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  1. Awesome. Can’t wait to see what people come up with!
  2. SHAD

    Coronavirus Impact

    Already know some people personally in their 40s who have been hospitalised and others who I know through family/friends who have died. I suffer from a very mild asthma so I’m kinda scared on the inside but keeping it together, more worried about elderly parents and relatives. Let’s hope we all make it out okay. Stay safe.
  3. Welcome back. I’ve been with this place since it’s “criminal existence” days, though I was mostly a silent reader, but those were the days. I’m glad Dave bought it back to life.
  4. Either one of those sounds good.
  5. Would it be possible to convert to mccodes v2? This one sounds a lot better then the previous one.
  6. Yes, this was when I last installed it. I will set it up and try it again and post back. Thanks.
  7. I’ve had some issues with the Ajax gang chat last I installed it. Every time I went to staff panel to enter requirements, and upon confirmation. It would open a window within a window and log me out. Did anyone else experience this?
  8. Just make sure it’s not based too much on crime and doesn’t have the word “city” in the url and you’re off to a good start. Nice looking layout.
  9. He’s probably enjoying some cold-ones on you right now. Lol
  10. SHAD


    Would you still recommend this?
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