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  1. Before you hire someone, get someone to (respected, that you trust) to vouch for them - or at least ask for some reviews about the person on the forum. Anyone can self-report that they are reliable and competent.
  2. sniko

    Work Setups

    Gross! Use VSCode
  3. sniko

    Work Setups

    I have some cleaning to do, but otherwise it does the job!
  4. ReactDOM, probably (because I work with it in 2020, it did not come out in 2020)
  5. sniko

    ERROR 500

    Crons are ok to use, generally speaking. Why do you strongly advice against them?
  6. I have! It's really touching on the reality of losing a loved one. I'm glad they are continuing the series
  7. sniko


    😄 Good times - I remember we went on the hot air balloon and we were all....cautious of the heights lmao
  8. sniko


    Hello Zed 😄
  9. Your `l.php` script is also prone to XSS... An example: https://mafia-streets.com/l.php?u=l.php%3Cscript%3Edocument.location.href%3D%27https%3A%2F%2Fharrydenley.com%2F%27%3B%3C%2Fscript%3E - of course this is just a PoC, but could be harnessed for CSRF or something else. You do not validate or sanitize if the path is urlencoded
  10. You can run everything locally, on your machine which will make it easier as you won't have to rely on the free hosting provider to keep you up or deal with (likely) intrusive ads. https://hub.docker.com/r/mattrayner/lamp Or install mysql and php on your machine and run the server from the game root directory with `php -S localhost:8000` then navigate to http://localhost:8000
  11. This means you don't have `ext-mysql` enabled - you can confirm this by running phpinfo() or `php -i`. What kind of server do you have? VPS? Shared? Is your server Linux based or other? Are you familiar with installing and compiling extensions?
  12. How did you lose it? Also, I suggest you run your code through version control - such as git - with a good branching model. https://git-scm.com/ https://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/
  13. Hey, so I know some of you here are still having success in running a text-based game in 2020. I am hoping we can crowdsource a list of things a game manager/owner can do to help build their community as well as maintain their existing player-base. I have not run a game or a community in a while, but in theory I know how to maintain one - building one is what I imagine to be the hardest part. How would you go about building a new community? Bimonthly newsletters - Email players twice every month of things that has happened in the game (ie: new Hall of Fame placements) in the last
  14. You can buy your own VPS and install whatever version of PHP you want - even if its deprecated, dropped, and encouraged to not use in production. https://m.do.co/c/b1c2c28c6822
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