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  1. Small update, we've temporarily opened registration to the game to allow some players in for testing before our official open beta October 30'th.
  2. Thanks @cobraz, much appreciated. Yes I guess you could say its kind of a mixture of both engines but with also allot of my own work. I've been doing this for a long time. I look forward to seeing you online in the open beta 🙂 Anyone who plays on Halloween during the open beta will receive exclusive in game items. TC-Halloween-Trailer.mp4
  3. Thank you! Very much appreciated! 🙂
  4. Hey guys a quick update on our game Toon Crime. I know its been a while since I've posted in this topic but its almost ready and officially launching October 30'th! We're really proud of how the game is turning out. We've put allot of time into updating the engine, design and reinvigorating the browser based game genre. This has truly been a passion project of mine and I would like to invite this community to come check it out. If you would like to help test the game before the open beta or become a game Moderator then shoot me a message. Or you can reach out to us on our official website tokeninteractivegames.com We are looking for people to help moderate the game and expand our community! 💯 www.tooncrime.com
  5. All projects ive designed and worked on. More to showcase soon 🙂
  6. Haha great point. The button should have a cursor now 😅 And thank you! You'll see some 2D/3D on the homepage, currently working on more to showcase.
  7. Big update to the website. Finished coding most of the design & now im gearing up to take on a couple customers. Put together the start of my portfolio Created services page with little packages im offering, contact form is now also functional. Come check out my work on at truewebsitesolutions.com
  8. Hey guys, here's a ingame screenshot of our general page showcasing the design i've been working on during closed beta. Still some work to be done on the content for the page but the design itself is almost done. It was inspired by a few mafia games i've seen kicking around 🙂 Full image - https://ibb.co/cwrFLbs
  9. Back slashes definitely solve the problem <a href="#" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore()" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage(\'Image1\',\'\',\'../../../themes/ToonCrime/images/ingame/itemslot2.png\',1)"> Simple solution, Thanks allot Dayo!
  10. I am but I'm having to call on a bunch of the javascript in the html design of the modules itself. It's just the nature of my game, there's allot of moving images and changes happening in real time.
  11. Hey guys, So when developing modules for my game(s) I keep running into an issue with the TPL html. My projects are using allot of javascript and some of its being called in the html itself inside the modules tpl. I'm currently exploring ways to redefine how the buildElement works to try and create a solution to my ongoing issue but that would require some major changes to the engine which I would like to avoid. I've got css/html inside the tpl that work great but once I start implementing some more advanced javascript that require both " and ' quotations to define elements it basically breaks the html variable placeholder inside the tpl this would break it: <a href="#" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore()" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('Image6','','../../../themes/ToonCrime/images/ingame/itemslot2.png',1)"> because that also uses those quotations to hold the html information inside of it. $placeholder ''; Now for the time being ive created separate javascript functions for everything I need to do or gone and created php functions in the tpl/inc files to echo or print what I need. Then I call those functions inside the html without defining anything more specific with the ' ' quotes. But using those methods require allot of extra code and is a super inconvenient way of getting something so simple done inside the engine. I'm curious to see what you guys are doing or if you have any suggestions.
  12. Login page looks good! Wasn't able to see ingame because confirmation email didn't go through even when resent.
  13. Thanks guys! Much appreciated Yes it's currently in closed beta, that being said we are aiming to transition into open beta late september - early october. The only reason were doing the beta phases is because the project is very ambitious so it's going to take time for us to have a solid build. The most time consuming part is the 2d cartoonish mini games we are making thats embedded with the GLV2 engine.
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