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  1. $them=$db->fetch_row($db->query("SELECT gang FROM users WHERE userid={$_GET['ID']}")); $me=$db->fetch_row($db->query("SELECT gang FROM users WHERE userid={$ir[userid']}")); if ($them = $me) { $labGain = 1000 * whatever multiplier you choose; } else { $labGain = 1000;} $db->query("UPDATE `userstats` SET `labour` = `labour` + $labGain WHERE `userid` = $userid");
  2. I've looked everywhere for those error logs and I can't find them. Where do I find them? It doesn't let me down. Except for those pesky white page errors. So ... is anyone interested in setting things up so that the error messages display instead of me getting a blank white page? I'd be willing to pay you for your time. Let me know it private message. Thanks all.
  3. I'm still having the same problem with white pages when there's an error. And yeah ... I'd like to get PHPStorm but I'm not paying $199 USD for it. I'd rather throw $20 or $30 or some agreed upon price to someone here who is trustworthy to set it up for me. Annnddd ... I really like Notepad++. So ... Anyone interested? Message me. Thanks. 🙂
  4. This is the table: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `referrals` ( `refID` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `refREFER` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `refREFED` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `refTIME` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `refREFERIP` varchar(15) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `refREFEDIP` varchar(15) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `refBONUS` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', PRIMARY KEY (`refID`) This is the query: INSERT INTO referrals VALUES('', 1, 48, unix_timestamp(),'','') The table has 7 columns. The query is only inserting 6. I don't thi
  5. Thank you everyone for your input! 😀
  6. When it comes to crons, is it better to have one query for each item or one query for multiple items where there is no WHERE clause. For example; $db->query("UPDATE users SET this+1"); $db->query("UPDATE users SET that+1"); $db->query("UPDATE users SET those+1"); OR $db->query("UPDATE users SET this+1, that+1, those +1"); Would you give some queries priority over others? In the example above (3 queries) would you put them in a different order or does that even matter? I'm wondering because a lot of times on other games, sometimes the cron will onl
  7. Welllll ... this is what I came up with after many hair pulling hours. Working in Paint, built in pic editor and Gimp. It started with finding the outer frame, the background texture and the sword. The frame wasn't what 100% what I wanted so I spliced the pic, saving the top half, then mirror imaged it. Yeah. One job done. Not. I had to use GIMP to cut out the inside of the frame to make it transparent. Then I pulled the background texture into GIMP, then pasted the frame onto the texture and cut out the external areas of the texture around the frame. Yay! Then I opened that in my b
  8. Not too mention the fact that a lot of game admin like to follow a similar pattern in their games so that players will recognize who owns/runs the game.
  9. Hey, all! I'm wondering if anyone knows of a program, preferably free, that will change images to game icons. Like the example above. Neither are my images, I searched an old game for an example and then searched google for the "live" pic to give you an idea of what I'd like to be able to do. I'm lousy at graphics. Basically anything I try to do in any type of graphics goes from sugar to shit very quickly. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!! 🙂
  10. Click the Marketplace link at the top of the page. It shows all mods for sale and for free. I don't know if they are Mccodes or not.
  11. Which part ... the crons or the -21 days?
  12. With the fixes that I recommended or something different? In case someone else has the same problem or a different problem it would be good to know. Thanks.
  13. Add the files here and highlight the lines that are causing the errors. And show the error messages you are getting. If you're still wondering where and how to change the links; You can replace the links wherever you find them in the code in this mod. Anywhere you see the [url] tag ... replace it with the <a href> tag.
  14. Which part of the code are you getting errors from? You stated you were having issues with the links not working??? Where and which ones?
  15. Just a caution; This sounds like a really good idea, but I would also include a deny option from the opposing gang. Players work hard for crystals, money, respect, etc.. I'd also make sure that any of the raiding options do not include items that are real cash items (donator items). As a player, I know I'd be royally pissed if another gang raided mine and stole something that we worked hard to get. I'd put a limit to how often in a month gangs could do this. You're opening a door for a gang to abuse it otherwise. OR ... offer a donator item that stops gang raids. Some
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