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  1. Uridium

    Mobile Design

    too make sure that the Phone recognises your cell/mobile page add this bit of script to your index or header.php page <SCRIPT> if( /Android|webOS|iPhone|iPad|iPod|BlackBerry|IEMobile|Opera Mini/i.test(navigator.userAgent) ) { var url = "http://m.wizwych.com/"; $(location).attr('href',url); } </script> obs change the URL to reflect to your site folder for the mobile/cell version. That way when a player who's on their phone plays it will AUTO go to the correct version.
  2. quit being a girl and man up whats done was done and its over the name ILLUSIONS has died not the person
  3. very true I apologise
  4. very well said. I must have made about 60 mods for MCCODES v2 and have enjoyed every minute creating them, Ive never actually made a fully working game, even though people tell me i am silly not too, I just dont like the thought of running a game..
  5. Uridium


    Who owns the rights to the RC engine ? I know IceColdCola owned it at one stage....
  6. Uridium


    hey i am the pope 😉
  7. Uridium


    do people still need mods and is V2 still alive for the use of mods ?
  8. How do i change name on here step by step pls lol Who was the user on orig CE/MWG called ISEEYOU ???
  9. Never coded in my life im a full time grandad now to my beautiful grandaughter Teagan whos approaching 8 month old. Yep its a daunting task starting all over again as a carer but shes worth it.....
  10. Uridium

    WC: Ruthless

    I actually made a Education mod for this engine years ago worked well, I also helped create some of the scripts within the admin panel
  11. look at the SQL under notepad++ check and make sure the SQL isnt corrupt example a stray ' can cause major issues so open in notepad++ set to SQL mode and see if there are any discrepencies example greyed text where it should start BLUE for a new TABLE.. Worked for me
  12. Hey up me bitches the dead has arrived, joking aside its nice to be home again
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