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  1. Add that echo line he posted in the file u want it displayed in
  2. Sim

    Gang raids ...

    Which engine?
  3. Try domain whois? Or contact @a_bertrand Who knows if he still lingers around. I would bet his personal site is still online, but i don't remember his URL.
  4. A little troubles coding JS on my phone. Not a way to display JS errors. Im getting close though. 🙂
  5. I highly recommend @ags_cs4 for web design.
  6. $100 to add data for GL
  7. You mentioned something about widgets?
  8. I didn't even notice that when i scimmed threw the files. @Dayo autoloader. I did notice all the included files from init.php was moved. Where are they now? Or what file loaded from? Edit: nvm. 1st line of init.php 😂
  9. $100 to add crimes n other stuff for gl.
  10. A universal moduleData hook? function($module, $data)?
  11. Change log displays 1.3 but 1.0.0 released fyi. Very nice ACP UI.
  12. They Dont need added. Just moved for the most part. The &$data will reference the data automatically. (Knowledge for others. Not directed to you @Dayo im 99.9% sure you know this).
  13. Instead of 5 secs. Just never remove them from jail? 5 secs is not much time anyway?
  14. I was thinking about tagging you @Magictallguy
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