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  1. make sure line 5 of investments.hooks.php reads: if ($user && $user->checkTimer("investment")) { and not if ($user->checkTimer("investment")) { I had a problem with investments and this was the fix.. but you may have a different issue..
  2. 😭 haha!! Thank you for you're kind words bro 😊
  3. Wow! Lovely work as always mate 🙂
  4. Is the module down for good or being updated? Went to grab latest version and not there 😑
  5. This is my current entry 🙈
    Great work! Awesome feature to have 🙂
  6. I think @Spydre452 summed it up nicely! Great game, I'll be sticking round for sure 🙂 Good job guys
  7. Back in November I joined the forum and decided to make a game, I used a free host. A couple months later, long story short.. I lost all my user's stats 😨, being on a free host (plus not saving backups) I had no way of retrieving the lost data. I told Dave about my issue which lead to me changing hosting to MWG, and I'm really glad I did! Firstly, it's real cheap! I pay $2.95 a month but you can get for $1.25 🙂 I can pay for it out of my account balance, which is very handy! Since changing I've had no server issues everything's been really smooth. The added bonus is that you have support from Dave 24/7 and he's been great! Can't Recommend this service enough!! ★★★★★ from me, thanks again @Dave 🙂
  8. Welcome Ryan 🙂 Do you have a link to the escape game? Sounds really cool
  9. BeNiiiBoiii


    Wheres your game? 😠
    Get addition to my game! Was waiting for a mod that uses IP address! Very handy, Great work! 🙂
  10. BeNiiiBoiii

    Grow Mod

    Version 1.0.1

    This module allows user's to grow cannabis! User's are able to buy seed's and location's to grow. Each seed has a buy and sell price. Each grow location has capacity of how many seeds can be planted at once. It takes 24 hours for seed's to grow. Once the seed's are grown, you're then able to harvest for $$$! You're able to view, edit, delete and create new seed's and location's in the admin panel. Just upload ZIP through module manager to install. Demo can be found on https://themadcity.co.uk


  11. Catch the robber sounds awesome! Cant wait to see it! Keep up the good work 👍
  12. I think the point still stands, that the person who done it is on here, if anything it's even worse that someone is using other user's names! I had someone on my game back along advertising their game.. think it was gangster prime or something like that.. they "claimed" to be the owner of it and was messaging my users to join it.. I don't even have an active player base 🤣
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