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  1. Dayo

    Mobster Life

    After looking to sell this for a while with no luck. I'm looking for someone to run https://mobsterlife.net. Income would be split 50/50. The game is pretty much setup and I'm open to make changes to the UI/gameplay. If you have any questions feel free to message me here or on discord.
  2. Dayo

    Hello All

    Welcome back again
  3. i did find this script a while back but it didn't have support for brackets, i keep meaning to revisit it and add the support into it. <?php function evalAsMath($str) { $error = false; $div_mul = false; $add_sub = false; $result = 0; $str = preg_replace('/[^\d\.\+\-\*\/]/i','',$str); $str = rtrim(trim($str, '/*+'),'-'); if ((strpos($str, '/') !== false || strpos($str, '*') !== false)) { $div_mul = true; $operators = array('*','/'); while(!$error && $operators) { $operator = array_pop($operators); while($operator && strpos($str, $operator) !== false) { if ($error) { break; } $regex = '/([\d\.]+)\\'.$operator.'(\-?[\d\.]+)/'; preg_match($regex, $str, $matches); if (isset($matches[1]) && isset($matches[2])) { if ($operator=='+') $result = (float)$matches[1] + (float)$matches[2]; if ($operator=='-') $result = (float)$matches[1] - (float)$matches[2]; if ($operator=='*') $result = (float)$matches[1] * (float)$matches[2]; if ($operator=='/') { if ((float)$matches[2]) { $result = (float)$matches[1] / (float)$matches[2]; } else { $error = true; } } $str = preg_replace($regex, $result, $str, 1); $str = str_replace(array('++','--','-+','+-'), array('+','+','-','-'), $str); } else { $error = true; } } } } if (!$error && (strpos($str, '+') !== false || strpos($str, '-') !== false)) { $add_sub = true; preg_match_all('/([\d\.]+|[\+\-])/', $str, $matches); if (isset($matches[0])) { $result = 0; $operator = '+'; $tokens = $matches[0]; $count = count($tokens); for ($i=0; $i < $count; $i++) { if ($tokens[$i] == '+' || $tokens[$i] == '-') { $operator = $tokens[$i]; } else { $result = ($operator == '+') ? ($result + (float)$tokens[$i]) : ($result - (float)$tokens[$i]); } } } } if (!$error && !$div_mul && !$add_sub) { $result = (float)$str; } return $error ? 0 : $result; } echo evalAsMath("2+2*8"); // = 18
  4. What issues are you having with validation
  5. I have released version 1.0.2 of the glDirectory Gangster Legends mod that can be found here This makes the ACP labels more clear and lets you set the verification code from within the ACP
  6. register an account here https://directory.glscript.net/?page=gameList and then go to List Game. Once there follow the instructions
  7. Any game that signs up to the GL Game directory over the next two weeks will receive $25 worth of mods of their choice from the MWG market place! Just sign your game up here https://directory.glscript.net/ and PM we with the first 6 digits of your request key and you will receive $25 off any mods. Terms and Conditions Offer valid only for mods that I have made, you can find a list of these here If for example you wanted the poker script that is $40 you can use the $25 as part payment. Themes are included with this offer This offer can not be used with any other offer
  8. I have now updated the listing website so you can upload a feature image and 3 screenshots. You can list your game here: https://directory.glscript.net/ If you have any issues linking the game and the directory PM me or post below
  9. Beste Dayo,

    Ik heb een vraag aan jou is het moeilijk om update`s te maken voor gangster-legends en hoe doe je dit precies ik wil dit namelijk zelf ook een beetje leren kun je me hier mee helpen.


    Al vast bedankt Anton


    Kun je me misschien ook tips geven over mijn site zie.



    Al vast bedankt


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    2. Mercurius


      Dear Dayo,

      What I mean is whether it is difficult to make those modules for the site and whether you can teach me it and what programs I need for this and where I can download them.  Mvg. Anton

    3. Dayo


      It all depends on your coding knowledge, if you have experience with php it should be fairly easy, if not I would advise you learn at least the basics. As for programming programs if you are on windows I would look at xampp and an editor like visual studio or personally I use sublime 

    4. Mercurius


      I'm familiar with php, only I've never made a site myself, it was always existing scripts, but with some errors here and there that I got out of it, but never really wrote a piece myself

  10. Over the past week I have been setting up the Gangster Legends game directory this is an early access BETA you can check out the directory at https://glscript.net/directory/ there are instructions on how to sign up there, i have also added a GL module so that you can easily implement voting rewards to your game!
  11. Version 1.0.2


    This module allows users to get rewards for voting for your site on the GL Games Directory How to Install Before installing the mail module you will have to disable the current mail module. Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Follow the instructions
  12. It would be great to know where $action is missing ...
  13. Yeah GL Premium moved away from shipping with the core to just shipping the premium modules, it makes it a lot easier to support going forward, glad you like it 🙂
  14. how weird, what version are you downloading, you want version 1.0.0, i de-coupled the GL/GLPremium version numbers recently
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