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  1. People like to rate their friends and enemies along with earning an award for top rating and for down rating people do this for their profile page of what they see if they like they can rate it up... I like this idea on other Engines, but this one don't have it, unless i missed it somewhere.. Thanks.. Oh MNG Before you say something smart ass like.. Do not....
  2. Karma

    GLV2 Travel Mod

    Not sure where to add this at, so I will add it here. I was curious as to why there isn't a level of how to be, to get to where you need to go... For example... you want to head to Rome you have to be level 50, or you want to head from New York City (Starting area)To the next city, possible Boston you would be level 20 this would drive players to level up to get to the next area, to be whatever, top gun, or buy the bullet store, or what have ya.... Chris is it possible if you can add that to the traveling level in core?
  3. Nice mod I be sure to buy this one if you have it up for sale
  4. Thank you Urban you're a Fantastic guy I love your work as well.. you're good. I hope you had a wonderful Holiday if your on the US side. 🙂
  5. Exactly what he just said. Its a good thing to have and players will pay for such packages. I've seen this work on many games. 🙂
  6. What this means is that you are respected there for you can gain so much amount for a login, so much amount for possible betting and winning more Respected Mofo's could possible gain more damage when they attack less damage when attacked. One could have 30 day 60 day or 90 day packages, this is basically something similar that GRPG has I'd like to see something of this nature implanted as a modification either way as core or maybe just a mod itself which ever comes first.. Something to thinking about and another money maker as well.
  7. Karma

    Thank you

    Seeing this isn't said quiet enough, I want to begin by thanking all of those who have helped me with my game. You coders are fantastic, and very generous. Our day to give "Thanks" is on Thursday in the month of November its always falls under the fourth Thursday. So my "Thanks" Is to you guys for helping me get my game running... I trust many of you in which you haven't shown me an ounce of distrust and that is what i want to say thank you... and I also want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to the US. Thank you again Karma/Laura
  8. Karma


    another MUST have modification for your game well created thank you.
  9. Karma


    I love this modification he's done a great job in creating it, thank you ben
  10. Karma

    Buy Points

    Handy modification if you want to make a profit in this type of gaming style.
    This is a very well made modification for the GLV2 I enjoy it very much.
  11. Karma

    Police Cells

    This modification is fantastic I love this, thank you for a well done mod.
    I have lots to say about Urban he's one fantastic coder for that.. and a down to earth type of guy and easy to get a long with... I trust him completely when he's at my back end.. and get your minds out of the gutter guys LOL I suggest buy this mod its very useful in GLV2!
  12. Karma

    Hey hon a player found a bug in the useraction modfication you did can you fix please? Left a link for ya



    1. Sim


      I message you the correct edited file and uploaded a new version. Thanks for the screenshot. 🙂

    2. Sim


      PlayerLogs is one of my favorite mods. 🙂

  13. Karma

    Sims come join my discord.. https://discord.gg/WHGFt2UR  also add me if you have... Karma 🧛🏼🐾🐺#9951

    1. Sim


      I don't use discord.

    2. Karma


      that's a shame. I am rather fond of it and most of us are on there and would be much easier to communicate.. What other instant messages do you use?

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