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  1. Ah okay i am professionally react + PHP developer (Laravel)
  2. not a good idea first of all hi and happy new year, whats going on these days?
  3. i am interested any kind of paid work
  4. correct answer in every sense and that why i hate bootstrap, i am using ReactJs with material-ui
  5. rockwood


    a warm welcome
  6. that means the structure having issue and the url not appropriate
  7. very horrible code needs to improve (means badly coded) else part is very strange thing in it
  8. no need isset and blank chk there you are chking same thing many times if(in_array($_GET['lang'], $available_langs)) { $_SESSION['lang'] = $_GET['lang']; // Set session } this is enough
  9. rockwood


    me too very excited
  10. i ve a nice template in bootstrap 4.4
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