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  1. Hello, I am happy to announce that GRPG V2 is now available to download on the market place. I will be updating the screenshots on the engine as soon as I am free to do so! The channel discord is available on the post above if you would like to chat anymore about this engine, or feel free to message me through here
  2. adamhull


    Version 2.0.1

    GRPG V2! This version of GRPG also come with support through our discord channel! Demo site http://test.foggymidget.website This demo site will be going live on a new domain soon Username: demo Password: demo Just uploaded unzip and follow the installer, it's that easy to get up and running All future updates will be reported through the forum's here and also our discord channel: https://discord.gg/pXJgFGP Features include: Wrote for PHP 7+ PDO prepare statements Optional database-driven sessions Cronless Crons RPG-Style leveling system Stats that effect what you can do in the game Mugging and attacking of other players Classified Ads Bank to keep your money safe in Complete gang system Gym to train your stats in Hospital that people are sent to when they get beat up Jail that people go to if captured, but you can be broken out of Private Message System so you can contact other players easily Event system to let you know when something interesting happens, so that you never miss a thing Forums to interact with other players A wiki that explains all the aspects of the game, and is constantly updated by GRPG players RM Store where you can buy in game items and Membership to get ahead in the game using real money Armor and weapons to raise your attack and defense in combat A point system that allows you to recharge your energy and nerve easily Ability to vote on topsites for in game rewards Houses you can buy and live in to gain higher max awake Hall of fame ranking system where you can see the strongest and best players A casino where you can gamble your hard earned cash playing the lottery, the slot machine, or the 50/50 game Job system where you can get a job and make money every day


  3. 1)What's your budget? 2)what's your time frame?
  4. 😞 I wish I could of helped keep it alive
  5. This was due to her trying to run v1 she now has V2 up and running 🙂
  6. Are you facing any errors? Is your PayPal set up correctly?
  7. I'll plus 1 MTG on that one, just make sure before you launch you have a very good game idea and also a marketing strategy in place
  8. adamhull

    Looking to buy

    How much you looking to spend? What genre you looking for?
  9. * * * * * curl public_html/cron_minute.php?code=672bb9f5a0b168da99fbbf74980175ecd This needs adding to your crontab you may have to add other file directories to the beging but there should be documentation in your crontab for this *Edit how ever you formatted that code has broken the code section and won't let me post it as code
  10. As far as I can see this mod no longer exists and is not available for download
  11. Also don't forget to mention that it is responsive 😝
  12. https://www.zdnet.com/article/amazon-facebook-internet-outage-verizon-blamed-for-cascading-catastrophic-failure/ Glad you did it today 😅
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