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  1. I am working on a few edits on the garage that adds a few little features
  2. To cut down on code you could just use if (mt_rand(0, 1)) { //true } else { //false }
  3. This is something that I have made before for another game. It is something that I have thought about adding to the travel page (along with the gang ownership) but never got round to it
  4. No you need to install the module via the admin panel > Module & themes > Module Manager > Install Module
  5. Dayo

    Organised Crime

    Version 1.0.0

    This module allows users to group up into teams of 4 one plans the crime, they will need a weapons expert as well as someone with explosives and a get away driver. Once everyone is ready and in the same location the leader can commit the crime. The payout and chance of success all depends on the users equipment. Admin Options: Create different types of OCs Different cash/exp payouts Different cooldown timers Different planning costs Alter item names and costs


  6. Im glad you are liking it, hopefully people start to use it more 😄
  7. Within the markey place there is a version control along with a change log so this would be displayed to the user
  8. Yeah using oauth is the way to go, if we ever needed to change the API we would then break it for all games
  9. I have used oauth before when working on a gov.uk api so I could use that code ? Inthink this would be an awesome addition to GL, coukd even have it as a seperate module outside of the core
  10. I could make it so you could install modules from MWG from the GL admin panel
  11. You can have a look at the logic i used for the GLv2 workout module. $secondsBetweenGain = 60; $timer = "statRegen"; $last = $user->getTimer($timer); /* Get the users last action */ $seconds = (time() - $last); $energyPerMinute = 1; $times = floor($seconds / $secondsBetweenGain) * $energyPerMinute; /* calculate how energy you need to add */ if ($times) { $newEnergy = $times + $user->info->US_energy; $maxEnergy = $user->info->US_maxEnergy; if ($newEnergy > $maxEnergy) $newEnergy = $maxEnergy; $newWill = $times + $user->info->US_will; $maxWill = $user->info->US_maxWill; if ($newWill > $maxWill) $newWill = $maxWill; $user->set("US_energy", $newEnergy); $user->set("US_will", $newWill); $user->updateTimer($timer, $last + ($times * $secondsBetweenGain)); /* Set the last action time */ $page->addToTemplate("energy", $newEnergy); $page->addToTemplate("will", $newWill); } this code does not rely on crons
  12. Got to say the market place has been really good, not just for me but for GL v2 in general. The past month GL v2s popularity has risen quite a bit and i put that down to the market place!
  13. Dayo

    I want to work

    There is quite the market for GL v2 modules at the moment, if you need ideas I can pass you some
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