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  1. You're a bastard and you wear that title with pride.
  2. Bonjour, Wouldn't be proper of me to not pester Dave to give me access to my old account and make a post now, would it? Some of you know me, some of you don't. If you do know me, it's probably for my tendency to call people out on their shit. Still doing a lot of work with Laravel, my partner in crime is still Zeddicus (I know he's reading this, love you daddy ❤️) and I met @sniko in real life, 1/10 would not recommend. Also I'd like to state on the record that Magento is the Donald Trump of eCommerce solutions. Have at me.
  3. Your hourly budget is too little for me but I just wanted to comment to clarify something. You said you started to re-write the site in your own Framework...is that something you've been doing on a development server or are you saying the existing game is partially on that framework? And because it wouldn't be one of my posts unless I mentioned it, but if you want to use a framework, look at Laravel.
  4. Just working. The upgrade from 32GB to 64GB wasn't much in comparison so I thought "what the hell" and just got it.
  5. My work station: Displays: 2 x AOC 28" 4K monitors Peripherals: Just a shitty gaming mouse and keyboard identical to a Mac (I had an iMac and I like the keyboard, deal with it). Desktop PC: CPU: Core i7-6850K Six-Core (OC'd to 4.4) Ram: 64GB DDR4/3200mhz GPU: GTX 1080 8GB SSD: 1TB Samsung 850 SSD HDD: 1TB Seagate Hybrid SSHD PSU: Cool Master B600(?) Motherboard: ASUS X99-A Cooling: RayStorm 420 EX240 CPU Liquid Cooling Dual, X2O 420 Case: Corsair Carbide Air 540 I want to get another 1080 but that's about it. I don't even game...I just like the power.
  6. IllegalPigeon


    I think she's awesome. Had some great kills with her! She's better when she's played tactically and not running all over the place.
  7. IllegalPigeon


    How good is Sombra, though! I've been using her and she is so good.
  8. I'd offer, but I charge £100p/h, which I doubt you'll want to pay for some help. [uSER=65371]sniko[/uSER] might be a good person to ask, if he's not too busy.
  9. Only 1 way to find out, I guess! Lets hope for the best. How often was the spam before?
  10. That's alright, Dave. Anytime! Light is better! You're sick and twisted if you think dark is better! Hopefully the new reCaptcha fixes the spam issues, though!
  11. Have you tried No Captcha reCaptcha? It's better than the V1 version in use currently. There has already been some spam today, so it would seem that the bots are actively logging in to already created accounts.
  12. IllegalPigeon


    Yeah, I was tempted to sign up to GMF and comment but I didn't want to ruin the circlejerk. I'm perfectly okay with receiving hate for giving my opinion and having someone write indirect threads about me, comparing me to the devil. As long as they got the attention they wanted and comments from a group of enablers comparing the OP to Jesus. The reference to the headcount, because THAT'S the most import part (oooooh, 3 people don't like me), was in a PM. I just mentioned that it's not just me that thinks these things because at least 2 other people have messaged me and said "looool, have you seen this cancer?" and linked me to certain threads. I just wanted to backup my point that it wasn't a personal attack, other people think it too. I've been a PHP developer for about 10 years now. I was here when MWG was CE, with mdshare, Rainbow, Nyna and all of the others. I haven't touched McCodes in so long I can't even remember how bad it is, I just come here for entertainment. Alain has his little following because he's been around persistently for so long and knows how to make himself sound smart whilst not being smart.
  13. IllegalPigeon


    Thanks, man. It's about time I got some recognition around here. I made a thread on other forums looking for people to tell me how great I am, but alas, I am just an ass and not someone pointing out a clear indictment of the educational system here in the UK when I see it. Also, E Coli https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHhth9CmbJ8
  14. IllegalPigeon


    Sure, If you want to prove you're not a copy and paste coder, come and sit down in front of me and code whatever I tell you to code. I don't need to prove my skill, that's the difference. I've actually written stuff that is in use today by big sites and small sites. I own a business that does very well, I don't have to prove anything to anyone. If you want me to prove it, pay my rate of £100 an hour and I'll do whatever you want. Until then, I don't give a flying f*ck. You feel you need to prove yourself because you want so badly to be acknowledged, liked and prove you have some sort of skill. Fine, I admit, you have the skill of an apprentice and someone just starting out. You're slightly more than your average McCode developer. And finally, be careful who I criticise? Lol. Do you honestly think I'm scared of criticising anyone? I've had people ring up my place of employment (when I was employed) and threaten to come down and meet me in person to settle an online dispute. To which I say "ok". I will share my opinion to anyone, the worst that can happen is someone DDoS's one of my sites...Oooooh no. Give it a rest, boy. Go and seek your grandeur elsewhere.
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