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  1. ishmell

    Toon Crime

    Hey guys, here's a ingame screenshot of our general page showcasing the design i've been working on during closed beta. Still some work to be done on the content for the page but the design itself is almost done. It was inspired by a few mafia games i've seen kicking around 🙂 Full image - https://ibb.co/cwrFLbs
  2. Back slashes definitely solve the problem <a href="#" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore()" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage(\'Image1\',\'\',\'../../../themes/ToonCrime/images/ingame/itemslot2.png\',1)"> Simple solution, Thanks allot Dayo!
  3. I am but I'm having to call on a bunch of the javascript in the html design of the modules itself. It's just the nature of my game, there's allot of moving images and changes happening in real time.
  4. Hey guys, So when developing modules for my game(s) I keep running into an issue with the TPL html. My projects are using allot of javascript and some of its being called in the html itself inside the modules tpl. I'm currently exploring ways to redefine how the buildElement works to try and create a solution to my ongoing issue but that would require some major changes to the engine which I would like to avoid. I've got css/html inside the tpl that work great but once I start implementing some more advanced javascript that require both " and ' quotations to define elements it basically breaks the html variable placeholder inside the tpl this would break it: <a href="#" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore()" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('Image6','','../../../themes/ToonCrime/images/ingame/itemslot2.png',1)"> because that also uses those quotations to hold the html information inside of it. $placeholder ''; Now for the time being ive created separate javascript functions for everything I need to do or gone and created php functions in the tpl/inc files to echo or print what I need. Then I call those functions inside the html without defining anything more specific with the ' ' quotes. But using those methods require allot of extra code and is a super inconvenient way of getting something so simple done inside the engine. I'm curious to see what you guys are doing or if you have any suggestions.
  5. ishmell


    Login page looks good! Wasn't able to see ingame because confirmation email didn't go through even when resent.
  6. ishmell

    Toon Crime

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated Yes it's currently in closed beta, that being said we are aiming to transition into open beta late september - early october. The only reason were doing the beta phases is because the project is very ambitious so it's going to take time for us to have a solid build. The most time consuming part is the 2d cartoonish mini games we are making thats embedded with the GLV2 engine.
  7. ishmell

    Toon Crime

    Toon Crime Token Interactive & True Website Solutions are excited to announce the development of Toon Crime. After spending allot of time researching which game engine to go with we've finally decided on one. We needed something clean, supported, secure and quite frankly something we could push the envelop with. Its powered by a highly customized version of gangster legends v2. The game at its core is a text based online-RPG set in a quirky cartoonish underworld. That being said we are implementing some unique 2D gameplay features (character creation, dynamic map, mini games, combat) to reinvigorate the text based genre. The game is currently in closed beta but I will be providing updates here as we transition into our next phase. Please check us out at https://www.tooncrime.com
  8. Thanks Dayo, thats some good advice. Most of the time I keep font usage simple & elegant in my designs but for this one I wanted to have a little fun 😅
  9. ishmell

    Hi :)

    Thanks guys I appreciate it!
  10. ishmell

    Hi :)

    Thanks guys, its good to be back!
  11. I've got a website im putting together to offer my freelance web design services! www.truewebsitesolutions.com It's still a WIP, only got the homepage design up and running so far. The rest should be done in the next week or so, let me know what you guys think.
  12. ishmell

    I need help

    This sounds like an image sizing issue. The design seems to be responsive to the screen thats viewing it but the image size is set to a specific height/width. You'll have to use css to scale the image dimensions based off the parent class (in this case the little box that the image is supposed to be in). There are allot of methods to go about doing this, an easy one would be to use percentages (provided the css for the parent class is set right) for the image dimension instead of pixels which is what your probably currently doing. If your still lost or confused just post your code and ill show you.
  13. ishmell

    Hi :)

    Hi everyone, im not sure if there's anyone that remembers me but I was around MWG early on many years ago. Lately i've been diving back into web development and taking it more seriously, got a few projects in the works. To my surprise I was happy to see this community still kickin around so I figured I'd come say hi. You'll probably be seeing more of me 🧐
  14. The design itself is decent you just need to work with your text placements a bit more. Looks very rough.
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