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Found 7 results

  1. I have an amazing issue I can't believe it myself that's how amazing it is - its hard to believe. So, I have my Jail timer where ID 1 is on click given 5 minute reductions on each click. The only thing I can relate this to (I haven't changed any code in Jail for months for example) I created a Jail reduction item that reduces Jail time by 5 minutes. I used it a couple of times when in jail as an item to verify it works which it does. So, when i get ID 1 to go to jail now its on click its reducing time by 5 minutes. Is that a coincidence? I have tried to reset timer when in jail and this makes no difference and created another item to do that and no difference. How do I stop the 5 minute reduction per click jail bug for ID 1? I can't replicate yet for any other player and I have cleared cache, cookies etc To give this some visual context. In my image below I clicked when I had under 5 minutes left and clicked again for the screenshot and the timer on the left updated to 0 minutes left! Further testing and I believe the timers are both out. Another example below. I've done the reset timer thing and its making no difference. What else can I do? Delete the jail timer from userTimers table? The time is out like its reading two different times and reducing as a result of the click or something like it: deleting from userTimers didn't work still not in sync. its bugging me as its only ID 1. Below is my other player to test with and timer is in sync:
  2. CrazyElk

    Site Map

    Version 1.0.3

    A sitemap (Google introduced the protocol) is a list of your websites pages in a file called sitemap.xml which should be found in the root directory of your website. Google and other search engines use it to help index your pages correctly and its considered a very good SEO practice to provide one for that purpose. This module Improves the on-page SEO of your website by automatically creating/adding/updating a sitemap (if you don't have one), something search engines love to find. Works with any version of Gangster Legends. If you wish it to automatically update the sitemap.xml as you add new pages and you are using a version of GL below 2.4.0 you will need to update/swap out page.php found in the ‘class’ directory in the root folder of your website to the new page.php file provided in the module installation folder. It goes without saying though, that you should be using the latest version of GL to take advantage of bug and security fixes as well as any new features introduced. It should also be noted that the plugin will only include your outer pages i.e those pages made available from your landing page when not logged in. While the default 'auto' option should suffice there is also the ability in the ACP to select/force either http or https when writing the sitemap.xml file if required. * Kindly note, if you de-activate or delete the mod then the sitemap in your root directory is de-activated or removed also. Installation. 1. Open up your game. 2. Go to the admin Panel. 3. Go to Modules & Themes. 4. Open the Module Manager. 5. Click on Install Module. 6. Upload the ZIP file. 7. Follow the instructions. Its hoped you find siteMap useful … enjoy! Change log : V1.0.3 - Added ability to select/force http or https in sitemap file or use auto. V1.0.2 - Updated to only map pages known to GL. V1.0.1 - Initial release. License : SUSDL (Single Use/Single Domain License).
  3. Version 2.0.0

    This module let your players have comment section in their profiles. Features Comments limited to 200 character (with counter of how much is left) Pagination for comments (5 Per page) Anti-Spam timer: 01:30 sec Remove comment (for users) "it hide the comment from normal users, only admins can remove it forever" Show comment again (for admins) Delete comment forever (for admins) Coming with alert confirming the actions (Remove, Delete, Show) Compatible with v2.4.1 How to Install Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Follow the instructions Need Help?: contact me here or in discord (PHPkiller#5602).
  4. Version 1.0.1

    This module will allow you to edit your module files in your ACP. It uses Ace Editor which comes bundled in this module to modify your files. I even took some basic precautions to alert you if you have any unsaved changes so you don't accidentally navigate away without saving. This works similar to most IDEs (command wise) so basic keystrokes that you are used to should work like saving, adding comments, code folding, etc.
  5. Version 1.1.0


    Module Creator allows a game owner to create a module on the fly within the ACP with 7 stock stubs for important file types for your game. Hook TPL Admin Stylesheet Script Admin Stylesheet Admin Script If you view the included hook file, it does show a basic usage to hook a new file type. More stubs could be added via hooks if new files get released for the engine allowing the ability to customize even more. Planned Updates Zip modules for release - DONE More customization for the stubs - DONE Code cleanup
  6. Howdy, I have had problems installing a number of mods due to them ending up in the 'installing' directory in nested folders and with inappropriate file permissions after uploading and being extracted. Anyone else experienced anything like this happening?
  7. Hi guys I will be creating some Icons for GLV2 to Urban's Award System that he has hopefully that if you are able to use them you must have his Award System in place other wise, they would be pointless. I still have a few more of them to make.. and will add them to the site. I will leave the PSD for you to use to create more in the future or if you want more for the game after everyone has reached that goal.. Here are some examples of the icons I created that I will be putting up. These are the 128x128 which is what they should be and easier on the reloading and less lagginess let me know what you think.. i love happy reviews! Happy Holidays and hope everyone has a safe New Years Eve!
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