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    just a couple questions which languages are you offering and what would you bring to a game? What kind of % would you also be looking for like partnerships (50%) or fixed % of the game or even % of profits til you have made your development costs back then you would part ways?
  2. yes thats exactly what i mean should have been more specific lol, you dont have to change the whole database collation just the fields that will be storing the emojis in. you can also change the PDO connection like below. so in dbconn.php change $db = NEW glPDO("mysql:host=" . $config["db"]["host"] . ";dbname=" . $config["db"]["database"], $config["db"]["user"], $config["db"]["pass"]); to $db = NEW glPDO("mysql:host=" . $config["db"]["host"] . ";dbname=" . $config["db"]["database"], $config["db"]["user"], $config["db"]["pass"], array(PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_INIT_COMMAND => "SET NA
  3. you could use an emoji library i personally like to use Twemoji or just enable utf8mb4 in the database this allow html emojis to be used.
  4. This is due to cpanel handling it happens with any site hosted on the same server you can access your cpanel from any site hosted with MWG. It's because of vhosts redirecting any port request to the server. It makes no difference you end up at the same server in the end. So if you are logging into other accounts on the same server you need to first logout of your session.
  5. I think it's either GRPG or GDPR GRPG game that did run on this https://musicbattle.com https://prisonstruggle.com Think those 2 only worth giving time but do bare In mind they may be based off GRPG originally but that's far from the case now. if it's GDPR there is plenty of documentation around to abide by these laws in Europe.
  6. Dont know how long i could have done without a dark theme could feel the migraine coming. Thanks. looking good.

    GRPG v1

    yes i know where they are so will send a request to change these.

    GRPG v1

    their is risks in any script but as far as GL goes its a very good script and also prevents SQL Injections which is a major thing. only thing i would say is the posting of numbers does need sorting in the bank and transfer areas as you can add - and + which is never a good thing. i make sure these places use abs(intval($variable));
  9. in hooks for example you can make custom functions that are accessible though-out the whole engine. you can call these as normal classes and functions and just extend the module then you can call these functions in any of the modules.
  10. yes was a suggestion i made a while back and was added to the newest version but still having some issues within the master branch on new installs
  11. if you have discord add me and will send you a fixed version. URB4NZ#6770
  12. this is down to autoloading classes in the newest update as it runs strict type and is case sensitive. Im sure dayo is working to fix this currently. Premium version does get full support so would get this fixed quickly with this version.
  13. if you add me on discord i can give you some help with the layout etc URB4NZ#6770
  14. URBANZ

    GRPG v1

    if you are starting out developing a game i would highly recommend not using the engine as a base for a game or any learning platform to better your skills. Grpg v2 (Paid $100) Gangster Legends v2 (Free Open Source) both these are good bases to work from depending on your budget but without major work Grpg v1 would take alot to get to a secure and fully functional state.
  15. URBANZ


    this is very true stripe does have a bad policy when it comes to chargebacks braintree definitely a good choice
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