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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I had the idea of an app run through my mind for a moment but was not sure why I needed to go that way given these are predominantly browser based games.
  2. I'm curious @jamiee as to what benefits you believe an app might offer over well optimised for mobile, browser play?
  3. Hello @rockwood, Its kind of you to say, thank you. I'm confident the activation emails are being sent, please check your spam folder and whitelist if thats where you find it. Regards.
  4. I did qualify my post with an 'if statement' gentleman which precludes it from geometric planes or planes of existence ... read up, I enquired about "vast expanses of land", ergo a 'plain' thereby making anything else moot. 😉
  5. When you refer to "planes" do you mean vast expanses of land? If thats what you mean then you should correct the typo given the correct spelling is "plains". Keep up the good work. 🙂
    Good job @Dayo, thank you.
    Great feature for any game, thanks @URBANZ.
  6. Send @Sim a PM with your requirements, he has developed many mods and is currently seeking some coding work and he is a trusted coder on MWG.
  7. Howdy, There are a number of different metrics available to determine a sites authority or strength but in this instance we are referring to Ahrefs Domain Rating or DR. Presently I am in a position to offer some highly effective link building that will see your sites DR increase to a minimum of 30 with a money back guarantee if this does not occur in a 30 day period. As well as a DR30 rating its also very likely that certain keywords (taken from your site) will rise dramatically in the SERP's, citing a personal example where after employing this strategy for my own game at https://crimecity.cc its score went from DR0.07 at the beginning to currently DR39 and for the keyword CrimeCity, it went from page 8 in the Google SERP's to currently being on PAGE 1, ultimately meaning more traffic to your game/site. The links are permanent and Google safe including Adsense, I use Adsense at CrimeCity and it does quite nicely. The cost is $35 with keywords being taken from your website and if you'd like to explore this offer further, feel free to send me a PM. Regards ... CrazyElk.
  8. CrazyElk


    I am interested in this mod but feel that if I had 30/40/50 child topics, then that is going to be one long stream of information coming at you down the page. Have you considered just the headings for the child topics being opened when the parent is clicked and from there you could open individual child topics based on what you seek?
  9. CrazyElk


    Nice mod, when you click on a topic, 'General' for example as per above, does the mod open all the contents of the sub topics as well?
  10. CrazyElk

    Facebook Login

    Just added this to CrimeCity, works a treat ... thanks @Dayo
    Easy to install, love it ... thank you.
  11. CrazyElk


    Thanks @Dayo ... just what I need, another marriage. 😂
  12. CrazyElk


    Great job @BeNiiiBoiii, now I have somewhere comfy to lay my head ... thank you. 🙂
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