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  1. I think i still have the project V3 on a spare HD i'll have too dig it out
  2. you are aware that this Mod was made for NWE and not MCCODES ?
  3. I did finish the script but as FunMayHem have since closed the marketplace its no longer available I'll have toi look on some old hard drives to see if i can find a copy of it
  4. is it healing both users at same time ?
  5. Maybe Remove healing Item from healers inv when they use the HEAL. and if user doesnt have anything to heal anyone with the the HEAL option isnt displayed
  6. Uridium

    MakeWebGames engine?

    Count me in even if its only for Ideas
  7. im not sure but try not spacing the <?php example line 1 <?php rather than line 1 <?php
  8. I thought it was you fixing the wisecrime.com website ?
  9. I still see the forums error ? Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''SELECT id, date_subbed, ft_id' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE) in /home3/tozwh5hh/public_html/forum.php on line 646
  10. i'll have a play see what i can find
  11. well done nice and fast :)
  12. worked for me however there is an issue with forums on your game Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''SELECT id, date_subbed, ft_id' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE)
  13. Well done matey, damn I recall when we were all small time codies and look at you now America and Adobe. Excellent news Dave all the best
  14. Uridium

    Vouch for meh

    SRB he da man thats all ya need to know ? lol
  15. Uridium

    Mobile Design

    too make sure that the Phone recognises your cell/mobile page add this bit of script to your index or header.php page <SCRIPT> if( /Android|webOS|iPhone|iPad|iPod|BlackBerry|IEMobile|Opera Mini/i.test(navigator.userAgent) ) { var url = "http://m.wizwych.com/"; $(location).attr('href',url); } </script> obs change the URL to reflect to your site folder for the mobile/cell version. That way when a player who's on their phone plays it will AUTO go to the correct version.
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