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  1. IP System.zip this should be it btw i got most (if not all) the items sold or provided in mccodes πŸ˜„
  2. it can but you will have to edit lot of codes, tho with the Mysqli class that make it litle easy but still there is some code that need to be changed
  3. ags_cs4

    Work Setups

    @Dayocongrats brother its very clean, well done πŸ‘
  4. thanks for the mention πŸ™‚ , its great to be mentioned i nthe same post next to the legends πŸ˜„
  5. lol 8 months later i wich i kept more than 50$ in btc πŸ˜„ , but i think the price will stay in the 30k for some time unless some big news hit and the price will rise/fall but good luck to you all btc holders
  6. { "hide": true, "text": "Delete Job", "method": "deleteJob" }, remove the last , in array in json
  7. thats good to hear, i wanted to hit you up but as i have lost my grandfather every plan i had for this month fell apart, good luck will be looking to see how its gona look πŸ™‚
  8. Wise crime was using grpg i think but it changed last year to gl engine Wise crime was using grpg i think but it changed last year to gl engine
  9. thanks mate, as i said in the dm i dont care any more i will be releasing the mods he didnt pay for, for free verry soon, im working on something secret and they will be released there as a launche free stuff
  10. lol tbh i got jalouse πŸ˜„ our country said we gona help you all and you wont lose your job in this epidemic , then 3 months later "ugh sorry guys we cant, we dont have enought money for you all, and to all who lost their jobs sorry again we cant help" but i'v been doing better that with my last job, thanks to all who bought or had a job with me it was a great help and it was fun comming back full-time dev, i will keep doing it πŸ™‚
  11. there this sort array key it will sort the menu depending on it lower number mean will be first so number them like 10 20 30 ... 10 will be first 20 second and so on
  12. Wich theme are you using the default or the 3 column ? If 3 cols then just move the panel easy but for default theme i never tested this but i think just edit the position of the array in page.php class
  13. Its not wrong just it dont need a module just edit you theme template thats all
  14. Well it was not free paid but jast paymet for later, i dont work for free just like that. Unless we worked together befor or i like the guy and his idea i do it to help his game grow. Yeah this was the last time i help out of my free time Thanks mate Well he did pay before and the expΓ©rience was smooth no problem at all but imaging doing that just to see my guard down and do it like this But fk it ik i deserve it i give too much space for ppl but some fuck face dont give a shit. Well i have lot of contributions in the community so no need for that bu
  15. so there this ***** kid iv been working with him since his start of his game, made lof of fixes edits for his game, he paid once normally but then later he disapeared for 2 monthshes been dodging my msgs, untill recently i talked about his game he responded like its nothing the moment i mentioned my money he said he will sort it then not responding for some days, then he removed me from friends or blocked me in discord so i cant send him msgs. i contacted him in his game same, here in MWG same he visited my profile, left the DM - who is this *****? its XANAX (his discord:
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