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  1. Retarded to add that in a minute cron. I would use a daily cron personally. No less then a hourly cron.
  2. ​Sex will always sell no matter how good or bad.
  3. Depends on your marketing ability realy.
  4. ​Thanks for stating the obvious. I still own the rights to it. So what does that have to do with anything? phpBB is open source. Wouldn't someone purchase that?
  5. I would be willing to sell http://www.oRPGCreator.com
  6. Sim

    page turn

    I would use jQuery for it. Unlimited =}
  7. I am looking for someone who is willing to part ways with a new/growing game or an older/dying game. ​I only have a few requirments. Game must have content. Game must have 10-100 daily users. Game must be a .COM or a .NET
  8. Sim

    Military Game For Sale

    Who owns this now? I want it.
  9. CodePad? I am talking about the forum editor where you type your replies.
  10. How a bout this following change **** it. this EDITOR still sucks. I can't copy paste. ​Edit: Now I remember why I havn't been here in months.
  11. I could sell you the rights to oRPG Creator. I released the code a few months ago, but willing to part ways completely. A few thousand registered users. ​Site: http://www.orpgcreator.com Code: http://gamemakersforums.com/resources/categories/orpg-creator.9/
  12. Most of mine comes from search engines and direct links.
  13. I'll take the Windows phone platform. =} %10 is small. 3 developers get %30 while you get %70?. I'll still do it for fun and hope things turn out well. Message me on Skype. You got it. Windows 8 series phones or windows 10 series phones or both?
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