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  1. I gave it a try yesterday on php 5.6 and failed 😞
  2. It looks good. Nice pirate theme and mobile friendly. I haven't any suggestions so keep what your doing.
  3. peterisgb


    That is bootstrap lol. Its been bootstrap that has been the cause of most of the login/register layouts issues lol. I havent used it ingame so thats all good.
  4. peterisgb


    Login/Register Page cleaned up.
  5. Oh. Fair enough lol. Brain fart. I've never heard it shortened before.
  6. NDA? I've not heard that before? What's that mean?
  7. peterisgb


    I didn't give details as there isn't one lol As to people purchasing? I'm not in it for the money. I'm here for the users and not the cash. I've paid the last 2 years server costs out of my own money and probs will continue to do so. Money does help but it isn't what drives me, Users and activeness is the things that drive me.
  8. peterisgb


    Oh well. I'll live without you. This is the attitude is why I didn't give u any rights to my avataaar mod
  9. peterisgb


    I have never advertised my game even tho is Dev started in 2018. I feel time is more or less ready to start advertising. So as my first ad post for my game. I'm not going to post screenshots as I kinda want people to join. (people to attack lol). So why not join and have a look around. Supportive feedback welcome. My favourite features are the round stat bars for health etc, the mines and weather effects. Now onto a link 🙂 https://www.androidian.ga I also have a another template which I am working on and may or may not use yet. https://www.an
  10. I spent £250 today on a nitro RC car 😄
  11. Thought about a dark theme? Like theme switcher.
  12. It seems you have some skills at making images tho. I can use mspaint. I also lack users. That's what motivates me but lack.
  13. because i have no motivation to do anything better or expand on it. plus i have no image skills at all, and mostly use css for everything. I'm a lone worker too
  14. somethings like this? This is of course more basic and simple? or maybe i understand you wrong.
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