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  1. what PHP current version is your site running on ?
  2. Since 2007 MWG has been my home also at that time known as Criminalexiatance all i know is MWG and when it went I lost a lot of friends still some missing today thank you Dave for reviving MWG...
  3. A page counter would be an advantage it would display all PHP files and the number people who visit each page that way if a page isnt doing so well you can maybe upgrade it or get rid of it
  4. how about if on the admin panel you had a choice of swapping between Email or username on the login box did anyone also spot the GANE STATS
  5. That part worked fine on your version i was on about the username editor i made that one didnt work.... Yours works flawlessly
  6. This upload/install didnt work for me kept mentioning needs the JSON file when i unzipped it there is a folder within a folder which is the cause also your module.json refers to Attack just so your aware Sim... but the mod does work great 🙂 I should have looked on the downloads before trying to do my own Edit Username which worked to an extent I used the profile module to add the change username.. HOWEVER it didnt work correctly you could change your name to any ones name within the game...
  7. Has anyone installed this mod and if so was it easy from the instructions and working
  8. downloaded and installed where is this to download ?
  9. I may have to start learning this engine code make some mods
  10. im the same i cant see an error HOWEVER what you need to do now is a bit of detective work on the INSERT INTO count from the insert how many is being INSERTED i can see there are 15 now goto you phpmyadmin ITEMS table and count those should be 15 or 16 (16 incase ID isnt being inserted.. so now all we do is this its a pain but for a Beginner it does work.... ALTER this $db->query( "INSERT INTO `items` VALUES(NULL, {$_POST['itmtype']}, '$itmname', '$itmdesc', {$_POST['itmbuyprice']}, {$_POST['itmsellprice']},
  11. paste your staff_items.php just the NEW ITEM and EDIT ITEM parts
  12. looking at the insert i can see a ,, after 750,,'1' that could be a starting point for you
  13. maintenance_mod.rar there is a readme.txt file included any issues post on here
  14. Sorry still coding.. It dawned on me that displaying a time to come back to the game could put people off... So ive implemented a colour changer basically like a set of traffic lights Red, Amber Green as your work progresses you can inform your members by changing the colour of the Time block even though your time says 72hours and 25 minutes your users can watch the colours change from red to amber to green to inform them that the work is nearing completion... fixed a few bugs it didn't notice in the meantime
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