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  1. No email verification
  2. If MWG Hosting offered it and you paid, they are(well should be) obligated to provide that for you, or at least refund you your $1(if that's what you paid. LoL) Message him.
  3. I am doing a special promotion. Purchase two mods and I will give you one for free that is not higher then the amount of both mods. So if you purchase two $6 mods. You can receive any mod for $12 and under for free. https://makewebgames.io/profile/14499-sim/content/?type=downloads_file
  4. A simple mod that I created for myself and feel could be helpful to a few other members. This module also shows the power of the GL hook system.
  5. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This module will redirect a user once they login to the previous page/module they was viewing. If you are like me, then this annoys you while on mobile devices. It only stores the last module a user was viewing for up to a hour. This can be changed by altering the file redirect.hooks.php and changing the value of 60 to whatever minutes you wish to store. On the following line at the top of the file. $minutes = 60; Just upload the redirect folder to modules/installed and it will work from there This is my first of simple free mods to give back to GL community a little. 🙂 redirect.zip


  6. If all goes as planned, this will be released tomorrow. :). AS FAR AS I AM AWARE, the current GL item system only uses items for the Kill feature (module) if I am not mistaken? If not mistaken, can someone let me know where else it is used at?
  7. I am excited to say @InverTed has joined the project. We will announce more details and information on this project when the time is ready. With what everyone has seen from me and his recent revival of his own personal project, I am fairly certain this is going to be a project that drops jaws in awe.;)
  8. I don't mean to hijack his thread, maybe split it where I quoted him? My email isn't updates either I believe.
  9. This is why MWG should send a Mass-Email. The thousands of members who forgot about this place. Many of whom have created awesome projects and many who still one day still wish to make a web game.
  10. It's been awhile since I have made any updates to the mood as I was struggling with how to equip items to the created item slots. Us programmers tend to over complicate things and this is how easy it was. :).. I have a few minor things to fix, only allow a players item to be in one place. Not equipped, in shop, in player shop, in blackmarket, ect Theni also need to do some tweaking to what's already implemented into GL's item (System so items actually matter.) Add the values from my item System to take effect into GL. I ALSO might release a few mods using this item System such as a new attack, mug, fight mod. So the item System plays a larger part in games. As I will be creating these miss for my game anyway. I also have a very interesting new daily game mod I should be releasing soon as soon I figured out this JavaScript error.
  11. Joke or not, I googled this last night for two hours and unable to do any further coding while you here having a good time joking around about something that is not a joking matter to whatsoever. You bet your ass, I find no humor in your slick ass comments. I read about about: debug. It keeps redirecting me to chrome: about page not found
  12. Anyone with a real answer to this question that I find serious want to reply.[ Second answer with smart ass remarks. And what makes it even worst is your an Administrator representing MakeWebGames. @Dave
  13. That is not possible at this time. Anyone got a real solution?
  14. I can't seem to get my JavaScript errors to display on Google chrome or Microsoft edge while on mobile devices. Anyone know how to or recommend a browser for debugging.
  15. Sim

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    It was a joke, sorry. Bad joke? After I googled, I knew I spelt it wrong. I was thinking scavenge and Savage ;).
  16. Sim

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    Now that the issue is resolved. No. It's SCAVAGE. :):):):):) [email protected] you @Magictallguy
  17. I am going to try and finish this mod up today. I am fairly certain everyone is going to be pleased with the price of this module.
  18. Sim

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    That's how I fixed the issue. It looks like I forgot to post the answer. var scavageTimer; var counter; var scavageData; var scavageCounter; function performScavage(){ //e.preventDefault(); var timez = jq("#scavageTimes").val(); var url = "?page=scavage&times=" + timez; if(timez <= 0) { alert("You have to search the streets at least one time!"); return false; } jq.get(url) .always( function(data){ scavageData = JSON.parse(data); scavageCounter = 0; scavageTimer = setInterval(showScavageResults, 1000); }); } function showScavageResults(){ jq("#scavageResults").append(scavageData[scavageCounter].msg + "<br>"); if(scavageCounter == scavageData.length){ clearInterval(scavageTimer); } scavageCounter = scavageCounter + 1; }
  19. Sim

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    Edit: I think I need to remove var_dump. LoL... I just now seen this. I will try and post results. Here's a partial of the PHP code just to see what is returned: $results[] = array( "reward" => false, "msg" => $this->fail[mt_rand(0, count($this->fail))] ); } } die(var_dump($results));
  20. Sim

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    The scavageData is shown in alert now from previous post code: Here's the alert data: like the code comments say I can't get the days from my array jq.get(url) .always( function(data){ scavageData = data; scavageCounter = 0; alert(1); //1 alert(scavageData[0][0]); //a alert(scavageData[0]["msg"]);//undefined alert(scavageData[0].msg); //undefined alert(scavageData);//disolays screenshot setTimeout(showScavageResults(), 1000); alert(3); });
  21. Sim

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    I have thought if that. Let me try that. I would still think it would still show my alert before using the scavageData though. Edit: I'm one are close to getting it was. I can call the functions now. It seems like the jQuery Ajax call must completed before it can call after function with timeout. The problem now it's I can't access the data for some reason. I done tried every variation of the array. I commented the outcome of the alert next to the scavageData alerts.
  22. Sim

    jQuery round 4.. :)

    The code is now this: var scavageTimer; var counter; var scavageData; var scavageCounter; function performScavage(){ //e.preventDefault(); var timez = jq("#scavageTimes").val(); var url = "?page=scavage&times=" + timez; alert(timez); if(timez <= 0) { alert("You have to search the streets at least one time!"); return false; } jq.get(url, function(scavageData) { alert(scavageData); scavageCounter = 0; alert(1); setTimeout('showScavageResults', 1000); alert(3); }); } function showScavageResults(){ alert(2); jq("#scavageResults").append(scavageData[scavageCounter].msg); scavageCounter++; } I receive the alerts 1 and 3. So the settimeout doesn't error. But it's not executing the code withing function at all.
  23. Updated Files. If you have previously purchased this mod, I recommend you replace the TPL files as it fixed a seriously flawed design issue on non-mobile devices.
  24. Cause you got smarter and realized it was debugging? 🙂
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