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  1. Woow thanks a lot for the back-up. Should keep me busy for a while 🙂 I have noticed a few i cant seem to see in the list: money dome ajax chat new gang functions v2 the 2 x VIP Donator Mods are these named something else in the files or are they missing completely ??
  2. The staff panel of the mod actually required data already in the database to be able to add any information to the database. once the animals had been added the farm.php still had breaks with the exact same code which i commented out numerous times. tested the mod with the if($farm->installed() function and it works perfectly fine without it.
  3. ionos hosting allows you to set whatever cron you like by writing the script through SSH . they normally offer really cheap hosting for the first 6-12 months and also include a domain. https://www.ionos.com/hosting/web-hosting#plans
  4. this is the problem i get after installation. had to do a bunch of updating to work with v2.0.5b but still same issue occurs.
  5. I have been looking around at a range of different modification to play around with for my website https://www.deadlycountry.com so i had a look on the mccodes website and was hoping someone might be able to help and have these free modifications laying around. I have edited the page and marked which mods i am currently looking for. PAGE 1 PAGE 2 PAGE 3
  6. i keep getting errors like this through out the farming mod ,. so I've just commented out this code which seems pointless that it requires data in the database to be able to add data to the database ,. gonna test the mod fully and post any other issues i come across. i am also looking for some other free mods on the original marketplace would anyone happen to have any of these modifications for me to try out and play around with ?? I've edited the web page and displayed WANTED next to the ones i am after PAGE 1 PAGE 2 PAGE 3
  7. yeah i tested the farm from installation is full of bugs for v2.0.5b ,. ill iron out some of those bugs at some point and figure out whats going on 🙂
  8. awesome thanks a lot ill give this some testing later on 🙂
  9. Crafting system was $25.00 Download GOT THIS Farming system was $15.00 Download IP was $5.00 Download Timestamp crons was $5.00 Download Adv. property system was $25.00 Download GOT THIS Username images was $15.00 Download has anyone got access to these files as the mccodes website no longer allows you to download directly from it anymore and the other 4 are not existent on the downloads page,. ?? ,. im interested in the farming mod to have a look at more than anything ,. ,. the rest would be okay also ,.
  10. hmmm ,. this seems interesting,. have you got any of the engine built so far ??
  11. Getting this error,. isit missing an SQL ????? QUERY ERROR: Table 'a6878110_cc.records' doesn't exist Query was SELECT `recid`,`rec15`,`rec30`,`rec24`,`rec60` FROM `records` WHERE recid = 1
  12.   sure ,.. to be honest this part of this script has not been touched and was working fine before the resend password mod was added,.   if(file_exists('ipbans/'.$IP)) { die("<b><font color=red size=+1>Your IP has been banned, there is no way around this.</font></b></body></html>"); } if($_POST['username']) { if(!valid_email($_POST['email'])) { die("<font color='white'>Sorry, the email is invalid.<br /> ><a href='register.php'<font color='white'>>Back</a>"); } if(strlen($_POST['username']) < 4) { die("<fo
  13. Hello Community maybe you can help or maybe I've overlooked something So i have an email validation mod that was working fine but i've tried to add this reset password mod alongside it Link Below http://makewebgames.io/showthre...orget+password the verification email sends fine but im getting this error when it goes to validate.php ,. Sorry the email is invalid ,.. ill describe what i've done below and provide some images to show what i mean. Screens below and a walkthrough of what I've done.   Validate Change I added --- ('{$_POST['squestion']}'), ---- & --- squestion,
  14. no its really bugging me as well,. would love to have the updated version
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