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  1. <{var}> enables you to pass HTML to the template so you could do something like <?php $data["extraHTMLVar"] = $itemType->getAdminHTML(); $this->html .= $this->page->buildElement("form", $data); //in .tpl.php you add this where you want to display html <{extraHTMLVar}> check this out https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-V2/wiki/Templating#variable-formatting
  2. Quick question why don’t you use <{extraHTML}> ?
  3. sorry the files were moved to this site a while back you can find it here
  4. Your just too slow @Dave 😛
  5. It is already on the market place here https://makewebgames.io/files/category/3-gangster-legends-v2/
  6. I've ran out of time to work on it, the base game is there it just needs some refinement and style tweaks here and there (i can help with that)
  7. take a look at https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-V2/blob/master/modules/installed/crimes/crimes.tpl.php
  8. The easiest way is to do something like <img src=“modules/installed/theft/images/{id}.png” /> Ahh just saw djkanna’s post 😛
  9. Mine varies but the last month or so its been about 8-10 hours
  10. @Twisted it you contact @Dave i think he is the one supporting 2.0.6. Thanks Sim and MNG for advertising GL, but sometimes its not a right fit for certain types of games and that's cool, GL is there to provide an alternative not as a replacement 🙂
  11. It’s hard to tell if it is the owner doing this or a member of the game. @Andrew Washington @UOTS-Owner can you comment on this?
  12. You can find some simple documentation regarding hooks at https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-V2/wiki/Hooks
  13. $this->db->insert("qyery", (array) $this->methodData); @sim
  14. I have now released this on GitHub and Make Web Games!
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