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  1. CrazyElk

    Slot Machine

    Love it ... thanks @Dayo.
  2. Just purchased this nice little mod ... thanks @Dayo. 🙂
  3. Weekend has come and gone @Sim and I'm NOT seeing any games? 😎
  4. Looks like a nice mod @BeNiiiBoiii ... keep up the great work. In terms of the version number, thats a bit like saying it will be 1999 again next year because its new, I'm thinking you should have numbered it V2.0 ! 🙂
  5. What a lovely gesture, happy Easter to you also @athena26. 🙂
  6. @Sim ... I would buy blackjack, blocks, tic tic and chess if you created them, others as well ... cheers.
  7. @Dayo ... those two lines are identical, typo?? Ok, all good ... your suggesting that line be uncommented, cheers. 🙂
  8. CrazyElk


    Did you get this sorted?
  9. And what a spirited reply, its kind of you to say. 🙂
  10. Well there ya go, good job ... I would have suggested that but it didn't ummm, seem logical at the time. 😂 Seems odd that it was working and then without reason it stopped working and then required some additional logic, hmmm. Nothing like a good mystery I always say.
  11. That suggests is not so much a coding error but something else. Have you changed the php version recently or if you using your hosts default version, have they changed it?
  12. No problemo @Sim and your welcome. 🙂 I understand the issue may have been resolved privately but if someone posts rubbish like that in the public domain its going to attract a response, certainly from me anyway. Truth of the mater is it should have been handled privately from the get go.
  13. Have to agree with @big_mike here, its not a perfect world and it will be fixed at the end of the day ... relax @Karma 🙂 "before going to bed make damn sure everything is working including the administration area" ... if someone suggested that to me, I'd be coming down the wires seeking them out, not to mention demanding someone install a particular message service because it suits THEM or demanding respect... now thats just plain cheeky. 😂 Keep up the great work Sim.
  14. Looking good, keep up the great work. 🙂 There are some typos on the front page that need addressing and there is quite a bit ccs wise that could be done to make the theme a little less bland but I understand its a work in progress ... so have at it and the best of luck going forward.
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