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  1. It's like you read my mind, I was working on the UI to install multiple modules at once. You would provide a zip file with two folders themes and modules. In each could be multiple zipfilea and it would install one at a time 🙂
  2. With Gangster Legends its very hard to make a different genre of game with it. Im wondering if it would be easier to develop, maintain and expand if i stripped 90% of the modules out of the game and released them free of charge. What would be left is a very basic framework that you could use for a Mafia Game, Si-Fi Game or even nothing to do with gaming. You could for example install nothing but the forum mod and have a private forum. The core would have: A basic bootstrap template User management The admin panel The module manager The Theme manager An improved module manager where you can add module repository's and install modules directly from the ACP (no need to install GIT or upload zip files) Free Modules: Every module currently in GL v2 The current GL v2 Theme What do people think of this idea?
  3. This is exactly why i wont allow 3rd party's to put things on my market place. Too much involved
  4. oh i didnt realise they were open source, is there a link for this as it could be useful for other projects?
  5. Im sorry if i have it wrong but if you look at tribalwars.net you share alot of the same graphics i.e. the village, map and icons. I played TW rounds 1&2 10+ years ago so i know the game very well.
  6. I have made a simple hospital mod where users can recover after being shot. Screenshots Download http://glscript.cdcoding.com/market.php?action=view&view=6
  7. With V2.2.2 i have added a basic installer making it easier to install, i have also fixed many bugs and improved some of the core code making it more configurable when making modules.
  8. Im offering the ability to turn your website into a very basic android app (using web view) this will require that your site is already mobile friendly (something else i can help with) for more info mail me.
  9. this is a clone of the old tribal wars game, they can come after you for copyright infringement especially for the artwork
  10. I have had several requests for the original GL v0.8.5 script ive since found it (thanks archive.org) and ive uploaded it to https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-Legacy I wont be offering many updates to this unless there is a major security flaw
  11. It will only show detectives that have been successful, it will also show them once the timer is up. If both f these are true it will then only show then for 1 hour before they are invalid.
  12. After a request i have made a simple scavenge the streets module. Within the admin panel you can alter various setting to increase/decrease payouts. The user can scavenge the streets once a day and can find money, bullets and points. You can download the module from GitHub and view the repository here. To install it you just download the zip file, rename it to scavenge.zip and then upload the .zip file within the "Admin Control Panel > Modules & Themes > Module Manager > Install Module" Screen Shots
  13. Nice find, i did see this but it didn't have all the icons i needed
  14. Dayo

    Game icons

    I found this a while ago, maybe its use to other people https://seiyria.com/gameicons-font/ or the github repo is here https://github.com/seiyria/gameicons-font
  15. Just added a .editorconfig file to the project (if im honest i had no idea this existed, gona put it in all my projects now. Also replaced all occurrences of a tab with 4 spaces. I should have never let it get that bad 😐
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