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  1. After a request i have made a simple scavenge the streets module. Within the admin panel you can alter various setting to increase/decrease payouts. The user can scavenge the streets once a day and can find money, bullets and points. You can download the module from GitHub and view the repository here. To install it you just download the zip file, rename it to scavenge.zip and then upload the .zip file within the "Admin Control Panel > Modules & Themes > Module Manager > Install Module" Screen Shots
  2. Nice find, i did see this but it didn't have all the icons i needed
  3. Dayo

    Game icons

    I found this a while ago, maybe its use to other people https://seiyria.com/gameicons-font/ or the github repo is here https://github.com/seiyria/gameicons-font
  4. GL V2.2.0 - Release Notes Links Git Hub Download Discord Demo New Features Black Jack (casino game) Users can own a blackjack table They can change the min/max bets Murder Black Market You can buy weapons and Armour Has a bullet calculator to determine how many bullets are needed to kill someone with a certain weapon vs a certain Armour Find User You can hire detectives to find a target Kill Once a target is found you can shoot bullets at them Bounties Want someone dead? Put a bounty on them Forums You can make unlimited forum categories Users can make topics within the forum Has BBCode support Admin controls Edit topic Change topic level Important Sticky Normal Delete Topic Lock Topic Mute a user from posting on the forum Game Statistics Shows new and dead users Total users alive/dead Total game cash Total game bullets Total game points Bullet Factory Can now be owned Now restocks every hour (max stock = 40k) New Admin Features Manage game items (create/edit and delete) Cars Black Market Items Locations Car Theft options Manage cost to hire detectives Create new forum categories Custom staff Roles Each role can have a different color Each role can be locked down to certain areas of the admin Panel i.e. forum mods will only have access to the forum admin options
  5. Im far too busy for private work atm 😛
  6. Here is my current setup http://prntscr.com/mu69qk
  7. I know some people don't like them but it would be handy if we could enable notifications
  8. Dayo


    Yeah i have a few for gaming and a few for coding, i find it the easiest to use.
  9. Dayo


    I like discord, i use it for several communities
  10. Dayo

    PC Setups

    Yeah, i would love tyo get one, but i only just got the monitor, headphones and a new mouse past my GF, dobt she would let me spend another £600 just yet hahaha
  11. Dayo

    PC Setups

    Yeah mine is GSync but I have a AMD card, I just got the monitor a few days ago, I'm looking to get a 1080 or 1070Ti
  12. Dayo


    We use ionic for all our mobile apps
  13. Dayo

    PC Setups

    What PC Setups do people have? Mine: CPU: i5-7600 GPU: R9 390 Ram: 16GB DDR4 SSD: 120GB boot HDD: 2x 1TB RAID 0 Monitors: 165hz 2560x1440 + 2x 1280x1024
  14. Dayo

    <3 YES

    Im really looking forward, a few other forums that i joined in the downtime of MWG have died off. THis could fill that void 😄
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