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  1. TonyCisseroni


    Great mod that my players have been begging for! Talked to the dev and he was really cool. Can't wait to see his other ideas.
  2. Will you release this theme on the forum marketplace?
  3. It's definitely worth $20 for everything you put into this.
  4. I'm interested in this too if anyone has this info.
  5. I'm not limiting them to mugging every 24 hours, I'm limiting them from mugging the same player over and over without restriction.
  6. I like your hustle. Way to make constant improvements! 😎
  7. You want something like this... <table> <tr> <th>User</th> <th>Damage Done</th> </tr> <?php // code to loop rows $hits = count($action); while($x <= $hits) { echo "<tr>"; echo "<td>$action['user']</td>"; echo "<td>$action['damage']</td>"; echo "</tr>"; $x++; } ?> </table>
  8. Thank you! Now I need to look into the regular timer function for crimes and theft. That way they can't mug everyone in the game all at once 😁 Here is my code to add one day to the current time for a timestamp in the db: $muggedtime = strtotime('+1 day', $time);
  9. I have added the attack and mug modules in GL2... What is the best way to prevent a user from repeating it over and over again? If I mug someone, I can mug them again and again until they are broke. How can I stop this and add a delay of at least 24 hours before I can mug that player again? I don't want to prevent the user from mugging anyone for 24 hours, just from mugging the same player again in a 24 hour period. Any suggestions? UPDATE: I found a solution and I don't think I can delete my post here. The solution I came up with was to use a timestamp in the db
  10. Sorry for the confusion. I meant to format the value in the array as "From: [email protected]" instead of just the email. The mail function needs it that way. Also if you look at the mail function you have to call $headers['From'] or you will get an error because it's looking for a string value not an array. The code I posted is tested and working.
  11. if (isset($user["U_id"])) { $url = $_SERVER["HTTP_ORIGIN"] . $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"] . "?page=forgotPassword&action=resetPassword&auth=" . $user["U_password"] . "&id=" . $user["U_id"] . ""; $settings = new settings(); $headers["From"] = "From: "; $headers['From'] .= $settings->loadSetting('from_email'); $body = "To reset your password please follow the link below: \r\n " . $url; mail($user["U_email"], "Password Reset", $body, $headers['From']); } Made a small change so that the array value is formatted correctly. Tested and this solution is working!
  12. Just curious. Why are you thinking about selling it before releasing it? And, what is left to finish or complete this project?
  13. Hi Dave, I'm starting to get the hang of it. 👍 I'm able to pass the variables from the controller to the view and they are now appearing. Now I have a bug with everything being repeated twice, it's probably something small I'm overlooking.
  14. I see, building the element appears to be the part I was missing. I will look into that a little further. 😊
  15. I've started building my own mod for GL2, it's a basic dice game. The game works and shows the dice totals in the error / success message. And I'm storing the results of each dice in session variables, which I also see is working. array(2) { ["userID"]=> string(1) "1" ["DICE_GAME"]=> array(2) { ["diceone"]=> int(2) ["dicetwo"]=> int(4) } } I'm looking at the BlackJack game MOD code as an example and I see they are reading session variables in the TPL file like this {card} {suite} etc. I tried this same method using {diceone} and {dic
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