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  1. Does the computer needs to meet certain requirements to? Not to sound like a d*ck, but if the job gets done, the job gets done. You want to know how many words pre minute every types and or codes?
  2. I can install and edit on my phone and run and test on my server. And push to git from phone.
  3. I thought i messaged you. But right here. I am for hire.
  4. Sim

    Alpha Criminals

    It might be time i do that. 🙂
  5. Lol. Nah. Boo meth head. ::twitches head::
  6. Item System is back on marketplace. @Dave Bennett reapprov3d it. Good thing i noticed it
  7. Sim

    Alpha Criminals

    As my game features are expanding more and more, before things get to out of control. I would have to edit every mod to get it to work on any GL game. For ex: I have already made several improvements to my item system, but unable to pinpoint my changes. Any mods that would use my item system, wouldnt work with anyone who purchased my item system. So, with this being said, i will developing everything for eeg GL v2 then port to my game. MULTIPLE CHARACTERS and all jQuery/aJax calls makes it harder for me to ro diode it back to GL. I will code it for GL, then my game. A week break and thinking saved me.
  8. Sim


    V2 of GL is fine. Not many games are being released at all. The ones that are in development are using GL V2. If and when a V3 of GL is created, I would love to help develope it @Dayo Edit#: My bad' didn't know this was posted in mc codes. Mc-Codes does need a v3
  9. With my highly EDITING GL to make more interaction between players, such as my crimes and thefts that can be committed against other players, I am now editing how b locations and cities will be worked. Eventually, I want players and gangs to be able to create and attempt to control there city and have TRUE GANG WARS where some type of scoring system will take place with gang members competing tasks against other gang cities with several options to choose from and only allowing a few of those choices to chosen. But for now, i am allowing People, Places, or Things be created in cities and attaching crimes to them. So the crimes page may eventually be fully removed and more things happening from the cities page itself. I think this will want players to travel more as well. So for example: I can create 3 different people, and attach the "Mug Old Lady" crime to it. My enhanced crimes mod has more then one possible outcome text. So there could be up to X amount of different outcome texts displayed when the crime happens against any of the 3 people created. The same with buildings, business, stores. I definitely could use some help with ideas as of right now, I think my idea is a good one in theory but not completely solid as of yet. Edit: the way things seem to be headed in the direction of, it's looking more like it will be a type of game where you build a city or empire and attack other city/empires. The idea does not sound that bad at ALL, if the concept is not to just build, protect, and destroy other players cities. It seems to me that there needs to be more "CRIMINAL / GANGSTER" activity/action opposed to building, protecting and destroying cities. This is where I am STUCK. So with being %100 STUCK, I am afraid to develope any features much further as one minor change would have me needing to re-edit almost everything AGAIN. 🙂 SO LET'S BRAINSTORM AND PUT OR MINDS TO WORK AND COME UP WITH """A GREAT IDEA FOR ME TO USE OF COURSE.""". I may just reward the community with a good free mod in return.
  10. I really like the base building!
  11. Sim

    Toon Crime

    Looks really good.
  12. I know what he's talking about. I'm only talking about the RANDOMness OF ITEMS. Facepalm your self again. The solution to him generating random.cash, THREW A PURCHASE IS BY USING MY ITEM system which he already owns.( I'm not trying to sell him my it m system) Edit: I am only talking about the CHEST HES REFERRING ABOUT. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS
  13. I was saying add a item to package But use my item system. Create item type treasure that when it used it gives the player RANDOM WHATEVER. Not two different things.
  14. I was not trying to give a solution but show you something regarding your nested error handling
  15. I usually copy paste and make changes or copy file and make changes. There's been quite a few times I couldn't fix some Little syntax error and just started the file over loo
  16. My item system allows for easy creation of Random Cash, Bullets, ect. All that is needed would be a new item type class. Instead of weapon or armor, have one created that is Treasure. That's my offer. 🙂
  17. The feature there is nice. And maybe bring more GL supporters. I think the JSON structure isn't the best idea, I still screw them up making my module.json files. I believe there has to be an easier way that follows the same concept without all the brackets and commas.
  18. I would also remove your elseifs and only use ifs If(checkforErrorsLine #1) Return $this->alerts[] line If(checkforErrorsLine #2) Return $this->alerts[] line If(checkforErrorsLine #3) Return $this->alerts[] line Ect: Then just do this at end gics combining non-existent row with user doesn't own. What happens after trying this? (Note: Written in English. Hungarian is not a strong point of mine) public function method_exhaust() { // Get vehicle and adjoining garage data $stmt = $this->db->prepare('SELECT * FROM garage INNER JOIN cars ON CA_id = GA_car WHERE GA_id = :car '); $stmt->bindParam(':car', $this->methodData->car); $stmt->execute(); $car = $stmt->fetchObject(); if(empty($car)) { // row not found Return $this->alerts[] = $this->page->buildElement('error', ['text' => 'Car doesn\'t exist']); } if ($car->GA_uid != $this->user->id) { // row doesn't belong to user Return $this->alerts[] = $this->page->buildElement('error', ['text' => 'Car isn\'t yours']); } if ($garage['GA_exhaust'] != $this->garage->info->GA_exhaust) { // selected car part doesn't match garage entry Return $this->alerts[] = $this->page->buildElement('error', ['text' => 'Mismatched parts']); } If ($value > $this->user->info->US_money) { // Not enough money Return $this->alerts[] = $this->page->buildElement('error', ['text', 'Not enough money. $'.number_format($value).' required']); } // Make purchase // Update garage $garage = $this->db->prepare('UPDATE garage SET GA_exhaust = GA_exhaust + 100 WHERE GA_id = :id'); $garage->bindParam(':id', $car->GA_id); $garage->execute(); // Take cost $money = $this->db->prepare('UPDATE userStats SET US_money = US_money - 1000000 WHERE US_id = :id'); $money->bindParam(':id', $this->user->id); $money->execute(); // Hook it $actionHook = new hook('userAction'); $actionHook->run([ 'user' => $this->user->id, 'module' => 'tuning.exhaust', 'id' => $car->CA_id, 'success' => true, 'reward' => $value, ]); This is how I manage my error handling, it removes a lot of the extra bracket and leaves my logic more tabs aligned left and less nested IFs
  19. Including th lang keys inside the json files was actuality better then what I had in mind. Simple and not effective. I dislike the idea of using it at all though. GL is a small engine not used or advertised much. As one of the most active mod developers, it's just to much extra work to use language refrences in a json file and inside the code. I have a hard enough time remember my PHP variables the majority of the time. No I got to remember language keys. :). My IMO.
  20. The best way for translation is still language filrs. $lang['crime'] = "Crimes*; $lang["crimeSuccess"] = "Message to display to user upon successfully commiting crime"; Even larger scripts still use this method. This forum itself does.
  21. Sim


    No control on mobile. I know he not selling the game, but I was using a principle. Why would many people want to register/download a game with no information? He's selling us the game to register and check it out in a sense
  22. Sim


    Whatever the is is, I don't yo can copyright it. Even if it has never been used before anywhere. How many games originally had unique features?
  23. Sim


    99% of people would never purchase any game without what it looks like but there's something wrong with my thinking? Edit: you ain't even give any details about the game as well. Edit: Constructivecriticism @AdamHull 🙂 I tried to register anyway period my password isn't matched. It could have been my mistake. So then I click back. Now I have no registration form.
  24. Sim


    Nah, no no screenshots no register
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