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  1. AdamHull

    Mail System

    What engine is this originally buit on
  2. Just looked at the hosting, you can change the php version your self using the Multi PHP manager from within cpanel https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/how-to-change-php-versions-using-multiphp-manager/ Using the link above will show you how to do this and should be the same on your host, i would advise using 5.4 until you have converted to php 7
  3. @Davemay tweak your hosting if you ask nicely to run this, or you could look into running a mysql shim and upgrading the other functions that are depreciated
  4. My tip, run before it takes over your life 😜 PS: Welcome 🙂
  5. Does your inspector throw any errors?
  6. Please can you stop grave digging for old projects and asking for them, the user has not been active since 2015, i doubt he will see your messages
  7. This post is from 2014, i doubt this will still be for sale, especially when the owner hss been inactive in over 4 years
  8. hi can u code

  9. Heavily modified GRPG i belive
  10. He isn't banned and also got a $25 prize for 2nd highest referrals, I do however belive he is just a player
  11. I got a error on pre registration saying try again later!
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