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  1. Mind telling us what it was
  2. Premium isn't, but in the meantime you can download the free version to get yourself familiar with it.
  3. Allot of stuff to look threw. You did your part and supplied what was needed,. Now let me do my part and find the issue.
  4. I done offered. It's been a week now and still hasn't gotten any files
  5. DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR is a long const. Can name be changed to DIR_SEPARATOR or DIR_SEP Any coder should know DIR stands for directory. If not, they...
  6. My old item Mod might be the only mod ever released for GL that used namespaces.
  7. I looked over the documentation prior to my post. I use to use smarty all the time. This is a major update!!!
  8. I like. It's about time nested loops in GL template is added. Things get complicated at times trying to work around that. And this are much simpler with it. Looking forward to seeing item system as well.
  9. Do you have some kind of VIP/donator thing giving to only certain members.
  10. I just did. 😂 $10plz
  11. Now the <> code tag button will be displayed. 3dots on right.
  12. Change mode to desktop mode and that button will be displayed.
  13. Google hasn't let you keep donation yet IF your not approved yet.
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