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  1. Hello, I am looking for someone to convert a mod from one engine to another The mod uses a lot of ajax and you will need to locate this I have a live working demo which you can check out I also have a smaller mod conversion required Message me for details
  2. Hello, I am looking for new hosting as I have issues with my current one. (Resource limit reached issues) Currently with byethost https://ifastnet.com/ and I know they are not the best spec value for money either by a long shot. I am after hosting with cpanel included without spending a fortune, my website is fairly resource intensive too. Any suggestions?
  3. Still looking, pm me if interested.
  4. Ok, got a couple of paid jobs required for RC engine, brief summary below, more details upon reply. - Fix paypal donation and subscription donation auto-crediting $40 - Implement new blackjack system $40 - Some improvements to current chat system $15 - A couple more voting incentive scripts $15 - Fix keno bug $10 - Convert a few pages to JS - $40 - Convert turf wars from uots engine $100 - Add more options to the search bar $15 I have other jobs too but for now these are my main priorities, please get in touch if you are interested in any tha
  5. Still looking for help if anyone can pm me please
  6. UOTS-Owner


    Hello all, I would just like to introduce myself, my name is Alex and my game is called university of the streets 🙂 (see link below) I started out with mccodes many years ago with a friend at school, we used to run a game for fun called Hooligans World. We had a fair amount of success for something so simple at the time and it was good fun. I then moved on to RC engine and UOTS engine taking a mixture from both. This is my current game 🙂 https://www.unistreets.com/
  7. anyone got a working incentive file for apexwebgaming? Thanks
  8. Looking for someone who can integrate this blackjack system into RC engine https://codepen.io/Clowerweb/pen/FDcxe *The ideal candidate will start immediately, and be well experienced in js and PHP plus PHPMYADMIN if all goes well this may also lead on to further jobs as you start to get to know our scripts. You should also have facebook messenger for easier contact* extra features to be added: - Minimum bet of $500 and maximum bet of $5,000,000 - Winning odds to be lowered - Each game to use a casino token (already added in-game) - at 0 casino tokens a user may not play
  9. UOTS-Owner

    Paypal IPN

    Hello, I am having trouble getting my auto donation crediting to work since I changed hosting, anyone who can help out can pay pm me thanks.
  10. Our current referral system is not fully working, some users manage to successfully refer and others not.
  11. We have one file working on topwebgames.com which can be used as a start.
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