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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I've wrapped my head around this many times trying to figure out the issue, its to do with gang wars, now gangs can ask for a surrender but the other gangs cant accept them did anyone ever had this issue or know what i need to do? Many thanks
  2. Sim


    $iType = $this->getItemType($iTypes[2]); var_dump($iType); debug($iType["ParentID"]); array(5) { ["id"]=> string(2) "24" ["name"]=> string(12) "Hand weapons" ["desc"]=> string(30) "Weapons in hand besides guns. " ["parentID"]=> string(6) "Weapon" ["note"]=> string(27) "Knives, knuckles, ballbats," } The log file minor.txt is not writable! There was an error! File: /home/simmakew/public_html/GL/modul.php Line: 111 Error: Undefined index: ParentID Type: E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR
  3. Golden opportunity for a regular second income ** Iā€™m currently looking for a dev to help convert from 5.6 to 7.4 ** PM me for more info, we also have about 6 OTHER PROJECTS if we find the right Developer šŸ’° šŸ’“ šŸ’µ
  4. I have added the attack and mug modules in GL2... What is the best way to prevent a user from repeating it over and over again? If I mug someone, I can mug them again and again until they are broke. How can I stop this and add a delay of at least 24 hours before I can mug that player again? I don't want to prevent the user from mugging anyone for 24 hours, just from mugging the same player again in a 24 hour period. Any suggestions? UPDATE: I found a solution and I don't think I can delete my post here. The solution I came up with was to use a timestamp in the db and add a day to it. Then I check if the current time is greater than the timestamp in the db. If it is, they can do it again.
  5. hey i have this line in my daily cron $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `steps`=`steps`= 100 WHERE `steps` < 100"); so steps in users schould get 100 each day but the line doesnt work did i overlook something ? or is it sql related ? sql is steps int11 unsigned
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