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  1. just so your aware that conf_id in this being 18 only need to be the next available number on your conf_id so if yours stops at 55 then start this one at 56 make a txt file called filedata.txt this is for the inview of the filedata.php file which will allow you to change the link of the file you want to edit to a new one so you dont have to keep uploading filedata.php all the time. INSERT INTO `settings` (`conf_id`, `conf_name`, `conf_value`) VALUES ('56', 'editpage', 'explore.php');
  2. im assuming its for this but i could be wrong University Of The Streets
  3. Not at the moment: but we will keep you posted..
  4. Neab/RPE is undergoing a massive transformation and is being updated to work with PHP 7.4 and higher new features are being added and new character map/layout and images are being implemented. This is work in progress and we are pleased with the current results. The old admin panel has been upgraded and more options for staff have been added. your probably wondering why I have placed RPE after Neab well the new name for Neab engine.. is Rusted Pipe Engine...
  5. As the title suggests will an old copy of mccv2 work on todays php upgrade.....
  6. Just looking at some of the names from your list with a great big smile on my face, Would love to rewind the clock and have the fun we used to have on here. from the days of "Criminal Existence" when I had just started out with MCCODES...
  7. I think i still have the project V3 on a spare HD i'll have too dig it out
  8. you are aware that this Mod was made for NWE and not MCCODES ?
  9. I did finish the script but as FunMayHem have since closed the marketplace its no longer available I'll have toi look on some old hard drives to see if i can find a copy of it
  10. is it healing both users at same time ?
  11. Maybe Remove healing Item from healers inv when they use the HEAL. and if user doesnt have anything to heal anyone with the the HEAL option isnt displayed
  12. Count me in even if its only for Ideas
  13. im not sure but try not spacing the <?php example line 1 <?php rather than line 1 <?php
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