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  1. I agree for the winner!!!! It was the best entry from all of us!!! Gratz urban!!!!
    Its a very well coded and deisgned!!!!! Must have module in your game !!!!
  2. And also because i am not doing it for money the price is dropped in 10$ for the Contest Module
  3. Magic what you mean? <<And you, stop flaming people for the shit of it. If you have a professional review of someone, you are welcome to share it in the relevant area.>>
  4. You got your answer here because member talked to me about your mass message to your <<clients>>
  5. I change my previous entry with this entry.
  6. Eurogangster

    Daily Contest

    Version 1.0.0

    Daily Contest Daily contest is the place where users can participate in the daily contest that is active. Users just need to click Participate to enter in the current active contest. Users also can see which contest is active e.x Crimes ( Which means users must do Crimes ). Only Successful actions are counted. In the Daily Contest page you can see all the participants, the rewards in the top 3 positions and the Ranking. The Contests ends every day at 00:00:00 Server Time ( not Game Time ) The winners will auto credited with the rewards and receive also a notification. When one Contest ends automatically it starts a new one which maybe the same contest or different for e.x Police Chase. Its completely random which Contest will be active. If you create a lot of contests it will be nice for your members because everyday it will be different. Daily Contest Admin Panel Overview In this tab you can see the active contest and the participants. Also you can view the Contest Rewards. View Available Contests In this tab you can see all the Contests you have in your game. You can manually activate a contest from there. Edit Rewards In this tab you can edit the rewards for the 3 positions. Add Contest In this tab you can add a contest with one click. Just when you add the new contest you must edit the specific .inc file that its affected with the code its included in the ZIP called AddContest.txt. For e.x if you add a contest Crimes then you must edit the crimes.inc.php and just paste the code is given to you . How to Install Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Add in your Cpanel CronJob the file croncontest.php ( Suggested every 24 hours ) By default there are 4 Contests ( Crimes, Car Theft, Police Chase, Jail Bust or Escape ) so you need to edit all this *.inc.php and add the code its included in the AddContest.txt in the ZIP file. Voila you are Ready! Live demo ( The game is open and active ) in MafiaShot If you need any help you can find me here or in Discord. Hope You enjoy my Mods.


    Really an excellent module. Every game should have this!!!!
  7. Version 1.0.1

    User Track Log & Double Account Check This admin module allow the admin to check a specific user actions. Its a very important tool for a game owner that wants to check for wierd players actions and multiple accounts. Admin can search by username, userid or by IP . In the table you can see users name , users IP , Visited Page, Time of each action. Also if you search by IP you can view the multiple accounts and how they react. There is also a Delete All Users Tracking Logs button where basically delete all the records. Its good once per time to remove the records. How to Install Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Add the code included in the Instructions.txt to class/user.php You are ready!


    I was waiting this module. Its a very nice addition in my game.
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