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  1. I run a texted based game, Dont get much help from people, Dedicated and never done it for the money, (not that its ever made much)
  2. yup from his website and a pm on skype from someone who knows him in real life. He was in the middle of working on my site with me just before his passing so i have his last few mods he ever made. ?
  3. tldr; Illusions did not pass away: Original post: I was hoping to see a post on it but however no-one has done such a thing. Anyways, Its with real sad regret that one of our lovely members Illusions passed away on the 19th February this year. He was a well known modder on here with loads of great for the community. He will be missed, Bye illusions my friend. was great chatting to your earlier this years and sad that it was the last. R.I.P my friend.
  4. Sure, Its https://www.androidian.net
  5. I've been working on a typical mccodes site for just under a year now, Was doing ok at first, working on a new template now.
  6. ITS BACK!!! woop woop, And my account with all the mods i submitted are here, Wicked, Glad this site is back and glad to be back, Already see a few names here i know which is nice to see returning users here. Thanks Dave for getting the site back up.
  7. Welcome back cronus, love your mods, good to see you back, as to great mccodes games, chaotic wars is still going well and strong.
  8. ok i have been looking into HTML5 conversion, Yes this is possible and i have changed 1 game for testing purposes, So it is possible but this isn't an easy task and i will be here till at least the end of the year converting haha. Converting 1 basic flash game turns into just over 1 million characters :o
  9. I know :( its a shame android and iOS don't support it. I am hopeful as time goes on it might do one day.
  10.   Hi, flash yes, i am working on going to html but its a slow process as i ain't an expert haha, I've had some issues with the input buttons am slowly getting through them, ty for reminding me :P I will Look into the length on a smaller screen soon to see how it looks. Thanks for bringing me to this issue with the demo account and now has been fixed. I plan to completely redesign the profiles at some point, just haven't had a good idea yet. As to permission these games are from open source flash sites. aslong as the logos remains in tack, which they do :)
  11. Well the site isnt made for android/ios users. the phone systems don't support .swf files.
  12.   Why, That doesnt show on my phone, PC, tablet, and other friends on mine havent come across this issue, which means this isnt server side.
  13. Hiya, i think its you as i dont see that on my phone. :S
  14. Hi, Due to the core of my game is mccodes i think that it should still be valid to post here. Yes this is a kinda advertisement, I need more members, I don't know many people so this is mainly the first area of advertising. Anyway, Come check it out at http://the-arcadia.ga Come sign up, join in the games. Also, Please do let me know below what you think of the site, improvements or removal of not needed things :) There is a Demo account, You can find the info on the login page. Please note that this account has some limitations. Thanks for reading, Opinions welcome but please no need to be rude. ty
  15. Don't suppose you have a demo running with these?
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