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  1. Id be interested. I been seeking this myself. EXCEPT that everything be done by scratch. It already takes long enough to code things with a pre-built engine. I definitely am not trying to recode stuff I've spent the last several months building.
  2. A new version has been uploaded. Heres a list of code and design updates. Coded/Fixed broken Remove Links from action menu's in the following pages: Inventory Page Blackmarket Page Usershops Page Equipped Page Fixed error when user would add item to there shop with no price Fixed error when viewing item with no item type Removed various unnecessary debug information that was forgot to be removed. Inventory Design fixed if item present. Shops design fixed if item present. UserShops Design fixed if item present. Blackmarket Design fixed if item present. E
  3. Ill be updating as well as releasing several new mods tgis week. I will be uploading updates to the following mods tomorrow:. Items Mod Modifird Crimes and Theft Business Mod Schooling Mod As wel as releasing a Jobs Mod for GL similar to the one on MC-Codes. Heres a preview to the Jobs mod. Then last but not least, im hoping to get this NPC Mod released thus week sometime. I solved the problem i was giving myself with multistep forms regarding setting up quest. Sometimes the way way to do things is the best way to do things. LoL.
  4. Irs been awhile since i been to pbbg
  5. Sim


    FYI, though its no one's business what i use to code. I have purchased a laptop a few days ago which should arrive by Friday
  6. Sim


    Me either, is various tedious. But definitely comes in handy.
  7. Sim


    That topic is month old @sniko how's it going? Long time no talk
  8. Majority of the time the site who creates the cookie is supposed to be the only site that can read the cookie. Cookies can store any information that web programming languages has access to. Whatever PHP, ASP, JS can find out about you, can be saved in a cookie for later use. Think of a cookie as a variable :). Clear your browsing history (cookies to) and your cookies get deleted. You can also do/use session browsing which am information gathered while browsimg is deleted once you code browser(end your session). Cookies are saved on your computer.
  9. Sim


    Yet i still have some of the best quality mods on the marketplace. And IMO in won't say the best but top 3. "My Item System"., "Modified Crimes and Theft", "VIP Passes" and soon to be "NPCs" But who takes there laptop to the toilet with them. Or takes there laptop while riding to a store thst is 30 minutes away. I can say i take my phone so if it was crucial thst something got done ASAP i would say the phone coder wins. AMD just because I've mentioned however long ago that I've been using my phone to code, thst does not men that is the case anymore. I challenge you
  10. Cookies store information about websites while you are "offline" so to speak.
  11. Not funny. Few times was for drivimg without license. Couple other times crazy ex girlfriend lied to cops and had me locked up 3x. So never because of anything to crazy. One time for selling drugs. Polive kicked door in.
  12. Sim


    I am seeking to be a developer on a game. Either being paid weekly or earning a % of profit. Private message me.
  13. I was going to do this. Thanks. It sucks as a developer to keep relogging back in. Does this redirect to the page user was on as well?
  14. Not me, you did for me. LoL. (Joking)
  15. "Fastest game ever"? Confused by that. But, bug or no? Item only showd on page
  16. Surprised no one had seen our mentioned this yet. 🙂
  17. I wid love to see hooks included in the ACP. This would prevent me and i would hope other developers from having to either A) check if existing records still exist such as crimes/cars/thefts/locations B) A cron to see if records match What just made me realize this? So my User Actions/Player Logs mod relies on every modules a player can perform an action. If been awhile since i checked the ACP user action logs amd realized errors was thrown left and right from crimes bring deleted. If a hook was created in ACP to show when records was created/edited/deleted thi
  18. Fairly east to add cookies and GL woth notification that the site/game does with weather or not to accept. I personally get tired of logging into my own site xx amounts of time
  19. look into the hooks and return it to another page unless in the workout page.
  20. I have never filed taxes and received the first stimulus check and it says my second stimulus check was mailed out a few days ago. I read that people in Jain will receive a stimulus check this things on some news site
  21. I was joking around @SRB . You left it open for me to say that, but i so recommend to everyone to use GL over MC-Code for those reasons listed but you are looking for devs, not advice, suggestions, GL. If price is right i will work with MC-Codes.
  22. I dont know, i just deleted lines from C_playerPerc to C_id= Then retyped them, same error. Why i am stumped Edit: i didn't upload the file after i deleted lines before checking. Note that i uploaded the file, it seems like there was an weird invisible line break character there. Works like charm. Thanks
  23. All binds have values. This has me a bit confused object(stdClass)#116 (19) { ["page"]=> string(5) "admin" ["module"]=> string(6) "crimes" ["action"]=> string(4) "edit" ["id"]=> string(1) "2" ["name"]=> string(16) "Rob a cab driver" ["success"]=> string(16) "successful crime" ["fail"]=> string(12) "failed ceime" ["playerPerc"]=> string(2) "50" ["victimMsg"]=> string(35) "[convict] crimed against you [cash]" ["convictMsg"]=> string(44) "success crime against player [victim] [cash]" ["money"]=> string(2) "10" ["maxMoney"]=> string(2) "18" ["bullets"]=>
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