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  1. there were lot of bugs that got fixed, so it should be in the market very soon trying to put it with almost no bugs, busy IRL so i wont be online like always btw the english in it is not the best expect lot of typo 🤣
  2. Sim check the github wiki there is a hook that change module template and another for globaltemplate
  3. ags_cs4


    @cobraz thats what colors the client wanted whan i mad that theme, but planing to release some other colors when i finish what im working on
  4. ags_cs4


    what you expect from 2012 topic
  5. should be around the 30-50 the more i look in this mod the more i want to add more things xDD maybe will take more than that time 🤣 will try to make the mod ready for upgrade to next update as much as i can next verison will have challenges and custom races, and a way to make races from acp for racing event if any more idea tell me will see if i like it maybe it can be in the mod
  6. only the garage will be small edited to look smthing like this, but i can edit it for any one its not a big problem at all
  7. tonight or tommorrow morning the mod will be droping, jsut checking and doing some tests
  8. ags_cs4

    GLV2 Travel Mod

    yea that true for GL energy based gameplay but dont forget the core of the engine is timer based so most mods are coded for that in mind
  9. well technicly he didnt stole he bought the mod from euro then rename and did small edit then post the mod for free and it was here in mwg
  10. well he removed my design, but later he bought eurogangster mod and rename it and post it for free dave banned his new acc but i dont think he will do any thing he got smoked in the community
  11. as he said you are asking for at least 600$+ work for a small share from a game not making income (yet), in a time the text based is saturated with at least 500+ game (40 at least using GL) i wich it get good for ur game but i will kindly refuse.
  12. hello yall, latly have been working on this mod when im free, it started simple each car have top speed, handling, acceleration, and one race track and thats it but i was thinking to my self wtf im doing if i go why not go all out so i started adding more car info Termac, Dirt, Braking, image, class (A, B, C, D, E), added more race track can be made from ACP (thanks to some old mcc mod 😄) its almost ready it need: ACP need to be updated Race calculation (calculate the winner ...) Challenges (not sure yet but maybe) Race track property Here some screenshots:
  13. i advice you to get the latest version from Github i fixed that bug there Here is my fix https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-V2/commit/19ff7eaaed2d1dadd3b185d2918998fdb423e4f2
  14. as far as u can prove u the owner of the psd i can convert it
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