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  1. SaMz

    MWG Mod Challenge

    I'll dm you guys if an idea pops up 😉
  2. SaMz

    MWG Mod Challenge

    Tons of GL V2 mods on the market.. someone add some MC Codes V2 mods that work and I will buy xD.. all of the mods I bought so far were far from complete!
  3. I've seen a few mods on the marketplace that has renewal price. Does that need to be paid to keep using the mods?
  4. SaMz


    Its the type of games rpg lovers enjoy playing, simple and not p2w. Looking at that game it does feel like a unique engine. Very clean!
  5. SaMz

    Paying for content?

    If you create the content (unique per content pack) you will surely get some interest. Crimes are fairly simple to create or people like me are just bypassing the text and just displaying failed/success with gain values. If you was to create weapons, houses etc which include the graphics it will have more interest.. definitely from me xD.
  6. SaMz

    Paying for content?

    The time you spend describing your needs to a freelancer your better off just creating the content yourself.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. From experience unique games do not always tick with players.. the same old features where you do crimes, fight, train level and do stuff in between still work. Many like the slow grind. With Mafia Reborn it will not be P2W.. only 1 pack of RM days and my aim is to take the game and build native mobile apps. This project is just to test out GRPG. I am not the best coder but I do know how to manage a game and players.
  8. After years of running games on MC Codes V2 I have decided to try out GRPG after seeing the popularity rise. I bring you Mafia Reborn (https://mafiareborn.com) It is still in development with changes being made before mass market but I thought I would share this project with all. Text based gaming market has declined significantly since over 12 years I've been around. (Well took a few years out) but there is still a fan base out there and enough players to entice with these games. I am mostly focusing in mobile as most people use it over desktop in today's age. Big thanks to MTG for assisting me with this project! I have attached some screenshots below, reviews and criticisms are welcomed 😛
  9. Ahh.. The V2 codes are very clean as it is with the PDO functions. Theres alot of stuff you can do when codes are not all over the place.
  10. One of the cleanest looking games I have seen out there! Is this still running on MC Codes? If you need any assistance with android app I can help.
    not fit for purpose, full of bugs and not working as it should be.
  11. Always miss the basics haha $db->query("DELETE FROM `citypayments` WHERE `id` = {$_GET['collect']}"); this should work! There is now an issue with the docrime.php file where if the city is not owned It only displays the print $r['crimeITEXT']; otherwise if the city is owned the page is displayed correctly with the queries submitting. This mod will be something if it can be completed.
  12. Dont think that will work either.. it will just delete every tax owed in the location and only claim the selected row.. it needs to select userid from citypayments and delete that row 🤔
  13. I did try this earlier aswell but it deletes every row where the 'cowner' is gang ID but only collects selected row on gang function.
  14. I have an issue with not deleting row from database after collection payment. the query is $db->query("DELETE FROM `citypayments` WHERE `cowner` = {$gangdata['gangPRESIDENT']}"); help will be appreciated.
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