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  1. Bought the second I saw it 😛 Thank you Kyle, what a great addition to have 🙂 I love it!!
  2. I downloaded/tested module and found no problem with installation, nothing should need "tweaking". I believe you may of installed incorrectly. Please contact me, I offer full support for all my modules. You can find me on here or Discord BeNiiiBoiii#1377
  3. BeNiiiBoiii


    I tested the module and found no such error. Please contact me so I can try and resolve this for you.
  4. I'm hoping to build an attack system addon to go with my item system at some point 😛 I may update the free attack bundle as well (really don't like it lol).. But I want to release a theme first 🙂
  5. This is looking nice man 🙂 keep up the good work! 👍
  6. Thanks man, I've called it 1.0.0 because its all new.. 1.0.3 was the old inventory module 🙂
  7. Hey guys, just wanted everyone to know that I have pushed a big update on my inventory module. It's now an item system bundle containing 3 modules Inventory, Items and Shops. It's free to download for anyone who purchased my original inventory module. More details about the module can be found here
  8. Welcome to the forum 🙂
  9. Not quiet sure what you're on about sim? In his screen shot he has clearly circled the "crime" timer in the header? and the question was to make that go red when crimes are committed. Which my fix does. So with my code, it will update the new "crime-{id}" timers as usual but will also update the original "crime" timer that is set in header, ASLONG as the crime cooldown + current time is higher than currently set "crime" timer (I'm crap at explaining xD) Basically say you did a crime with a 45 second timer.. then immediately after committed a crime that is 25 seconds long then "crime" timer will not update.. The end result is basically crime timer will be red when ANY crime is in cooldown, and green if NO crimes are in cooldown. Edit: With all that said.. I'm sure Dayo's update will be much better than this fix lol
  10. Inside crimes.inc line 56 change to else { then below line 139 add if ($crimeInfo->C_cooldown + time() > $this->user->getTimer('crime')) { $this->user->updateTimer('crime', $crimeInfo->C_cooldown, true); } Hope this helps.
  11. He means dont edit bootstrap.css I'd recommend adding them into your styles.css This did the trick for me.
  12. BeNiiiBoiii


    I have just uploaded an up to date version of this mod, all bug's have been fixed as well as some template changes, I've also added a sell function. I will also send you the updated version on Discord. Any problems just message me 🙂 Thanks for purchasing.
  13. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎅🎄🎁
  14. You do relise we are using this theme on criminal empire? 😅
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