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  1. Clicking any of the directories does not have any effect. Does not open up listted filled which I am assuming it should be doing next. @KyleMassacre can't find thread so started own.
  2. Sim

    Mobster Life

    This is definitely an opportunity I would love.
  3. McCode was finished before this announcement.
  4. Sim


    Where is the game?
  5. Messaged me. I'll do for $20 and have for you within a day. I thought someone else was already working on it so I did not reply
  6. Sim


    I tend to forget it's all about player base and money. Not better gameplay. 🙂 ThaThat is all @Canjucks
  7. Sim


    I am wondering y more games are not focused on not PvP gameplay. I myself, prefer to have stuff done against other players as well as receive notification that things have happened to me UNTIL I END UP ,1,000/notifications a day. Ex: crimes committed against other players , cars stolen from other players. BOTH OF THESE MODS ARE CREATED BY ME AND ON the marketplace. Mods is now owned by @KyleMassacre Then when played have businesses, version crimes, ECT are done to player,. Then again, other game owners are incapable of doing this. 🙂
  8. new Hook("moduleLoad", function ($moduleToLoad) { global $user; if($user) { if($user->info->US_activeHeros == 0) return "hero"; } return $moduleToLoad; }); So, I do not want a player to access any part of the game without having a hero first, so this is the start for anyone. I still must add the if statements to not redirect if on pages such as login, register. Almost the same concept as jailed player.
  9. Missing $actuon in action hook parameters in documentation
  10. Lol very funny. I give out freebies all the time. Just ask the old ladies
  11. Thanks all. Best community ever. Unless everyone expecting free code from me. 🙂
  12. Winter of there's way to take it from your MWG and transfer to mine. P
  13. Thank you pal. @Spydre452happy? Lol
  14. We should use MWG messages.
  15. Anyone trying to pay my $1 hosting for MWG? If more then 1, il get more months. I have slot of projects I need to redownload.
  16. Not sure y HaHas? @peterisgb& @PHPStudent But I am your guy @Dustin Rohel
  17. Sim


    Y I think mod.widget.php in directory would be best
  18. Sim

    Coder for hire

    I have been laid off work for a few weeks now and have lots of free time and urgently in need of some money for bills so desperately need work. HMU
  19. Sim


    Can't have HTML in hook files.
  20. Sounds like my post from months ago. Hope it gets released
  21. Sim


    crimes.widget.php 🙂
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