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Found 16 results

  1. I present to you: manageable permission-based staff ranks In the old system, they're hard-coded in. Any time you want to give a player/staff member access to something new, you must edit the code. In my new system, you simply edit their Staff Rank in the staff panel and access is granted/denied based on exactly what you want. Screenshots of how this works are available further down in another post (due to original site death). All it uses is 1 SQL table, an addition to the (grpg)users table, and a self-caching function to check staff permissions. I'm open to offers and comes with full installation, custom to your design
  2. Version 1.0.0

    Player Referrals Grow your game by allowing players to refer other players to your game while also giving them an incentive to do so. Disclaimer: This only works on GLv2.4 since it uses the Handlebars library. What can this do? When a player refers another player to the game and that player plays the game, the referring player will receive a reward each time the referred player ranks up. The rewards are determined by the game owner. The same rank can have multiple rewards or a single reward, it's all up to you. When the player ranks up, a notification is sent to the referring player stating they received rewards for they player they referred ranking up. Players can see who they referred, what rewards they will receive, who referred who (on the player profile), and how many referrals they have in total. Other module creators can create new rewards if they happen to create a user stat in their module. The user stat has to exist. In order to add a stat to be available as a reward, you just have to run the hook "addPerkToList": new hook("addPerkToList", function() { return [ "name" => "US_someStat", // must exist in userStats table "value" => "Some Stat" ]; }); The "name" value must exist in the user stat table and the "value" value can be whatever you wish since this will show in the dropdown menu and in the reward list for players to see. I am only including this so that module creators can add this hook in their module if they have created a stat in the game.
  3. Hello all, hope your have a great day! Down to business, I am in search for a Web Designer to create a Fantastic Responsive UI Layout. I would need CSS/HTML/UI Layout I can provide some PSDs as well. My Current game is Thugwarfare.com, take a peak! My budget: 500$ I also have exact examples of what I would like created using Adobe XD. It's currently running on a LEMP stack php7.2 is the backend Budget includes Installation to game
  4. Version 1


    this back ground i made last year for a game with a bunch of stuff, but thay never paid for my work so here its Need Help?: contact me here or in discord (PHPkiller#5602). Donations?: BTC: 1BxYTrbnunSBG5AmBMyobPkCByWLhAPck4 ETH: 0xD26EE454C3068132dB5ef2E27b86d0C6c138cEc9 DASH: XvUa3A52DywoLgYnTXHTw1goRWyw5T6sRn
  5. I am on the look out for a partner a co-owner to basically help me run everything, set up everything, go 50/50 on all costs, and to take our browser game to the next le I am currently planning how the game should run. I’m thinking something Fantasy toon crime based but any suggestions I’m grateful. My skills are SEO targeting marketing on Keywords narrowing down the best resulting keywords per clicK for the best percentage in views. I currently don’t have a pc so everything done by phone but will get one soon. Which means everything should be done by the partner until I’m ready to get a pc. (Give me a week). I really want to make something happen from scratch anyone interested add me on discord browsergame#8305
  6. Version 1.0.0

