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  1. So none is trusting me ??? 😛 😛 😛 Just kidding but still i am a honest and trustful person 🙂
  2. Nice theme! Hope everything goes well with your game!!!
  3. Version 1.0.0

    Dear members of MWG, I decided to publish a bundle of my most popular modules. The bundle includes :
  4. Version 1.0.0

    Social Rewards Social Rewards is a new module that your players will love it. How it works Game owners through the admin panel can create a Gift Code where the Game owner can choose the followings: 1. Gift Code ( e.x MjKl213 ) 2. How many hours will this Gift Code be valid. 3. Reward ( You can choose everything that is included in userStats table. ( e.x If you want US_money then you ll write money). 4. Amount of the reward ( e.x $1.000.000). Then Game Owners must decide how they will distribute this Gift Code( Email, Ingame, Social Pages ).
  5. I have created Daily Contest module which is basically what you are asking for. You can check it out in MarketPlace. School system module already has been in the marketplace.
  6. Very nice !!!!! Gratzz!!!
  7. Version 1.0.0

    Bank Robbery Bank Robbery is a new module that your players will love it. How it works 4 players must click participate so this Bank Robbery to be commited. If the seats are not full until the timer ends then the reserved seats are transfered to the next bank robbery. Bank Robbery it will be commited every 20 minutes. If the Bank Robbery is successful then the prize will be divided by 4 and distributed to the participants. Participants must visit the Bank Robbery Page so they can receive a notification that informs them how much money they won. The amount
  8. Version 1.0.0

    Police Cells Police Cells is a new module that your players will love it. Every 30 minutes 12 suspects appear in the page and your members can bust them out. When a suspect is busted out then under this suspect will appear the name of your member that busted him out. Every member has 5 tries per 30 minutes but there is the option to purchase extra 5 tries for 10 Points(Increases Purchases). Every successful bust out gives certain rewards were you can adjust them from the inc file ( line 122,123 and 176 and 183). When 30 minutes period ends then everything is resetted automatical
  9. I agree for the winner!!!! It was the best entry from all of us!!! Gratz urban!!!!
    Its a very well coded and deisgned!!!!! Must have module in your game !!!!
  10. And also because i am not doing it for money the price is dropped in 10$ for the Contest Module
  11. Magic what you mean? <<And you, stop flaming people for the shit of it. If you have a professional review of someone, you are welcome to share it in the relevant area.>>
  12. You got your answer here because member talked to me about your mass message to your <<clients>>
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