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  1. ags_cs4


    @urbanmafia nah i dont think any thing else need to be changed , but maybe the background need to be different than the tbale content? but so far its good
  2. ags_cs4


    hey good luck with the recoding, and for feedback not a big fan of the header, but over all looking dope good job 👍
  3. ags_cs4

    Buy Points

    not sure you need more to know than About This File , so you review and say its a scam you seem new here but chris is one of the most trusted people here in MWG, and 2ndly he is a busy man when he have time he will answer with so much passion. disapointed for you 1 star review 👎
  4. we need more info we cant say , put your ipn file here, see the error log put the error or something
  5. `steps`=`steps`= the error is here just use one `steps`=
  6. what engine you using???
  7. ags_cs4

    Crack The Safe

    nice mod, but it would ahve been great if it use admin panel and no need to edit anything in code. but either way that was nice mod 👍
  8. Hello and welcome to this small community if you need help on something just say it there is alot of people willing to help 🙂
  9. Version 1.0.0


    IsAdminDark? - Admin Panel Theme, is just small edit of the Default theme.


  10. The new family member is out now, not big but great addon.
  11. Version 1.1.1

    This new design is simple but advanced than the default one, it have a filter for user ranks, when you hover a group you see only the players in that group. ex: you hover over the admin group, only the admins will be shown. Install: - log into cpannel -> Modules & Themes -> Module Manager -> INSTALL MODULE -> then upload the zip file. - and thats it. next version: will have gangs filter ... [need help contact me here] the theme used in the screen shots is "Dark Streets"


  12. this can be implimented with some tweaks but this it not great with gl right now but nice idea for later
  13. i already did this to my old game but its not that hard to make , i pass the torch to @Dave, @Dayo they can make it 🙂
  14. i'm just curious if any one is using my files / theme wana see some progress of your work. if you didnt follow my work in PBBG discord i was working in v1 mcc but due to some reasons in real life i stoped working in all my projects, i even sold one , but i didnt want to stop giving back to this awsome community that made me who im i right now, so i released the current theme of my current project for free was planing to release it for 20$ first but i changed my mind later as i didnt finish it all, but i will keep trying to make new thing in GL when i have free time. i wich if some one convert gift/challenge are to gl, i would be greatful. if you didnt see my files here a link https://makewebgames.io/profile/18522-ags_cs4/content/?type=downloads_file
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