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  1. Another big update: In addition to the tutorial there are now 3 scenarios the help newcomers get more familiar with the game. There are still instructions on what to do next but it's less "hand-holding" than the tutorial :) Another faction has been converted from the original Skrupel: The Silver Star AG. They have ships with jump engines, cloaking and extended scanners. I implemented a dark theme since a lot of people on the internet seem to not like white backgrounds any more ;) Have fun :)
  2. A big update just went live! Achievements Notifications Fleet manager improvements Several UX and bug fixes The game called "Pirate infested center" just got 2 new players - maybe we can fill it up? ?
  3. New update: Lots of improvements to help and tutorial texts You can now expand and collapse the bottom menu on desktop as well The pre-game lobby for game mode “Team Death Foe” has been streamlined You can now see the resources that are going to be mined on the next turn The landing page has been improved with new content so new players can get a better sense of what the game is about I opened 2 games for people to join in! Lets have some fun ?
  4. Thanks for your feedback! I am in fact thinking about redesigning the landingpage at least as it is kinda bare-bones right now. I will probably add some screenshots there and just more details about what the game actually is. I don't think I will do a dark redesign to be honest - I just don't like dark websites and dark themes very much ^^. I was never particular good a visual design myself, that's why I heavily rely on Bootstrap for all the colors and stuff ?
  5. Hi! Skrupel TNG is based on the original Skrupel by Bernd "Husten" Kantoks. It is open source and completely free. Players command a space-faring civilization to explore, colonize and conquer randomly generated galaxies. There are currently 4 factions with different space ships with abilities like jump engines or cloaking. Users can create their own matches and join others. For new players there is a tutorial as well as AI opponents. Here is a screenshot of the ingame UI: The galaxy map in the center shows surrounding planets and ships. Each planet and ship you own creates a visibility area around so players have to manage a fog-of-war mechanic. I'm still working on it so any feedback will be much appreciated ?
  6. Hi! I am a web application developer from Germany. I consider myself a fullstack developer in the sense that I can do both frontend and backend of a web application. That's one of the reasons I started a project 9 months ago to recreate one of my all time favorite browser games called "Skrupel". As the name implies this was a game created by a German and it was only known in Germany. Since the development of the original was discontinued after around 2009 or so, and I actually wanted to play it again, so I decided to recreate it on my own with new tech. The original was open source and completely free - and so is mine ? I recently joined the PBBG community and this lead me here ? My project is actually live, but I'm still working on it and looking for a community to exchange ideas and feedback. Besides software development I like playing video games and I'm learning the guitar. At some point I want to make a video game with Unity3D, but right now my project consumes a lot of my free time so I don't have the focus to do something else that big right now ? Here is a link to my project: https://skrupeltng.de/ I will make a more detailed introduction into game at the Show off section ? Best regards Robert
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