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  1. Thanks! Why oh why isn't this also in user settings. 😬 I'm gonna try Dark here for awhile. It's nice but I was already somewhat used to light. Hard to call it so far. 🤔
  2. FoohonPie

    Mysql Shim

    There is code that is perfect that never gets done, and then there is code that is imperfect that gets a project to its users. Sometimes worse is better than better.
  3. I didn't realize there was an option. How do we try dark? I don't see it in my account settings. 😬
  4. I saw the first episode. I enjoyed it, but the pacing felt a little off. I'd like to give it another shot sometime though.
  5. Anything instrumental. Words will just pull me right out of my focus. Btw, I appreciate the wording of this question. I've heard it said that the rule against ending on prepositions is antiquated. To that, I say, "what for?".
  6. No problem! I've been pouring myself into my own game for nearly 3 years now, so the question of "what if nobody gives a damn" is very familiar to me. On another note, I do believe there is something about our medium specifically, or at least with persistent text-based worlds, that provide an experience that simply cannot exist in any other way. I wrote about this a bit here: In other words, the line between "game" and "real life" becomes much fuzzier when the communication mechanism (reading and typing) for both is exactly the same. That is 100% unique to persistent browser offerings, in a way that console or pc games will never be able to capture.
  7. The comparison I always make is between movies and books. Sure, the Harry Potter films are fantastic but there will always be a group of people who prefer to read even when there is a compelling and flashier alternative to watch with all kinds of crazy CGI. Board games are another comparison. Call of Duty is great, but so is chess. Text-based games will always have a market. That's evident enough by the traction both here in MWG and pbbg.com. I'm becoming more and more convinced that we're on the cusp of a second era, we just need the right coordination as devs to elevate ourselves and our projects to meet modern user expectations for web/app UI. The market is there, it's the offerings we provide that need to catch up.
  8. Be careful, I hear those guys are smelly.
  9. I noticed when I posted in the Discord chat that MWG doesn't have correct OG data for its home page. Compare how our 2 links rendered: Seems fine on topic links though:
  10. He must mean Copenhagen, Netherlands. It's a city in the future after the great NL-DK war of 2035 that will see NL conquer much of Northwestern Europe and strangely, a few regions in South America too. @SRB has travelled back in time to giving us a warning! Well, a warning for the Danish anyway.
  11. Hello! My name is Vince, but I go by "Pie" most places online. I'm a software engineer by trade and hobby and have been interested in PBBGs, a subset of webgames, ever since I first played Planetarion all those years ago. These days I run Imperial Conflict, which I bought from the original owner who abandoned it for years, a story I am hearing again and again as I meet more players-turned-devs. I also run pbbg.com, a site and directory I created for the service of PBBG devs and players alike. I love helping fellow devs, and although I don't claim to be an expert I'll happily answer as best I can those who need assistance. It's great to meet you all!
  12. Huzzah! Good to see MWG back in action. 👍
  13. Hi everybody, nice to meet you all. 🙂 I look forward to a wonderful exchange between our communities for the benefit of our collective dev base. 😄
  14. A wild Pie appears!

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