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  1. Its posted in the gangster legends forum, i presume they are for thay engine
  2. Is there any thing in your error log? Does your receiver email match what is in the code?
  3. I highly doubt this will cause any security issues. @athenadepends on what you want, if you want to display the avatar or something similar you will have to add it to the loop, or if you just want a picture of a jail then add it to where you want it then style it
  4. I would speak to @SwiftGameRhe has more experience with this engine then I do, he will Probably be able to get you sorted
  5. Does it send the event to the admin that they have donated? Is what ever you are trying to credit set as id 53?
  6. The code is definitely out dated, but what issue are you getting except "it doesn't work" Also, this maybr of help https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37589359/ipn-verification-postback-to-https
  7. Do you need people first and second names when you ask for a username? Wondering to see if it's relevant for anything in the game, if its not i would scrap it off your registration
  8. That fike is not found, is this the correct location of this file
  9. With out knowing what engine its on we wouldn't be able to help you, every one has different crons
  10. My apologies i will get around to sorting this issue! its been over a year since I have done anything for GL engine!
  11. Im interested to see how you use this monthly for crying 😂
  12. Your issue is probably id 0, try changing it to 1
  13. I found a issue with the mysqli handler and had to write some php inside of this to make it work on anything above php 7, I have it running it on 8 atm
  14. Have you got any screenshots of this engine
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