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  1. Karma


    I have installed your craft item thing. I get an error with installing the Craft Sql https://prnt.sc/x56qhc When I hit the craft page in the game i get this. https://prnt.sc/x56szu also with the craftman sql issue https://prnt.sc/x5701v Unsure what is up with that? help please? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys I will be creating some Icons for GLV2 to Urban's Award System that he has hopefully that if you are able to use them you must have his Award System in place other wise, they would be pointless. I still have a few more of them to make.. and will add them to the site. I will leave the PSD for you to use to create more in the future or if you want more for the game after everyone has reached that goal.. Here are some examples of the icons I created that I will be putting up. These are the 128x128 which is what they should be and easier on the reloading and less lagginess let me know what you think.. i love happy reviews! Happy Holidays and hope everyone has a safe New Years Eve!
  3. Karma

    Hey by any chance do you have the back up of my site that you did? if so i need that.. if you could be so kind to send it to me, [email protected] thanks.

  4. I think Urban might be helping me with this. he has access to my Cpanel. 🙂 I do thank you guys for helping though, much appreciated and boys it has been fixed. Thank you for the suggestions, hope you all have a merry Christmas.
  5. actually i'm not... i wanted too but i wasn't unable to get an account soo... its my own serveer..
  6. Karma

    Merry Christmas

    I want to wish everyone a happy Merry Christmas and keep safe during this time of crisis!
  7. I can't create crimes. I have followed the instructions to add the Improved Crimes to my game and this is what I get when I try to access it. This is on the main game area, not the admin, however on the admin... File: /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/modules/installed/crimes/crimes.inc.php Line: 14 Error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'mafia.crimes' doesn't exist in /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/modules/installed/crimes/crimes.inc.php:14 Stack trace: #0 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/modules/installed/crimes/crimes.inc.php(14): PDOStatement->execute() #1 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/class/module.php(30): crimes->constructModule() #2 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/class/page.php(107): module->__construct() #3 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/class/page.php(50): page->load('crimes') #4 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/init.php(76): page->loadPage('crimes') #5 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/index.php(5): require('/home/cosanostr...') #6 {main} thrown Type: E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR When i go to click on to create crimes... in the Game Mechanics I get this. File: /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/modules/installed/crimes/crimes.admin.php Line: 28 Error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'mafia.crimes' doesn't exist in /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/modules/installed/crimes/crimes.admin.php:28 Stack trace: #0 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/modules/installed/crimes/crimes.admin.php(28): PDOStatement->execute() #1 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/modules/installed/crimes/crimes.admin.php(165): adminModule->getCrime() #2 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/modules/installed/admin/admin.inc.php(96): adminModule->method_view() #3 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/modules/installed/admin/admin.inc.php(30): admin->viewModule() #4 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/class/module.php(30): admin->constructModule() #5 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/class/page.php(107): module->__construct() #6 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/class/page.php(50): page->load('admin') #7 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/init.php(76): page->loadPage('admin') #8 /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/index.php(5): require('/home/cosanostr...' Type: E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR I am hoping Urban or Chris to answer and correct this problem for me. Thank you.
  8. thank you dear. I know we all tend to forget our minds get so busy with stuff.. I admit you are a good coder and I thank you for sticking with me no matter how angry I got.. LOL and trust me there was a few times I wanted to drop the F bomb. ROFL Yes, i agree with what you said, but it is the holidays, after the holidays he can do what he wants with it.. I don't care if he raised it to 100 dollars. LOL.
  9. If you're going to raise the price on the modification I expect to see you treat the buyers with more respect as they had purchased that mod with their hard earned cash, in my case being disabled I make very little a month with what i got, 1200 dollars a month does not feed two people. I was lucky enough to have what i had to purchase any modifications to make my game a more enjoyable place to play. You raised this around the holidays when people spend their money on their family, which I find to be truly unfair. Also make sure that all bugs on all your mods are fixed before applying and take into consideration that people have other modifications that may not work well with that modification of yours. So, as a coder.. You should have all the modifications that are being made on this modification you created or any other modifications that you create, therefor there should not be any bugs upon installing. 🙂 Just a friendly reminder. I"m not yelling nor am I cursing at you. Trust me, I am learning but it is very hard for me to understand stuff that I read its part of my disability that I have. Now, if someone showed me how to do something bam! I got it, no problemo.... LOL
  10. Sims, Thank you for fixing that issue but I have to agree with @Spydre452 And Just to let you know I did not curse at you... And if i was you'd know it. I have a hot temper but you need to communicate better use a discord chat for better communication which you can install easily on your phone by going to google play store. I purchased your Modification even though you work at it on your phone. I could not even do that on my own phone and I have a ZTE Max XL phone its big enough but as I said..I couldn't do it, but please in the near future if i purchase any more of your mod. I do expect it to be done before you go to bed. As I am paying you for this, the 20 dollars for this mod should be reduced to at least 15 if you can't properly have better communication as i can't always come to the forum and do it. Most of the Coders I do buy from are on discord and are in my Chat room, and I have a room called Bug.. If i find a bug on any of their modifications they will know it first hand. Also before Submitting changes look for typos, because a single typo like that which I had to delete to be able to get into the administration part. That should have been checked out before bed. Or before logging off for the day. With 20 Dollars I should have received better communication..... and don't worry I will give you a five star on the Modification. $adminModule-9``āļŊ
  11. Hmm, I'll have to do that once all the icons are fixed then I can go back and adjust them accordingly and thank you for the review. 🙂
  12. I have been working really hard on getting the proper setting and a clear professional icon design for my up coming mafia. I'd like to see some reviews and I may put these up for sale. However if I decide such.. You would not be allowed to recolor them and put them up for sale as they are my own creation. These are size 128x128. I have most of them done still have a few more classes to do. Here is a small batch of them. I'm also showing off a header button I created last evening for my game as well... It actually came out spiffy sharp!
  13. I believe you have an error in your code and before going to bed make damn sure everything is working including the administration area, because this put me behind 8 hours to have awards in place and among other things... and I personally feel you should install Discord on your damn ass phone so that we can properly communicate. And that I can also invite you to our discord chat room so you can keep track of your errors on your Modifications when players find them. Please join our discord chat. https://discord.gg/DH4tTDD There was an error! File: /home/cosanostramafia/public_html/modules/installed/admin/admin.inc.php Line: 91 Error: syntax error, unexpected '`' Type: E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR
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