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  1. lol RIP best days of gaming on the web, you will be missed
  2. @Canjucks should be search
  3. yup the v2.3 have it
  4. yeah the engine need one i started making one for my fantasy game but its complicated and not sure i will ever sell it but i think it might be a good idea for a mod to expand the Workout mod
  5. GL base system is built on the idea that you dont find players easy to make it hard to find and kill them but if you dont use the GL kill players idea then you gona be building another fight system, at that time you have/are a coder where you will make that feature in your game but good idea i might re-make MCC search here in GL
  6. there is no programe like that as far as i know but it can be made in photoshop or any image editing software be it free or paid as long as it have multi-layer feature
  7. well GL have level gernerator and level manager wher you can meke that
  8. as for the theme iv got some already made for GL 2 on the market or i can make a custom one PM me here on on discord (my ID is in my signature)
  9. now we talking in GL is already game ready even with the free you add some mods from the market and if you want a theme i have the "yakuza theme" ready for GL
  10. thanks for the mention ❤️ , iv been away recently but will be back like before soon
  11. it was disabled some time ago not sute if its still the same but as far i remember thats how it is
  12. IP System.zip this should be it btw i got most (if not all) the items sold or provided in mccodes 😄
  13. it can but you will have to edit lot of codes, tho with the Mysqli class that make it litle easy but still there is some code that need to be changed
  14. ags_cs4

    Work Setups

    @Dayocongrats brother its very clean, well done 👍
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