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  1. Planes is still correct in this circumstance it can be used aswell. It's not just a word for aeroplane it can also be used to describe geometry and surfaces. Both can be used but each have a different meaning.
  2. i mean the wrapper part not the actual sql lol was wondering if you was using a wrapper as thats not the correct way PDO does things thats MySQLi. try this, not sure it will work, @Magictallguy will know more as he made the wrapper but im going by MySQLi prepared statments based on you using fetch_row(); MySQLi Version $lists = $db->prepare("SELECT type, user, person FROM lists WHERE user = ? AND person = ?"); $lists->bind_param('ii', $i['userid'], $u['userid']); $lists->execute(); $list = $lists->fetch_row(); $fri = (!$list ? '<a href="friends?add='.$profile_info->name.'">Add friend</a>' : ($list['type'] == 'enemy' ? '' : ($list['type'] == 'friend' ? 'Remove Friend' : ''))); $ene = (!$list ? '<a href="enemys?add='.$profile_info->name.'">Add enemy</a>' : ($list['type'] == 'friend' ? '' : ($list['type'] == 'enemy' ? 'Remove Enemy' : ''))); PDO Version $lists = $db->prepare("SELECT type, user, person FROM lists WHERE user = :user AND person = :person"); $lists->bindParam(':user', $i['userid'], PDO::PARAM_INT); $lists->bindParam(':person', $u['userid'], PDO::PARAM_INT); $lists->execute(); $list = $lists->fetch(); $fri = (!$list ? '<a href="friends?add='.$profile_info->name.'">Add friend</a>' : ($list['type'] == 'enemy' ? '' : ($list['type'] == 'friend' ? 'Remove Friend' : ''))); $ene = (!$list ? '<a href="enemys?add='.$profile_info->name.'">Add enemy</a>' : ($list['type'] == 'friend' ? '' : ($list['type'] == 'enemy' ? 'Remove Enemy' : '')));
  3. $db->query('SELECT type, user, person FROM lists WHERE user = ? AND person = ?'); $db->execute([$i['userid'], $u['userid']]); $row = $db->fetch_row(); $fri = (!$row ? '<a href="friends?add='.$profile_info->name.'">Add friend</a>' : ($row['type'] == 'enemy' ? '' : ($row['type'] == 'friend' ? 'Remove Friend' : ''))); $ene = (!$row ? '<a href="enemys?add='.$profile_info->name.'">Add enemy</a>' : ($row['type'] == 'friend' ? '' : ($row['type'] == 'enemy' ? 'Remove Enemy' : ''))); i would use this cuts down the code alot and does the same thing. missed you are using MySQLi prepared statements and not PDO
  4. I am currently working on a project but currently dont have time to do this myself so looking for someone with experience with Centrifugo/Javascript/PHP knowledge to finish what i started. Centrifugo is already deployed this does not need setup, may need to configure more namespaces if required. i need someone to build a helper client in (Centrifuge-JS) to communicate with the backend (PHPCent) and authenticate the users with the Centrifugo Deployment and subscribe/connect them to the relevant channels including users own personal channel. Main reason for looking on here as im struggling to find anyone on freelance websites so thought i would give it a go. Budget depending on developer and hourly wage.


    If anyone is looking a for a Dev space for php5 let me know as can just install it on my server have plenty of space available currently as only use as development server
  6. i have tested the class version i pushed with versions 7.3.28, 7.4.20 and 8.0.7 and it does function on all of them just not sure about earlier versions of PHP7 as i know alot in the newer versions has either been deprecated or totally removed. Edit: @Dayo just to confirm the PHP version is definitely the thing causing the error just made a fresh install PHP8 that error shows and all PHP7 versions the error goes away.
  7. @AinzOoalGownthis will be due to @Dayo reverting the nbbc version back to PHP7 as that version does not work with PHP8 correctly and even later versions of PHP7 try downgrading PHP or replace the nbbc class with the newer version in the pre-release.
  8. tbh when i converted it to support PHP8 i didnt do alot of testing in php7 and if i did it would have been the latest version just before release of 8. if i remember correctly though i didnt add anything that is solely a PHP8 feature to try and keep backwards compatibility no problem glad it got the problem solved for you.
  9. yes there was an error with the original bbcodes class with PHP8 but is now using a newer version which has PHP8 support was pulled from a request i made. @AinzOoalGown i have tested the class myself and is used in active games, try changing your PHP version to 8 or replace the file with a fresh copy. also sometimes this error might popup if you are trying to parse invalid tags within the class so could be cause by a different file.
  10. You should also read official documentation The main use of DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR is as the code could be running on different OS which some use forward and other use back slash some no slashes at all and in my experience this way always returns the correct path delimiter. exactly same reason PHP_EOL exists, platform support. Back on topic anyway @Dayo might it be worth overriding the default $enableDataVariables in Handlebars to be true as this feature would definitely be helpful for alot of users @first, @last, @index etc they would save alot of time if you just wanted to find first or last in the loop.
  11. give this a go in pageElement.php replace require __DIR__ . '/handlebars/Autoloader.php'; Handlebars\Autoloader::register(); use Handlebars\Handlebars; use Handlebars\Loader\FilesystemLoader; with require __DIR__ . '/handlebars/Autoloader.php'; use Handlebars\Handlebars; use Handlebars\Loader\FilesystemLoader replace all code in Autoloader.php with <?php spl_autoload_register( function ($class) { $prefix = 'Handlebars\\'; $base_dir = __DIR__; $len = strlen($prefix); if (strncmp($prefix, $class, $len) !== 0) { return; } $relative_class = substr($class, $len); $file = $base_dir . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . str_replace('\\', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $relative_class) . '.php'; if (file_exists($file)) { require $file; } } ); note this method hasnt been fully tested but it does not display errors anymore.
  12. i did think so i was just looking at remaking the autoload feature of the main core to allow for classes and namespaces as might be worth looking at giving GL namespaces also then will stop this from happening in the future
  13. very nice work did just try a fresh install to test my modules with it but keep getting File: pageElement.php Line: 64 Error: Uncaught Error: Class "Handlebars\Handlebars" not found in pageElement.php:64 havent tried fixing it yet but tried reinstalling a couple times and same thing
  14. This is true when it comes to mobile marketplaces you have to either remove any upgrade options (VIP, donator) or offer a payment provider that processes mobile payments. Google Pay (Android) & Apple Pay (iOS) as mentioned before you have BrainTree (Best Option) and also Stripe which both provide these payments on mobile and also offer smart switching when it detects this platform. All you would need to do with a webview app is define either a mobile User Agent (defined by default) or a custom one that your script reads to switch out the gateway when using the apps. i personally use hybrid apps so build the payments, auth and basic user data native (Flutter, Dart) and then store the cookie and pass via webview for authentication for the website so still stay fluid but keep the native feel but that is my personal preference. As Kyle stated before you have Ionic and other similar frameworks that will get you similar results and alot more friendly if you have never developed mobile before.
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