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  1. Thank you for the feedback guys! @Sim i am using the GL engine 🙂 me & @BeNiiiBoiii will continue to post screenshots in time to come as we've made changes in mobile too!
  2. Hello everyone! So before i get on to talking about Criminal Empire, I would like to thank @BeNiiiBoiiii massively for the support, advice and mostly the MOTIVATION to keep on going! Without you this would never of happened, here's to many laughs & stressful times ahead thanks buddy! Shoutout to Dave too! I strongly recommend using his host, I've had no server issues everything's been really smooth. Bonus Points is that you have support from Dave 24/7 and he's been brilliant! Thanks @Dave And most of all a massive thank you to @Dayo for producing GL! So here is this project which is still on-going & currently live for other users too. Here is the login page which features an animation smoke screen & characters. You can register through Facebook & Email, we've yet to suss out Google Login... We've also have our Criminal Empire Discord server too! Main page of the game Remake of the Crimes Mod! Thanks to BeNiiiBoiii. Here you can Level up crimes once success bar is full, Once full you can level up to to upgrade crime level and earn bigger crime rewards & bigger XP payouts. User's Online with a hover displaying user's profile image, activity status, game ranks. Also the ability to message, attack or send the player money! Attacking system @BeNiiiBoiii created! Here you can chose to attack using melee weapons, using guns or if you change your mind on attacking leave back into the game. Attack system battle log when using fist or melee weapons attack system when using guns, once successful defeating the player as you can see here i got lucky ha ha! You are given the option to leave the player alone which gains you XP, Mug them for cash or deal damage to their health and hospitalise them for a period of time! Here i chose the hospitalise route sorry @BeNiiiBoiii !! Hospital page Garage page with Hover displaying vehicle stats! I will continue to post more screenshots of the game for you to follow. Criminal Empire is still in development but also seeking developers & content writers. Feel free to post or message me if you wish to get involved in the project. Thanks to the GL community for your hard work you've put in guys!
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