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  1. I'll plus 1 MTG on that one, just make sure before you launch you have a very good game idea and also a marketing strategy in place
  2. adamhull

    Looking to buy

    How much you looking to spend? What genre you looking for?
  3. * * * * * curl public_html/cron_minute.php?code=672bb9f5a0b168da99fbbf74980175ecd This needs adding to your crontab you may have to add other file directories to the beging but there should be documentation in your crontab for this *Edit how ever you formatted that code has broken the code section and won't let me post it as code
  4. As far as I can see this mod no longer exists and is not available for download
  5. Also don't forget to mention that it is responsive 😝
  6. https://www.zdnet.com/article/amazon-facebook-internet-outage-verizon-blamed-for-cascading-catastrophic-failure/ Glad you did it today πŸ˜…
  7. I'll plus one that we have alot of characters done through fiverr
  8. As the title states so us what you have done with the engine so far, I am interested in seeing what people have come up with
  9. adamhull


    I was being funny πŸ˜›
  10. adamhull


    Engine looks familiarπŸ€”
  11. adamhull

    Help Wanted

    Even if you do not trust the Dev with access to your files, use team viewer with access to your PC so you can watch what they re doing?
  12. What engine is this going to be based on? What theme are you considering? Have you got any ideas on what you are wanting from a team member?
  13. adamhull

    The Marketplace

    Are you basing it of a already available framework or creating your own, I'm very interested!
  14. adamhull

    The Marketplace

    This concept looks really good and I look forward to seeing this in action, will there be a way other people except yourself can add items to the market place?
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