need that i only use the combat for player to player combats not npc combats
  8. I tested the ban user today it works good but banned players are still able to post on chat (bad for spammers ) is there a way to force a logout on them ? aslo dont think the outo log out works
  9. Hello im looking for someone to change somthing in the combat module   when players atack each other the target needs to get a message about it   i can pay a litle amount for this work with paypal .
  10. ok thx it worked on the voting module still got the error on clan events found out if i request without an amount it says Please enter an amount so i only get the error if i put in an amount
  11. cant find anything and i think its installed the good way like the clan events is working when i donate money but not when i request money
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