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  1. Its not sorted as he had bought GRPG v2 from someone who should not be selling it
  2. how can it keep people intrigued when you have not given out any information 🤣
  3. I'm interested in seeing what you have made
  4. I mean 🙄 If your looking for work try https://www.freelancer.com/ Might help you out more. But I don't know anyone who would take a freelancer using a phone as their main coding device We have hired a developer 🙂
  5. Can you run terminal commands and generate migrations? I dont want to seem like a d*ck but i can not hire someone who codes on a phone unfortunately. Coding is slower and its complex trying to code on a phone. I just don't think it would work out
  6. Can you run a local copy on your phone? Can you run terminal on your phone to install locally? Can you edit files and push directly to git from your phone? Can you host and run mysql from your phone?
  7. If your struggling to find your changes, i highly suggest you look inti a version control software, will make your life 100 times easier
  8. Thanks curt, all developers will be vetted and also a NDA signed too
  9. AdamHull


    You could at least the guy a chance. I mean you could of gave him this as constructive criticism and not just be harsh
  10. Looks good, reminds me of one similar a very long time ago!
  11. @Aaron_i know a guy! Just to busy 😅
  12. MCC v1 is a different engine to GLv2, im not sure on the difference between the paid and free versions in the GL engine, @Dayo is your guy
  13. The original owners of the engine abandoned it in 2012, there will be no new updates for the engine, I'm sure we coule get a open source community project running using MCC v1 to upgrade and build a better engine
  14. You would have to post the details before anyone is going to quote you, what happens if the person quotes you a price but you then tell them its more than they have quoted you? To find someone to help you, be upfront tell people your needs for a accurate quote
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