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  1. SHAD


    Would you still recommend this?
  2. Is this still ongoing or cancelled?
  3. He made a lot of contributions, he will be missed.
  4. Lol. It completely skipped me that this place has been offline.
  5. I've just installed it with PHP 7.3 and MySQLi environment and it hasn't really thrown up any errors. Download the latest version from the mccodes website.
  6. SHAD

    Active Games

    I plan to set one up in the near future but currently, I am just working on the story side of things, which is proving to be the most difficult of all.
  7. Damn. I'm so glad this place is back. A treasure of nostalgia. And my account still works!
  8. It looks good. Peter does great work.
  9. Nice looking, easy on the eyes - but it's something I'd personally expect a wiki page to look like then a game.
  10. How did they steal your scripts?
  11. Welcome back dude. I totally remember you; a well respected coder from the good old days.
  12. Probably one of those "destroyed city" backups.
  13. From the top of my head,maybe you could have some-sort of identification- code which will need to be verified before the file is allowed to be executed?
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