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  1. |SAMZ|

    Looking to buy

    Not much if it's just a backup and for an online game it's all down to user activity. I'm more interested in a base to work with which has useful mods installed preferably mccodes or maybe even GRPG.
  2. |SAMZ|

    Looking to buy

    Hey All, Good to see this forum still online! I am looking to buy any type of game online or even if you just have a backup! What do you have and I will make an offer.
  3. Sorry to Hijack your post but I'm looking to buy a game. PM me if your selling.
  4. Hi, Im in need of an email validation where a players needs to validate their email to access features such as the Mailbox and forum. Is there anything out there? Im willing to pay.
  5. This mod isnt working properly on V2.03 i have been testing it on a Wamp. Something to do with the event add function. it doesnt add the events and doesnt complete heist.. when i remove the event code it seems to work. Can you fix this? thanks. Your $get, $row arent working with event_add. I don't think they are getting the user id of the heist member correctly
  6. Thanks, thats what i thaught... Can someone help me with how to implement a level cap?
  7. It has nothing to do with attack take anymore. It just happens.
  8. I cannot find the problem, Once you reach the level 1624-5 it starts giving negative exp and automatically levels up. exp line in header.php $experc=(int) ($ir['exp']/$ir['exp_needed']*100); check_level global func.php function check_level() { global $db; global $ir,$c,$userid; $ir['exp_needed']=(int) (($ir['level']+2)*($ir['level']+2)*($ir['level']+2)*0.5); if($ir['exp'] >= $ir['exp_needed']) { $expu=$ir['exp']-$ir['exp_needed']; $ir['level']+=1; $ir['exp']=$expu; $ir['brave']+=2; $ir['maxbrave']+=2; $ir['hp']+=50; $ir['maxhp']+=50; $ir['exp_needed']=(int) (($ir['level']+2)*($ir['level']+2)*($ir['level']+2)*0.5); $db->query("UPDATE users SET level=level+1,exp=$expu,brave=brave+2,maxbrave=maxbrave+2, hp=hp+50,maxhp=maxhp+50,mlevel=mlevel+1 where userid=$userid"); } }
  9. Thanks! I will test that out and see if the problem still persists. I have another major problem that once a user reaches over level 1620 they get negative exp and gain levels everytime they refresh...I cant seem to find out why this happens.
  10. Right, im having a problem with high level users gaining negative Exp when they attack a user. I cant find a way to resolve this. Really messes up the users account and gives unlimited levels and have to reset their exp and level back to mormal. My Attacktake.php exp line: $qe=$r['level']*$r['level']*$r['level']; $expgain=rand($qe/2,$qe); $expperc=(int) ($expgain/$ir['exp_needed']*100); print "and gained $expperc% EXP!<br /> Any help will be appriciated. If someone come out with a fix i will send them $15 through paypal.
  11. The price and you wont probably wont get a hold of Zero anymore.
  12. Peter just edits stock templates and makes it his own.. simple grunge brushes and a few shapes not really worth $200.. Thats only my opinion.
  13. |SAMZ|

    Last day

    Time to put multiple fold bets! City to win the legue
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