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  1. no need to add folder name just remove the first /
  2. as i suck on sql i will move to the side and let the expers talk 😄
  3. i will say its not an enum error should be an sql use == no just one and !$row use the count function in pdo rowCount()
  4. every thing is for sale for the right price 🤣
  5. i did lot of work on GL v2 i can help out DM me in discord (PHPkiller#5602) we can talk it out
  6. lol no the design was cool but the MCv1 was shit it needed to be updated to OOP and i couldnt deal with that shit so i stopped im thinking of making the theme in GL it will come really good
  7. ags_cs4


    hey @KyleMassacre flip the $user->add(); variable around as the new version have the db col first then the number(value) to add
  8. oh nice didnt know, good luck bud life is hard in the recent 2 years
  9. this have been abondoned 10 years ago like 2012 or 2011
  10. i dont think its coded in PHP there is no how you did, just find some youtube or some books and start learning
  11. ags_cs4

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    it should be if no i can fix it
  12. same here too its way faster over discord work great for both work and gaming, skype been ages since last time i used it 😄 since i started using teamspeak for VOIP
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