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  1. Clicking any of the directories does not have any effect. Does not open up listted filled which I am assuming it should be doing next. @KyleMassacre can't find thread so started own.
  2. Sim

    Mobster Life

    This is definitely an opportunity I would love.
  3. McCode was finished before this announcement.
  4. Sim


    Where is the game?
  5. Messaged me. I'll do for $20 and have for you within a day. I thought someone else was already working on it so I did not reply
  6. Sim


    I tend to forget it's all about player base and money. Not better gameplay. 🙂 ThaThat is all @Canjucks
  7. Sim


    I am wondering y more games are not focused on not PvP gameplay. I myself, prefer to have stuff done against other players as well as receive notification that things have happened to me UNTIL I END UP ,1,000/notifications a day. Ex: crimes committed against other players , cars stolen from other players. BOTH OF THESE MODS ARE CREATED BY ME AND ON the marketplace. Mods is now owned by @KyleMassacre Then when played have businesses, version crimes, ECT are done to player,. Then again, other game owners are incapable of doing this. 🙂
  8. new Hook("moduleLoad", function ($moduleToLoad) { global $user; if($user) { if($user->info->US_activeHeros == 0) return "hero"; } return $moduleToLoad; }); So, I do not want a player to access any part of the game without having a hero first, so this is the start for anyone. I still must add the if statements to not redirect if on pages such as login, register. Almost the same concept as jailed player.
  9. Missing $actuon in action hook parameters in documentation
  10. Lol very funny. I give out freebies all the time. Just ask the old ladies
  11. Thanks all. Best community ever. Unless everyone expecting free code from me. 🙂
  12. Winter of there's way to take it from your MWG and transfer to mine. P
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