    This modification will allow you to add activity points to your game, it features a users shop and an Admin section to add and delete packages with ease! A few simple edits and 1 php file is all that is needed. Has complete step by step instructions. Before purchasing this modification please read and decide if you will agree to these terms; * No reselling whatsoever of any contained code. * No posting of the source code or files/snippets, for others to see/use. * You are allowed to modify the script, but this will make the warranty void/non-existent. * If you edit the source I am not responsible for any erorrs. * Refunds are not permitted, as you may have made a copy of the script and there is no way to verify deletion. ~ Support Mad Caper#0001 (Discord) live:cjkc902 (Skype) ~ Warranty You have a free warranty included with purchase of all Mad Caper Mods which lasts the lifetime of the modification. Included in this warranty is; Bug fixes for the lifetime of the modification Installation ~Services I offer any custom work to this modification for fair prices just contact me I also do custom modification and game development for gRPG V2 and MCCodes V2 ~ Thank You! - Mad Caper / MC
  7. I have converted my heists module that i had from mccodes + made some changes and bug fixes i found along the way. I have fully tested this module and as far as i can see there is no issues at all. >> Set Up << Upload the zip to your public html directory where your game files are. unzip it then when your logged into your game run your websitename.ext/install.php and this will install the database side of things for you. (follow instructions it will delete the installer file and also delete the db file off your server so no need for removing that. Currently there is no staff file yet but you create heists in the "Heists" table. Each user will contribute power to the heist based on there stats if your power is 0 or lower it gives you a power of 1. You can set maximum amount of members a heist needs and min and max payout also how much power is needed for each heist. There is no limit in how many players can be in one persons heist at a time (if you heist requires 3 players and you have 4 or more players in your heist your money is cut) If 1 player in the heist has enough power to be able to pass the heist then the other players will be paid a random amount between the min and max then less if more than required players. Heist owner side. Can invite others to heist using drop down option or a input id option box. Can access the shout box + clear the chat (can also filter bad words via the db) Can disband the heist (delete it). Can complete the heist if there members are enough or over the required amount set in the database. Player Side: Leave heist at any time they choose (there power is deducted from the heists table) Access the shout box to speak to other members while they wait for the heist to fill up. That's pretty much it hope you enjoy if you purchase i have it installed on my grpg v2 game and will be using it myself accept i have some ideas in mind for changes. (From 21/04/2020 to 21/05/2020 if you buy one module you can get one free must come to same price as you buy) Heists v1.0.5
  8. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1343[/ATTACH]   It's free so no complaining :)    
  9. Version 1.0


    this set of cards for use either blackjack or high/low ... the set contain 3 PSD (front, back, icons type), the set of cards, the fonts used ps: you can add a logo to all cards just scroll down inside the front_card.psd file and make the 2 text layers visible and edit them to your game name abrv (2 letters max), do the same in the back_card.psd file + you can add a sub text for black jack or high/low ... Need Help?: contact me here or in discord (PHPkiller#5602). Donations?: BTC: 1BxYTrbnunSBG5AmBMyobPkCByWLhAPck4 ETH: 0xD26EE454C3068132dB5ef2E27b86d0C6c138cEc9 DASH: XvUa3A52DywoLgYnTXHTw1goRWyw5T6sRn
  10. Version 1.0.5

