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  1. When I get home from work i'll see what I can do..
  2. Iv'e found a fix for this there is nothing wrong with the JS files its the public function loadScripts() { $jsFiles = [ '/modules/installed/moduleEditor/ace/ace.js', '/modules/installed/moduleEditor/ace/ext-modelist.js', '/modules/installed/moduleEditor/ace/ext-language_tools.js', ]; $scripts = ''; foreach ($jsFiles as $jsFile) { $scripts .= "<script src='{$jsFile}'></script>\n\r"; } $this->html .= $this->page->buildElement('jsFiles', ['scripts' => $scripts]); } lines 53 - 55 '/modules/installed/moduleEditor/ace/ace.js', '/modules/installed/moduleEditor/ace/ext-modelist.js', '/modules/installed/moduleEditor/ace/ext-language_tools.js', I had to put my folder name before the first '/ so mine looks like this now and that seems to fix the issue '/gangster/modules/installed/moduleEditor/ace/ace.js', '/gangster/modules/installed/moduleEditor/ace/ext-modelist.js', '/gangster/modules/installed/moduleEditor/ace/ext-language_tools.js',
  3. these are just small adjustments which puts a EXIT link on each of the error notifications and a Cancel button on the Compose mail incase you dont want to send one mail.inc.php Ive updated the TPL file which should fix the SUBJECT repeating issue mail.tpl.php
  4. damn i need to install this engine and get back to working
  5. Nice one i havent written anything yet for GL may have to look this one up for futrure ref 🙂
  6. iv'e seen your coding ability and you should be on the list very clean and crisp work 🙂
  7. There was actually a script someone wrote that was available on here do a look up for cronless crons this is the mentioned link removal of 1 minute crons
  8. what PHP current version is your site running on ?
  9. Since 2007 MWG has been my home also at that time known as Criminalexiatance all i know is MWG and when it went I lost a lot of friends still some missing today thank you Dave for reviving MWG...
  10. A page counter would be an advantage it would display all PHP files and the number people who visit each page that way if a page isnt doing so well you can maybe upgrade it or get rid of it
  11. how about if on the admin panel you had a choice of swapping between Email or username on the login box did anyone also spot the GANE STATS
  12. That part worked fine on your version i was on about the username editor i made that one didnt work.... Yours works flawlessly
  13. This upload/install didnt work for me kept mentioning needs the JSON file when i unzipped it there is a folder within a folder which is the cause also your module.json refers to Attack just so your aware Sim... but the mod does work great 🙂 I should have looked on the downloads before trying to do my own Edit Username which worked to an extent I used the profile module to add the change username.. HOWEVER it didnt work correctly you could change your name to any ones name within the game...
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