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  1. In its simplest form it’s electricity flowing through a rock and that does something ...
  2. I had a hour to burn this afternoon so I had a go at making a McCodes template, why do people think?
  3. Mind sharing what was wrong so other people know for the future?
  4. If you find generating the module.json difficult i can always make a tool to generate it.
  5. The idea is to add support early on so that when you want it later it's easy to add. Mod developers like yourself can always not use this functionality and hard code strings. But by having the option people can always contribute translation files that then open up the game/engine/mod to other markets. Once multi language support is added mod developers will not have to use it but it's there for those who do. And any modules that are supported i would make a nice UI so that new language files can be added by 3rd parties. At the end of the day you should be able to install a module without ever having to open up a code editor, currently if you want a different language (there are 3 GL games i know of at least that use different languages) you have to go in and edit code directly potentially causing issues for developers in the long run when you want to release a bug fix..
  6. so my idea was to do something like this: { "name": "Crimes", "version": "1.0.0", "description": "This module allows a user to commit crimes.", "author": { "name": "Chris Day", "url": "http:\/\/glscript.cdcoding.com" }, "pageName": "Crimes", "accessInJail": false, "requireLogin": true, "adminGroup": "Game Mechanics", "admin": [ { "text": "View Crimes", "method": "view" }, { "text": "New Crime", "method": "new" }, { "hide": true, "text": "Edit Crime", "method": "edit" }, { "hide": true, "text": "Delete Crime", "method": "delete" } ], "lang": { "en": { "successText": "Success", "faileText": "Failed" }, "de": { "successText": "Erfolg", "failedText": "Gescheitert" } } } I am working on caching all of the module.json files at the moment so all of the language files would be included within the cache.
  7. Is “car” in your allowedMethods? Also on a side note you should look at $this->error(...); and $this->db->select(...);
  8. Both the method I suggested as well as uaktags suggested use language files, but by having them in JSON rather then php any language with a JSON parser can read them.
  9. I’ve only sparingly looked through the code I’m just wondering if this is a overly complex way of doing this, by the looks of it loads JSON files then generates PHP code. I have been thinking how to do this for a while. I planned on adding language translations within the module.json file then adding the translation logic within the page class so you could do something like $this->page->translate(“crime.successText”); or if you was in the tpl.php file {translate crime.successText}
  10. Dayo


    I have a few apps on iOS and Android that I’ve made at work
  11. @Tom V Options is a flat array, it needs to be an array of arrays if that makes sense "options" => array( array( "name" => "Car 1", // ... ), array( "name" => "Car 2", // ... ), ) <?php $locations = $this->db->selectAll("SELECT L_name as 'name', L_id as 'id' FROM locations"); foreach ($locations as $key => $location) { $locations[$key]["options"] = $this->db->selectAll("SELECT * FROM garage WHERE G_location = :loc", array( ":loc" => $location["id"] )); }
  12. Have you tried putting back slashes for the quotes but the template engine uses {} so avoid using them inline
  13. Rather then putting JavaScript in .tpl.php files use .script.js files instead
  14. Yup last 30 days 32m request 9.2k unique visitors but a lot of my players use VPNs so it’s not accurate. I would say there is about 3-500 unique a day. but let’s get back on topic ... We can add more checks on install of who and where you are installing but it still doesn’t stop people viewing source code and sharing it. you can always see about contacting a lawyer about copyright infringement, you may have to pay them 50% of the settlement, but it acts as a deterrent. Ive personally had no issues selling mods here and to pull them from the market place because one idiot hasn’t grown up only hurts you and your income revenue going forward
  15. The problem with all of this is it’s all open source software. There is nothing stopping people removing checks etc ... you can’t really have calls to external servers as a game like mine with 1m hits a day would add too much overhead. Your also need that server to always be up forever
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