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  1. I changed from these lines for example .alert-success { color: #3c763d; background-color: #dff0d8; border-color: #d6e9c6; } i did like this .alert-success { color: #3c763d; background-image: url("../images/success.png"); border-color: #d6e9c6; } And nothing works when i do a success crime for example.
  2. Dear Members, Can anyone help and tell which file i should edit so i can change the green or red background with an image I tried everything in style, bootstrap everything but no change. I am using GL2 Thanx a lot
  3. Hello guys i am looking for a permant graphic designer for my browser game . He will be given the 10% of the income that is generated from the game .
  4. Can you pm me screenshots and price please
  5. Hello I would like to receive an offer for a theme like https://www.gangsternation.net Frontpage and ingame layout I am using Gangester Legend script .
  6. This will overide the existing mug and attack system or we need to unistall first this plugins and after install yours?
  7. Ok i will check it out thanxx
  8. Ok thanx a lot Benii I found this https://www.1001fonts.com/nickerbocker-normal-font.html I downloaded the files one .otf and one .ttf Can you give me exactly the code for the css because it doesnt work .
  9. yes i mean font families but i asked which file i should edit because i cant find it 🙂
  10. Where i can choose the font style of the letters. I found in bootstrap.css but nothing changes. Thanx a lot
  11. Hello , i want to have the login.php together with register.php because i want at the top of the div to show the login and under it the register Can anyone help me with this, i tried it but get too many errors. I am using the GL2
  12. Hello all, It would be very nice to have an addon where the user can send the car that he owns to a different location for a cost and time limit. This will help a lot the organized crimes where if you have the driver role you must have a car in the location where the OC is planned. Time limit means that when you send the car the transportation will need for e.x. 5 minutes and also you can send again a car after 30m.
  13. This is what i wrote and i tested it and works 100% perfect. $timeb = time(); $bodyguardTime = $this->getTimer("bodyguard"); $timeRemaining = $bodyguardTime - $timeb ; if ($bodyguardTime > time() ) { $timeRemaining = gmdate("H:i:s", $timeRemaining); $page->addToTemplate('bodygua_timer',$timeRemaining); } else { $messagebodyg = 'No Protection' ; $page->addToTemplate('bodygua_timer',$messagebodyg); }
  14. I fixed it thanx Dave and everyone for your support. I tried by my self reading online and finally achieve it!!! But thanx for trying to help me
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