    This is the heists module that someone requested i convert over from my mccodes to grpg v2 well glad to announce it is finally completed and as far as i can tell bug free. >> What is this heists module? << Heist module allows you to create heists in which other members can help contribute power to the heist to earn money. Each member contributes power based on there stats. There is a little shout box been included for speaking to other heist members while waiting on leader doing the heist. Players can accept / decline there choices (once someone invites them they get notified in the header.php file) and they can choose one from the list. Players can leave the heist if its taking to long. Owner can invite either by ( drop down option or entering there player id ) Owner can disband the heist if they wish to. Owner can complete heist only.
  11. Dear members, I would like to make a pretty nice login page. If anyone can do that please reply here or in message with his offer and 1-2 already created themes
  12. https://prisontime.net Some things i have coded for the game thus far. Failmugging -- with early payout, time limits etc. Church -- with various outcomes and hidden things i cant mention. Clean cell -- Which like the church has hidden benefits. Cell Upgrades -- Boosting awake. Gang Wars -- Full gang war system that is growing daily as i add more and more. Gang Crimes -- Every gang needs crimes. New Player Tutorial -- Gives new inmates a few things and a brief rundown on the game. Crimes -- Redone completely with various outcomes, both good and bad. Gym -- New Gym with up-gradable options for easier gym. Visitor Center -- If visited daily the rewards grow. Ratings -- Simple rating system. Friends/enemy -- Simple lists. Profile Comments -- Because everyone likes to annoy one another. FREEZES -- Many ways to get your account frozen automatically for 23 hrs. Plus a manual option for staff if needed. Reports -- Simple system for reporting ads and pms etc. Plus others and more coming. Test account if interested. User = test Pass = makewebgames (please dont change the password) Just another prison based game really. I tried to keep it as real as possible i guess. Im not sure i can say anything special about it except to say its taken me a long time. A few things coded completely by me and many others modified. Likely still some errors floating about i have yet to find but i have been actively trying to iron out any issues. Many things in progress (unavailable within game) and many more planned. I would like some feedback though thus this post.
  13. Hi i have been working on a username mod recently and would like to release it for free for the grpg v2 engine! Only reason for free as im hoping you guys can progress with it and alter it to suit your needs, any ideas on how to make it better would also help! Thanks guus and please be nice its my first grpg v2 mod... NOTE: make sure to chmod the folders to 0755 replace the code in your header.php where the username usually is and replace it with this <?= ($user_class->rmdays >0) ? ' <img src="images/username/'.$user_class->id.'.png" style="height:15px" style="width:15px">' : '<a href="profiles.php?id="'. $_SESSION['id'] ."'>". $user_class->formattedname ."</a><br/>" ?> then create a folder called /images/username/ and always rename the image username after the users ID that you want to display the username so ID1 userimage will be called 1.png and so on Then save this file as staff_username_upload.php <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Username Image Upload</title> </head> <body> <form action="fileUploadScript.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> Upload a File: <input type="file" name="the_file" id="fileToUpload"> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Start Upload"> </form> </body> </html> Then finally save this code as fileUploadScript.php <?php $currentDirectory = getcwd(); $uploadDirectory = '/images/username'; $errors = []; // Store errors here $fileExtensionsAllowed = ['png']; // These will be the only file extensions allowed $fileName = $_FILES['the_file']['name']; $fileSize = $_FILES['the_file']['size']; $fileTmpName = $_FILES['the_file']['tmp_name']; $fileType = $_FILES['the_file']['type']; $fileExtension = strtolower(end(explode('.', $fileName))); $uploadPath = $currentDirectory.$uploadDirectory.basename($fileName); if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { if (!in_array($fileExtension, $fileExtensionsAllowed)) { $errors[] = 'This file extension is not allowed. Please upload a PNG file'; } if ($fileSize > 4000000) { $errors[] = 'File exceeds maximum size (4MB)'; } if (empty($errors)) { $didUpload = move_uploaded_file($fileTmpName, $uploadPath); if ($didUpload) { echo 'The file '.basename($fileName).' has been uploaded'; } else { echo 'An error occurred. Please contact the administrator.'; } } else { foreach ($errors as $error) { echo $error.'These are the errors'."\n"; } } } Hope you guys like it, any feedback or ways to improve are more than welcome! UPDATE: if you want it to show on other pages use this code.. <?= ($user_class->rmdays > 0) ? ' <img src="images/username/'.$user_class->id.'.png" style="height:15px" style="width:15px">' : $user_class->formattedname.'</a><br/>'; ?>
  14. This isn't my mod just converted it over to GRPG, enjoy! Thanks @ags_cs4 Save this as gift.php and upload it <?php ########## ## Codded by ags_cs4 ########## ## Config ########## require_once __DIR__.'/inc/header.php'; $_GET['use'] = array_key_exists('use', $_GET) && in_array($_GET['use'], ['gift']) ? $_GET['use'] : 'none'; if($_GET['use'] == 'gift') { if (!$user_class->gift) { echo Message('You have already use your gift!', 'Error', true); } $money = 50000; $db->trans('start'); $db->query('UPDATE users SET money = money + ? WHERE id = ?'); $db->execute([$money, $user_class->id]); Send_Event($user_class->id, 'You have recieved $50,000', $user_class->id); $db->trans('end'); echo Message('Gift has been given '); } echo " <div class='card-header text-left' style='color:#fff;background: url(google.com) 0 0 repeat;'>Gift </th> </div> <td class='content'> <table width='100%' class='pure-table pure-table-horizontal'> <tr> <th width='12.5%'> <center> <br> <a href='gift.php?use=gift'>TAKE</a> , <a href='index.php'>NO</a></center>"; ?> Add this to your SQL in PHPADMIN ALTER TABLE users ADD gift INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1' AFTER speed; Add this to your header.php <?php if($user_class->gift > 0) { ?> <div class="w-100 d-flex flex-column my-1"> <div class="text-center"> <strong>You have a gift available</strong> </div> <div class="text-center"> <a href="gift.php">Free gift</a>
  15. a other free layout some idea for layout would be great can post more   http://www.crocko.com/D7FD215883F94011AF789AB67EB46F95/layout.psd screen shot http://prntscr.com/8vi9o
  16. not the best of layout but will start you off
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