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  1. Dear customers, We regret to inform you that effective immediately we will be limiting the services offered on MCCodes.com to mostly be read-only due to the lack of current sustainability of the brand. The MCCodes staff are no longer willing & able to invest sufficient effort to keep the services afloat. The following have been disabled: - Module purchases - Account top ups - All module uploads to the Marketplace - User registrations - Developer balance withdrawals (see below*) - Engine purchases Continued services: - Login / lost password reset - Downloading existing engine/module licenses - Downloading free engines/modules without login/license *You can contact me on Discord IM (ColdBlooded#0768) or by email ([email protected]) regarding withdrawing leftover legitimate balances. Thank you, MCCodes
  2. Harry's going to turn this into cryptocountry, RIP monocountry.
  3. We were actually scoping to use this for a large-scale web application platform not too long ago. Data architecture wise, the JSON field type is limited in size to the mysql max_packet_size according to documentation, which may end up making it smaller than mediumtext depending on server config. Other database management system (DBMS) like @sniko mentioned does it better no doubt. We were looking to save 50k products. So we might have up to 50k x few bytes. max_packet_size: I had a look at the current mysql server. The variable is set to 1048576. Interestingly enough, the mediumtext is actually bigger (16 MB afaik).
  4. magicn00bguy! Exciting times ahead. I cannot emphasis enough on the work Dave has put in. We as all make an outstanding team and are each a great fit for the incredibly special culture that makes MWG as it used to be. This platform is an enabler of growth.
  5. *** is Comodo Dragon browser and Torch Browser. Use IE8.
  6. What? Provide bullet point case of the issue, supported with screenshots and URL of pages where it's broken.
  7. ColdBlooded


    Request fulfilled. Apologies for the great delay
  8. ColdBlooded


    That would require a landslide! File in support [MENTION=52311]MCCodes[/MENTION].com - bump it if one already exists. Cheers!
  9. ColdBlooded


    Hold your worries as I have just lifted the msg2short4n00bs limitation OUT OF existence and replaced it with msg4lolz->3 chars, lol Happy new year guys!
  10. The kind of MMORPG market which this thread relates to is just favourable towards MCCode and GRPG architecture, for various reasons. One of the main reason is when a game gets deployed on an engine like MCCode v2, if the gameplay process is kept un-touch; talking about the main menu, explore/city, functionalities offered inside of Explore/City, Travel, Buying items, Attack etc, then it is very similar to many other games out there (Regardless of the game being different genre, crimesrpg, sci-fi and so on). Most users have experienced this UI/UX functionalities already, and most enjoy it (quite evidently otherwise we won't be here today). Users who haven't experienced this sort of gameplay before (newbies), they are still able to enjoyably and easily learn the gameplay in order to get addicted (the whole point for games like these). MMOs are growing very fast on mobile devices with the right UI/UX (clean and responsive) currently IMO. Gameplay which matches the old retro games like TornCity, MonoCountry, HoboWars, CriminalCountry and few other popular games of the past. Players demand is growing again. It had died out for a while imho. Developers point of view on the popularity of MCCode and GRPG engine is very much similar to the gameplay produced by these engines. Vast amount of support and resources out there that keeps it very consistent on how MCCode engine's codebase and front end functionalities work. Some may say it's because of the simplicity and no following of any development process. I agree. Hence it's very easy to learn and expand all in basically 1 directory of source. null official documentation out there, it's community driven backed by simplicity. This is highly subjective to an individual developers programming level. Highly experienced and disciplined programmers will find it rubbish to use these engines. However, the market for these Software's facilitate developers to first learn the architecture of a normal MCCode game before they start having fun building new functionalities in the game. Learning and applying what you learnt is a reason for this popularity level. I still look forward to see a popular MCCode style gameplay running on iOS and Android apps. C'mon someone!
  11. What is your MCCode account email?
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