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  1. What engine is this going to be based on? What theme are you considering? Have you got any ideas on what you are wanting from a team member?
  2. adamhull

    The Marketplace

    Are you basing it of a already available framework or creating your own, I'm very interested!
  3. adamhull

    The Marketplace

    This concept looks really good and I look forward to seeing this in action, will there be a way other people except yourself can add items to the market place?
  4. Yes I can get to that screen 🙂
  5. Yes it is once you create your first village, also you may want to join the PBBG discord channel, there is a lot of devs in there will who should be able to help you, I personally don't know ant java
  6. My few pointer for the game are as follows: 1)What language are you using? I seem to be getting a mixture of English and French mixed together. 2) First load of the game hung for quiet some time before loading. When the page did load it was just a white background Apart from those two pointers the game looks very good, and I hope you the very best with it 🙂
  7. I agree with MNG you will be talking a pretty penny to get a custom made engine. As the old saying goes "why reinvent the wheel" Alot of people will be able to offer help with conversions and other things tho
  8. I have created a sales and support discord for everyone who is interested https://discord.gg/pXJgFGP This discord will give help to everyone who has or wants the engine. You can also use this server to ask other for help and mods
  9. Does not have to be Text Based can be anything. Mine would be the classic Crackdown
  10. CSRF vunrebilites, unoptimised queries I'm sure the list could go on and on 😂
  11. Hello, Here I have attached a new GitHub repo for the orginal gRPG. This version is free, but is not actively developed by myself or @Magictallguy. The script is not secure and use old deprecated MySQL functions, it also has a lot of bugs within the script. Any issues with the script please raise them on GitHub or if you want to fix the bug and submit this back on GitHub that would be much appreciated gRPG Repo
  12. Yup Then mesaaging players to join his insecure game and telling them he could easily hack any other game 🤣
  13. The design of the login page is from the original gangparadise.com with changed images Which also looks the same as thugpara that was on here a while ago
  14. I bought the rights to the engine a few years ago and now have a three way ownership between MTG (done most of the recode on the new version)
  15. I don't know this engine. But try and create a new user and then login into that account and see if it works
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