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  1. With blaming me, man I don’t really care at this point. Take care
  2. This is very much uncalled for everyone receives users advertising on there game, all you had to do was fed them and move on. That’s something that’s always going to happen. but now this became personal blasting me on here for this @Dave Remove this topic now please ‼️
  3. Seriously??? No, that’s not me why would I use my username that doesn’t even make sense. Must of been one of members as one of my staff member fed a user for advertising saying join wisecrime with his referral link being 5 which I have logs for. From the look of it look like a member from my game the next day took it upon themselves to retaliate. deeply apologize, but that my friend is not me. Take this down ‼️‼️‼️ I don’t want this tarnishing my name, please and thank you
  4. Ya just talk are can you guys code??? guess not
  5. So no one here knows how to do it ?? Lol this is ridiculous
  6. I need a dev to help me with my voting scripts, to link it to 3 voting sites Apexwebgames Top100Arena Bbogd Need it to also do a check to see if the player really voted before it issues out the reward Paying: 15usd
  7. No RC and UTOS is two separate engines created by my dear ex-business partner Martin Simmons (ICECOLDCOLA) I was RichBoss
  8. Thanks Dave for suggesting me to some developers
  9. Can anyone send me a list of the best voting sites for mmorpg that I can do advertising on for my game Unistreets.com
  10. 250 files my budget as of now is 300usd
  11. Golden opportunity for a regular second income ** I’m currently looking for a dev to help convert from 5.6 to 7.4 ** PM me for more info, we also have about 6 OTHER PROJECTS if we find the right Developer 💰 💴 💵
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