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    I downloaded and installed a copy just after it went live, good job and thanks Dayo.
    Just included this great mod to my game, easy to install and customise ... thank you Eurogangster.
  1. CrazyElk

    Change Username

    Another great mod from Sim, thank you.
  2. Thank you for the heads up @Dave ... I have engaged the services of someone I believe the community holds in high regard ... cheers.
    Thank you Dave, what an awesome mod and which works straight out of the box if you leave things alone, to say I'm happy with it is an understatement. 🙂
  3. @sniko... thanks for this very sound advice, I have had numerous replies to date and am presently conducting due diligence with respect to those applicants.
  4. Howdy, I am seeking the services of a reliable and competent developer having experience with GL V2. The work will entail debugging some existing issues, as well as adding a few things to my game. Anyone interested should PM me for further details. Thanks for reading. NB - After receiving numerous approaches to my post, please be advised that I am not accepting further applications and will vet those who have applied to date. NBB - Thank you for reading and thank you to those who PM'ed me about this, I will be in touch.
  5. Essential in todays online world and every site should have this, anyone up for it?
  6. Howdy, Can anyone provide some advice as to where the Google Analytics script should go in GL please? I have tried putting it in the HEAD and BODY on the login/logged in pages (of the current theme) only to see the GL script crash every time. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers. NB - Ok, worked it out ... I added a <HEAD> section to the index.php file found in the root directory and everything is now all good.
  7. Howdy, any plans on porting this to the GL engine, a mod like this would be very welcome, paid or otherwise ... cheers.
  8. @Magictallguy ... I knew there would be a logical explanation, I just didn't know it would be offered by you. 😂
  9. Forgive my straying from the topic but why is everything about anything in the world today got to do with the root of all evil, money? 😟
  10. CrazyElk

    Schooling Mod

    I just installed this and while its not a quickie job and there are several steps to undertake its very simple to install and works a treat ... thanks for another great mod Sim. 😎
    Very happy with the new mod, which worked extremely well straight out of the box, thanks Sim. 😉
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