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  1. If you are doing if statements for comparisons you should be using at least == operator if($row['type'] = 'enemy') That is your is statements which is setting the variables to enemy as you are only using single =
  2. My advice would be contact the person who originally made it
  3. Your database seems to be missing tables Table 'crystal3_uots4524.orders' doesn't exist You may also want to secure that section of your website.
  4. Where is the form submitting to for paypal?
  5. Is your cert upto date, if your using one
  6. Isset check to see if a array is set (anything in it) its the same as using !empty($_POST['gender'])
  7. what did you try? add the code and we will be able to help you better
  8. You will need to create a database before hand. I suggest having a look at some YouTube tutorials on how to upload and create a database using cpanel
  9. It's not, he could either be using a shimm or he could be running a old version of php
  10. Your query is malformed "SELECT * FROM `marketaddlogs` AS `mal` JOIN `marketremovelogs` AS `mrl` ON `mal`.`UID` = `mrl`.`UID` WHERE `mal`.`CAT` = 'item' ORDER BY `mal.TIME` DESC LIMIT $st, $app" You on have to use mrl.name You do not need to put mrl infront after the.
  11. The database handler between the 2 engines are different. This will be your error
  12. Adobe Flash has not been supported by Adobe since 31st December 2020, and you are unable to use these games in browser since around then. If you were to want a arcade for you website you would need to update to Html 5 games
  13. Check your apache2 or nginx error logs this will tell you why you have a white page
  14. No its for grpg v2, would need converting
  15. If they are seperate operations and not reliant on each other, i prefer to make them seperate querys. Makes it easy for other devs and easier for debugging
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