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  1. You're using MTGs wrapper? I think the issue has just been overlooked, I use this wrapper for pretty much every PHP project i do. I'm not sure if yours is any different than mine but I see you did this here: $row = $db->fetch_row(); His wrapper is meant to handle most of this for you, just try switching that particular line to: $row = $db->fetch(); I ran into this issue once and I swear that's how it was solved.
  2. Once again, after a couple of very big big breaks from anything PC related, I'm around again. Covid struck hard and it forced a lot of pauses, situational changes and such, hopefully I'll be around much longer this time. I thought it would be best to just post here instead of creating a whole new thread 😂
  3. InverTed

    I need help

    Im not 100% css savvy but there is a transformation you can use that will scale down the images. Check it out on w3 schools, im at work or id post the link.
  4. I've also taken up MTG's advice about using timestamp as a better way to handle cron related deals. Thanks to @Dayo's example i was able to make something that'll fit my needs. NPC's now work on a spawn system, the option to spam refresh when attacking NPC's is now gone. Energy can now be gained every 5 mins.
  5. The only hosting i know that won't let you send email activations would be free hosting. So unless that's what you're using then there is no reason why it won't work. If indeed you are using free hosting, I highly recommend contacting Dave about the MWG hosting, or just go spend the $2 in the marketplace for it.
  6. This is just the part I've been discussing... Lemme know if readability is really an issue here 😉 if ($this->item_type == 0 && $this->allowdual > 0 && $this->user->weapon > 0) { $this->grabItem($this->user->weapon); if ($this->item_type == 1) { $equip_slot = "Main_Weapon"; } else { $equip_slot = "Offhand" } } else if ($this->item_type == 0 && $this->allowdual < 1) { $equip_slot = "Main_Weapon"; } //2 Handed swords else if ($this->item_type == 1 && $this->allowdual > 0 && $this->user->weapon > 0) { $this->grabItem($this->user->weapon); if ($this->item_type == 0) { $equip_slot = "Main_Weapon"; } else { $equip_slot = "Offhand" } } else if ($this->item_type == 1 && $this->allowdual < 1) { $equip_slot = "Main_Weapon"; } //Offhand weapons else if ($this->item_type == 2 || $this->item_type == 6 || $this->item_type == 7) { $equip_slot = "Offhand"; } //Main weapons else if ($this->item_type == 3 || $this->item_type == 4 || $this->item_type == 5) { $equip_slot = "Main_Weapon"; } //Armor else if ($this->item_type == 8) { $equip_slot = "Chest"; } else if ($this->item_type == 9) { $equip_slot = "Legs"; } else if ($this->item_type == 10) { $equip_slot = "Boots"; } else if ($this->item_type == 11) { $equip_slot = "Shoulders"; } else if ($this->item_type == 12) { $equip_slot = "Arms"; } else if ($this->item_type == 13) { $equip_slot = "Hat"; } //Accessories else if ($this->item_type == 14) { if ($this->user->ring1 < 1) { $equip_slot = "Ring_1"; } else if ($this->user->ring2 < 1) { $equip_slot = "Ring_2"; } else if ($this->user->ring3 < 1) { $equip_slot = "Ring_3"; } else { $equip_slot = "Ring_1"; } } else if ($this->item_type == 15) { if ($this->user->necklace1 < 1) { $equip_slot = "Necklace_1"; } else if ($this->user->necklace2 < 1) { $equip_slot = "Necklace_2"; } else { $equip_slot = "Necklace_1"; } } For some reason, copy/pasting from Atom didn't like me much. Way more indentation that It should be. It's been a minute since i last updated; The inventory system is 3/4 done. It now has the option to have packages that can include up to 9 items. I converted a system for it just because I the tutorial completion kit took a ton of extra effort just for once package. So why not make it so you can have things bundled up. Since i was reworking the inventory system, i kind of overhauled the items system as well, consumables will be a thing. The guild vault is pretty much done minus the addition of the way the new items are set up. In the guild vault you'll be able to store items and copper. Items will be able to be loaned out at some point in the soon future. A bunch of the buildings for the guild have been added. They can be leveled although they don't do anything specific yet. Cheers :)
  7. I would agree in some cases. But when you have 3 different variables in use, switch becomes less an option. With each class having their own gear and not being able to dual wield i need to prepare for it
  8. Using switch compared to if in my situation wont do a ton for readability because ive added the ability to dual wield certain types of gear i need the extra parameters from the if statements.
  9. See i wasnt sure if that was actually going to work. Thanks MTG 👍 Maybe im just too busy over thinking lmao
  10. Okay so let me start this by I know the line of code I'm showing you will not work, I'm simply using it to reference what I'm going for and hopefully someone here can give me an idea. $this->db->query("UPDATE character_list SET ? = ? WHERE userid = ?"); So basically what I'm going for is, I want to be able to dynamically change what is being set when this particular function is running. I want this one SQL statement to be able to handle several purposes. This is for equipping gear, so the first ? in the statement is obviously what gear slot I want altered. Any ideas?
  11. InverTed

    PSD conversion

    If @ags_cs4 doesnt have the time, ill have my photoshop back tomorrow and i can do it. Let me know if he cant get to it 🙂
  12. So during the process of building the guild vault feature... I figured out that I now must re-code the entire inventory page. A slight step back but it'll be even better once I'm done with it. After the guild vault and inventory features are at 100% I will be turning my direction entirely towards content. Then after that the plan is to turn to the graphics. As I weigh the amount of work I want in before beta, you guys will all see the beta launch by early december or at the beginning of 2021. Potentially sooner if real life doesn't pull me away too much!
  13. It doesnt look like anything there is the issue, so yeah i think your issue lies elsewhere.
  14. If i was to count hourly work between rl and my coding, to say i work 80 hours is likely an understatement. Im dedicating a lot of time i dont have to build something that i hope many will get to enjoy. The more eyes i have on the project now, the more likely i am to successfully push through, i use it as a motivator 🙂
  15. Im glad this motivates you. Honestly id like to see more people do it this way. Even if you dont ever poke into the game youll still be up to date. Builds the hype 🙂
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