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  1. Not quiet sure what you're on about sim? In his screen shot he has clearly circled the "crime" timer in the header? and the question was to make that go red when crimes are committed. Which my fix does. So with my code, it will update the new "crime-{id}" timers as usual but will also update the original "crime" timer that is set in header, ASLONG as the crime cooldown + current time is higher than currently set "crime" timer (I'm crap at explaining xD) Basically say you did a crime with a 45 second timer.. then immediately after committed a crime that is 25 seconds long th
  2. Inside crimes.inc line 56 change to else { then below line 139 add if ($crimeInfo->C_cooldown + time() > $this->user->getTimer('crime')) { $this->user->updateTimer('crime', $crimeInfo->C_cooldown, true); } Hope this helps.
  3. He means dont edit bootstrap.css I'd recommend adding them into your styles.css This did the trick for me.
  4. BeNiiiBoiii


    I have just uploaded an up to date version of this mod, all bug's have been fixed as well as some template changes, I've also added a sell function. I will also send you the updated version on Discord. Any problems just message me 🙂 Thanks for purchasing.
  5. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎅🎄🎁
  6. You do relise we are using this theme on criminal empire? 😅
  7. make sure line 5 of investments.hooks.php reads: if ($user && $user->checkTimer("investment")) { and not if ($user->checkTimer("investment")) { I had a problem with investments and this was the fix.. but you may have a different issue..
  8. 😭 haha!! Thank you for you're kind words bro 😊
  9. Wow! Lovely work as always mate 🙂
  10. Is the module down for good or being updated? Went to grab latest version and not there 😑
    Great work! Awesome feature to have 🙂
  11. I think @Spydre452 summed it up nicely! Great game, I'll be sticking round for sure 🙂 Good job guys
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