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  1. I'll keep looking through my files for v2 but i dont think i backed that one up, but here is v1.1 and v1.1.5 Hosting them here on this site internally as its more reliable than dropbox. Here they will remain. UPDATE. After searching through 20gbs of mods v2 of this just isnt in there 😞 Gang System Ver.1.1.zip GangSystem-Patch_1.1.5.zip
  2. You need to remove those mysql_query and put $db->query instead. on lines 492, 494 520 on that screenshot. You need to change any and all on those pages to $db->query Here is my Credit member function. Works fine. function credit_member() { global $ir, $inf, $db; $_POST['cash'] = abs(@intval($_POST['cash'])); $_POST['member'] = abs(@intval($_POST['member'])); if($_POST['cash'] AND $_POST['member']) { if($_POST['cash'] > $inf['busCash']) { echo 'You cannot credit more than the Company has in it\'s vault.';
  3. Me personally i kinda do both. depending on what its doing. Doing it all in one is alot cleaner and should be done where possible.
  4. yup, I made a whole site dedicated around this mod. No attacking, Just over 500 flash games to compete with your friends. I put the site online a couple days ago but none of the games work lol. Flash Player is no longer supported lol. Sad times. https://arcadiagames.tk/ None of the games work as flash is dead but most of the site is there, few bugs as i'm not updating it due to flash is dead 😞
  5. Well i've been watching my google analytics to try and understand where people are coming from. Most of my visits come from either this site or these which i copied from google anaylstics makewebgames.io arena-top100.com infamouswars.com mmohub.com bbogd.com newrpg.com
  6. IF i am honest, i never used this for my game. I made this for this forum lol.
  7. paid advertising seems the be the only route unless you know loads of people that will play.
  8. I wonder if i could ever make this list.
  9. hehe, i relented and placed screenshots lol. Thanks, I forgot that i still use that page to sent users registration details. That has now been fixed so thanks for bringing that up. As to the work, hell yea lol. I work on the site everyday for hours on end since october 2018. Its only now that i'm getting close to full release and advertising soon. I'm on 150MB/s fibre myself. the video is only 2.21MB in size so isnt that big, had a few people say but meh, loads fine for me lol
  10. I've had to edit mine version of this for 2 reasons, I dont use the username login system and different version off mccodes. I also changed mine over to a security question setup. Players use their email address and answer to reset their passwords. I also removed the captcha as i didnt like it lol. <?php session_start(); include "config.php"; global $_CONFIG; define("MONO_ON", 1); require "class/class_db_{$_CONFIG['driver']}.php"; $db=new database; $db->configure($_CONFIG['hostname'], $_CONFIG['username'], $_CONFIG['password'], $_CONFIG['database'], $_CONFIG['persistent'
  11. Ive decided to use my old game name from over a decade ago as its a .com domain and better than my current domain. This did mean i had to chance the game name from Androidian to Infamous Wars to match the domain. I also stuck some screenshots on the homepage as requested. Not that i wanted to do this 😄 new link here https://www.infamouswars.com NOTE: This is NOT a revival of my best game ever infamous wars. I am purely using the domain name and name as i still own them.
  12. As i said this is v1, but yes this is the way i was planning to go with it. but for not i just wanted to get it working. Your welcome to give it a go and post back 🙂
  13. This is only a basic mod that i made today, But it beats the default one. Update the questions and answers to suit your needs. This is v1 of this mod so i may update it and release new versions here. create a blank page and call it help.php <?php include "globals.php"; $question=strtolower($_POST['question']); echo ' <h2 class="fontface"> <span class="green">T</span>utorial</h2><hr /> <br /><br /> <table border="0" width="650"><tr><td> <p>Welcome to the Tutorial, we hope that this guide will help you
  14. I started this a while back for my game but decided not to finish it, But after looking at it, its seems like too much of a waste just to dump it. So feel free to use it, Build on it or whatever. create a file called tamigotcha.php and put this in it. <?php require_once('globals.php'); // Settings // $main = 'Tami-GotchA'; $cost = '1000'; $costcheck = '999'; $foodcost = '10'; $watercost = '10'; $foodgain = '1'; $watergain = '1'; $xpgain = '0.25'; // End Settings // // CONFIGS // $data = $db->query("SELECT * FROM tami WHERE owner=$userid"); $tami = $db->fetch_row($d
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