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  1. Version 1.0.0

    Selling my mobster life theme, works with all versions of GL. This is not a single use licence, if there have been no sales and you want a single use licence it will cost $120 How To Install Go to your ACP > Theme Manager > Install Theme Upload ZIP File Select Mobster Life Theme in the "Game Theme" option Done.
  2. Dayo

    Slot Machine

    Version 1.0.0

    This is a very basic slot machine game users, can put money into the machine and pull the leaver. Depending on the output the slot machine pays out. Users can own the slot machine. How to Install Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Follow the instructions
  3. Maybe they dont want to be contacted?
  4. This is exactly why core files should not be edited ... i would advise agains ANY mod that requires you edit files. best bet would be to deactivate those mods and re-install them if you really need them
  5. Getting back on topic, if people want to download NWE engine the last known link on archive.org has this file available for download https://web.archive.org/web/20150801223518/http://nw-engine.com/ nwe_free (1).zip
  6. Yes your country of residence can prevent you from being sued due to different laws in different countries, the only protection having your server hosted in places like Russia in your example is they will just ignore DMCA notices. But if you are a resident of one of somewhere like UK, USA, Canada etc ... you can still be sued directly for damages/loss of income.
  7. None of what you say makes sense and here in the UK copyright lasts for 70 years after author's death. You cant just go around and say "This project hasn't had any updates in a year or two ... its free use now" Plus the fact that on their website there is a "coming soon" legally they can say it's still under development. I would love to see the legislation regarding this as everything i know about copyright/licensing will need to be thrown out the window
  8. Really not sure about that one, he may still take a claim to the project. The new owner is under no obligation to reply to emails. Even if he is a asshole it does not make it right for you to break copyright law
  9. Perhaps something like that
  10. I did make a module to make levels automatically
  11. The way i would do it is a bit different and a lot more flex-able rather then edit the output you would edit the input like so. <?php /* crimes.hooks.php */ new hook("crimeData", function ($data) { $data["C_cooldown"] *= 0.9; $data["C_money"] *= 1.1; return $data }); /* crimes.inc.php */ public function method_commit() { /* ... */ $crime = $this->db->select("SELECT * FROM crimes WHERE C_id = :crime", array( ':crime', $crimeID )); $hook = new Hook("crimeData"); $crimeInfo = $hook->run($crime, true); /* ... */ }
  12. They were re-named as we now use an auto loader for core classes, it was either rename the file or the class. It was decided it would be easier to rename the file.
  13. I can certainly add hooks to manipulate module data.
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