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  1. sniko

    Hello everyone

    Hi Aaron! I remember an Aaron, but unsure if it's the same one. Welcome (back)!
  2. I was recently hired by Curt. After discussing the scope of the work and pricing, he promptly paid and gave me all the tools and code access I needed to perform the job. 10/10 would recommend.
  3. I don't have any public projects and I don't run any games (anymore)
  4. I'm available for PHP and JS (Vanilla and React) work 😄 UK timezone, but ultra flexible Payment methods available: PayPal, Cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH or ERC20 stablecoins)
  5. sniko

    Coronavirus Impact

    I'm based in the UK - we're in lockdown as some other commentors have said. My life not so much impacted as others as I work from home as default - though it's odd to see all the new restrictions. I am worried about the social and economic hits we will take as a planet due to the virus though, with the uncertainty of when/if it will end.
  6. sniko

    Games for sale!

    You've been audited by a neutral third-party?
  7. Grab another server (probably best to be in the same datacenter/region) (PROTIP: Use my referral link https://m.do.co/c/b1c2c28c6822) Install the mysqld daemon Configure your mysql users to have strict permissions (crud and ip range with a strong password) Open port 3306 on your firewall telnet the port from your other server to see if you've configured your firewall correctly (telnet <ip> 3306) Modify the PHP script to point to the remote server in the mysql api (pdo, mysqli, dbconnector, ...) (optional but advised) create backup routines that store mysql backups offsite (probably best to be in a different datacenter or dedicated storage - then make sure you know how to restore from a backup)
  8. a) $timeRemaining should be an integer - make it the number of seconds (%s) instead of a string of hours and minutes b) Format the first occurence of addToTemplate to be the string you have in line 8 c) How is "bodyguard" timer updated - what is it updated with?
  9. The requirements of a staff member in sentence two is too vague to have the following clause "Staff members that will not help the game or be inactive they will be removed without warning.". How and who rates the deliverables for each staff member?
  10. sniko


    I'm sad it's not the thing that came into my mind when I read "Lovesac Sactional" 😭
  11. sniko

    McCodes or GRPG

    That's a pretty subjectively worded question to make a technical decision. What is your endgoal? What are you trying to build? Do you have any experience with PHP? Which version of each engine are you referring to?
  12. Refuses because your offers are too low or because they don't want to sell it in general?
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This advanced property system incorporates its own marriage system, allowing house sharing. When purchasing a range of properties, you can upgrade them with property upgrades (and renting and selling a property with the upgrades you've purchased) Give your players the freedom of becoming a property tycoon! I’ve tried to incorporate this system – Advanced Property Modification – into the existing property system that came with McCodes v2. For example, if you’re renting a property off someone, and the rent days run out – meaning you give the property back to the landlord – you will be returned to living in the property you were in before moving over to the Advanced Property Modification. This will mean that you can keep both systems in play.


  14. sniko

    Crafting System

    Version 1.0.0


    This crafting system allows your users to craft items by using other items. It allows ease of functionality to the staff, who add the process of crafting, and allows these constraints to be put into place; Minimum level Money needed Crystals needed Minimum days old Course to be completed (Ver 1.1 - You can choose to not have a course to complete) Location specific, or all locations (Ver 1.1) Need to be donator? The system allows you to have a maximum of 5 items to craft the 1 item, and a minimum of 1 item to craft the 1 item. The system shows the user what they need to do/have before they can craft a specific item - all set by staff. Features No columns in the `users` table Secure Easy to use Documentation/Instructions


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