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  1. Still looking paying £30 UOTS engine
  2. This has now been sorted thanks to KyleMassacre 🙂
  3. Looking for IPN script that auto-credits users an item. This is for a custom engine, I can send a couple of files to get an idea Ideally want 3 donator pack item payment options with multiple purchase option also included Will also be looking for a subscription system later on pm me if interested thanks.
  4. I bought it from Mitchell he didn't bother to help when it stopped working I messaged him like 2 months ago and he never replied.
  5. It never had the tables before it stopped working
  6. https://www.crystal-city.co.uk/ipn/paypal-ipn-template-release/ipn-listener.php
  7. I bought a new up to date system 3 months ago so there is no reason why it shouldn't be Log says this for IPN payload: cmd=_notify-validate [2021-08-24 08:07 America/New_York] HTTP response of validation request: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Cache-Control: max-age=0, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 Paypal-Debug-Id: a10390a97e208 X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN DC: phx-origin-www-2.paypal.com X-Akamai-Transformed: 9 - 0 pmb=mRUM,1 Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 12:07:17 GMT Content-Length: 7 Connection: close Set-Cookie: cwrClyrK4LoCV1fydGbAxiNL6iG=7UXZoYc0jGE0RfggRo2TIku499lV_ZpkwXuko-lbAbq_kZixTelLui66z9_ARWP65AGDNoj2VrntyiKG8zqW7qfOjsEt43FK3A-sLcNPyZNYPOB3W5dVlAzmIz6iv0SQg-DiKXwXVr2npMXJINP-EFmOoTSz2TTfNX2OkE-072eCa_ZOYb_BVJs_oPLlcQyFhFB7gMnajuE2YoB6mkYL39c5Eh8Z9zCPOvOnpXDtMI5VehH6cNTy23v7cIvSv90XLZiSs1suEeC0BUZvFTNcpJvoMPKTqtUQX9z6sXkyM0QnucvwaeIOFky_uiBtbva94l6aO345g8q4VyuKYiSGaMs_ggMBC2g4JgmZkfOdwf0PG-hqffVwD97v8pJwCwzk8AyzNBZSrn5cdkR8zPV4OEoGS4KkWiII7sFs3ba9BApXQZ0HKwc0T_T_b7y; domain=.paypal.com; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly Set-Cookie: cookie_check=yes; expires=Fri, 22-Aug-2031 12:07:17 GMT; domain=.paypal.com; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly Set-Cookie: navcmd=_notify-validate; domain=.paypal.com; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly Set-Cookie: navlns=0.0; expires=Thu, 24-Aug-2023 12:07:17 GMT; domain=.paypal.com; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly Set-Cookie: l7_az=dcg14.slc; Path=/; Domain=paypal.com; Expires=Tue, 24 Aug 2021 12:37:17 GMT; HttpOnly; Secure Set-Cookie: ts=vreXpYrS%3D1724501236%26vteXpYrS%3D1629808636%26vr%3D780ebc5617b0aa112b2d29a5ff69bfdb%26vt%3D780ebc5617b0aa112b2d29a5ff69bfda%26vtyp%3Dnew; Path=/; Domain=paypal.com; Expires=Fri, 23 Aug 2024 12:07:17 GMT; HttpOnly; Secure Set-Cookie: ts_c=vr%3D780ebc5617b0aa112b2d29a5ff69bfdb%26vt%3D780ebc5617b0aa112b2d29a5ff69bfda; Path=/; Domain=paypal.com; Expires=Fri, 23 Aug 2024 12:07:17 GMT; Secure Set-Cookie: x-cdn=akamai; path=/; domain=.paypal.com; secure Server-Timing: edge; dur=9 Server-Timing: origin; dur=1074 Server-Timing: cdn-cache; desc=MISS Set-Cookie: akavpau_ppsd=1629807437~id=6f495ed4510161867a2c8b04a264193e; Domain=www.paypal.com; Path=/; HttpOnly; Secure; SameSite=None Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=63072000 INVALID [2021-08-24 08:07 America/New_York] Invalid IPN: cmd=_notify-validate
  8. I'm not sure how to use sandbox but the guy that built it said there was nothing in the logs after testing. My paypal is still pointing to it too.
  9. Earlier this year I purchased an updated Paypal IPN system for my game and it worked for about a month now its no longer crediting users. I'm using a custom engine. Please contact me if you can help thanks.
  10. Perfect thank you 🙂
  11. Hello all I am looking to change from md5 to has, I have changed on the register page but I'm not sure what to change my login verification part to it said to use password_verify but I am stuck any idea what to replace my current one to? Thanks $error = ""; $back = "&gt; <a href = 'login.php'><font color = 'red'>Back</font></a>"; $_POST['pass'] = htmlentities(stripslashes($_POST['pass'])); $_POST['username'] = htmlentities(stripslashes($_POST['username'])); if(!$_POST['username'] || !$_POST['pass']) { $error = "<table width = '390px' align = 'center' class = 'table' style = 'padding:5px; margin-top:87px; border-radius:5px;'> <tr> <td align = 'center'><font color = 'red'><b>Please go back and fill in the form correctly<br>".$back; } else { $sql = "SELECT `usr_id`,`usr_fed` FROM `usr_tbl` WHERE `usr_login` = '".mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['username'])."' AND `usr_pas` = '".mysql_real_escape_string(md5($_POST['pass']))."' LIMIT 1"; $sql = mysql_query($sql); if(!mysql_num_rows($sql)) { $error = "<table width = '390px' align = 'center' class = 'table' style = 'padding:5px; margin-top:87px; border-radius:5px;'> <tr> <td align = 'center'><font color = 'red'><b>User not found! Please go back and try again.<br>".$back; } else { $user = mysql_fetch_array($sql); unset($_SESSION['feduser']); if($user['usr_fed'] > time()) { $_SESSION['feduser'] = $user['usr_id']; header('location:fedjail.php'); exit; } else { if($user['usr_fed']) { $sql = "UPDATE `usr_tbl` SET `usr_fed` = '0' WHERE `usr_id` = '".mysql_real_escape_string($user['usr_id'])."'"; mysql_query($sql); } } $_SESSION['myid'] = $user['usr_id']; $_SESSION['verified'] = 0; $sql = "UPDATE `usr_tbl` SET `usr_last_login` = '".mysql_real_escape_string(time())."', `usr_lastact` = '".mysql_real_escape_string(time())."' WHERE `usr_id` = '".mysql_real_escape_string($_SESSION['myid'])."'"; mysql_query($sql);
  12. Could I get an example please to work off say for replacing the original one? SELECT `usr_id`,SUBSTRING_INDEX(usr_stat,':',6) AS offences FROM `usr_tbl` ORDER BY `offences` DESC LIMIT 25
  13. Yeah this is in here but I dont know how to select it https://ibb.co/P5gJFGp
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