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  1. ags_cs4

    WC: Ruthless

    good luck even tho this type of game is almost dead but wish u good luck 🙂
  2. hey @Samurai Legend maybe u dont remember me but we talked on some occasions back in the days its great to see the elite ppl from old days 😛 , i would like to join but i dont have much time but i can help in any thing just hook me up and i will see what i can do 🙂
  3. yeah i know but i think its a good game to take idea from it ;)
  4. i will test it and tell you ;)
  5. its the same as i remember " ags_cs4 "
  6. Good for you bro i really miss the game ,tell me when you create the game ;)
  7. [MENTION=65073]lucky3809[/MENTION]: thanks we have the same opinion about RC Engine :o [MENTION=65530]Coly010[/MENTION]: i will go with you idea so just build my own engine and thanks :D [MENTION=68711]KyleMassacre[/MENTION]: yeah every mod has "user" row that what i hate in MCC the most thanks all so i will just build my own engine and i will use MCC classe and functions so thanks again every one :o :)
  8. [MENTION=70854]Truefalse[/MENTION] yeah i know and i hate it so much my friend have one and its so boring and don't have any game testament and thanks for your idea [MENTION=68711]KyleMassacre[/MENTION] i have one already and i have been developing it since 2010 OR 2009 (i don't remember exactly) so i love it <3 and i find its so heavy in the server so i want to re-make my game to be responsive in any device and phones ...ect   you can see my MOD http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=118 http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=130 http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=131 http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=132 http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=136
  9. hello MWG , i'm searching for a game engine like MCC & and something like TornCity to develop it , and i didnt like the NW and GRPG and GL and ezRPG so if you have tested a game engine so point it to me it dasnt mater i need just the basics functions like zap engine and i like it so i think i will remake it to a mafia game for the time begin   so any one have a mafia or a simple engine give me its name or download link and thanks for the reading sorry for my bad english, im from algeria and i speak arabic and franch ;)
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