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  1. We have fully got the new attack system in place and ticking quests as it should be, the game is once again in a playable state for a testings sake.
  2. Aye aye aye One moment, that'll be sorted. EDIT: Done.
  3. MTG is correct, it wasn't set up at that time, it should be set up now, however. If anyone has any issues, you can generally reach me on the discord chat anytime.
  4. Knights of Lyroth has received it's much needed PDO update, and is now a bit more accessible than before. Currently reworking the attack system entirely for a better customization.
  5. You can no longer access the game engine using: mccodesreover.000webhost.com It's now: https://knightsoflyroth.gq/
  6. Now have a mail feature installed and working. KOL now has an active discord server, use the code: cqCXfNz
  7. Okay folks, been doing some backend work, I've released a little content into the game to get started. I have seemed to sorted out any bugs or breaks, but the true test is a few people poking their heads. Any accounts previously made have been email confirmed so you can pass through. I will also keep an eye out for fresh created accounts in case others want to peek. EDIT: Training looks broke, but is not, I just have some things disabled, making some odd numbers, but this is only gonna last until I find a decent way(Other than crons) to launch other features. Ahh another update today, added a party system that can allow up to 6 players for a party. You can join & create a party, I'll be adding some other stuff using this on the rest of the engine, being in a party will benefit you greatly.
  8. I see what I did, thanks for pointing it out SRB, should be all good now :) This is why I wanted everyone to take a peak, to help me catch the bugs lol EDIT: I also commented out the line that pushes any user who logs in without a confirmed email to the email confirm page, so everyone should be able to make an account and roam freely. Obviously still not much to do but if you can find a bug I want it found :) EDIT AGAIN: Got the NPC attack system set up for quests today, along with NPC attacks providing EXP and Copper on a win. Attack system is a 10 round attack system, one click automation. Apologize for the constant edits, but the whole merge post thing is making it hard to distinguish that i've done something new.
  9. Now have an active quest system, not quite in it's entirety of course, as it'll have to progress as the game does. But i have a single quest currently out and about, and want a few people to test it! If you have any issues, please IM me or post on here so I can address it :)
  10. Only using 000webhost as a temporary means to just display info, everything will be migrated once the project becomes closer to completion, otherwise I'll be losing more money than I'm earning, and tbh, that's just bad for business. I'm "HOPING" I'll be close to a small beta launch by mid/end june, and will have everything migrated by that point :) Got a "Mini Tutorial" up this morning, reading and clicking the link below the first time will award you with a tutorial pack which gifts gear and HP potions, sole purpose was to give everyone a chance to test the inventory and see it's flexibility. Been through rigorous tests, so hoping it works right for all of you as well.
  11. Inventory got its slight code polish to hold out now, just waiting on 000webhost to bring my database back up! XD
  12. You'd get over it fairly quickly if you noticed people enjoyed what you put out @Uridium. All it takes is a good and true intentions, if you're just gonna micro transaction them to death don't waste your time, that is the problem I think is the most existent. PTW is not FTW
  13. I agree, there are several out there who have successfully gotten through with Mccodes, tbh, I used the lite version (Which converting it to something halfway workable took a few more than 4 hours), and I've stuck to doing all the keyboard crunching myself. It's rare to see that in any community, and to be honest it's a bit more satisfying when you make it yourself and it turns out the way you expected it to. I started dev'ing KOL with the Mccodes Lite, now it's entirely non-existent(Besides the actual log in page and logo) in the code, I've typed everything, aside from the PDO_Wrapper that @Magictallguy developed, which has come in incredibly handy if I do say so myself. It's just unfortunate to see so many people giving up the hope that text-based RPGs can become a big thing again. My goal is to show them their clueless :)
  14. ^ This is another plague thats existed since the release of Mccodes V1, Everything that came out was the same, people would buy and reuse mods, and sadly enough they made money from laziness. So now everyone who wants something to hold out you gotta work 10x harder to just get an initial player base. And hoping that you've given them enough of the right things to do, and at the same time not making it incredibly cumbersome on a player who just wants a game where they can click a few times and logout. Keeping the lazy ones in the loop isn't exactly fun nor easy, but if you can hold a lazy persons attention span for at least a couple of weeks, that'll mean you've got a solid baseline that's interesting enough, and the players who are looking for a good storyline, will stick around even longer as they'll want to see how things pan out. EDIT: All in all, this community should come together to create something far different than what we've had in the past. Know your audience, that's the saying isn't it?
  15. Have just finished creating the attack system, with critical chances, and armor penetration factors. Will be adding more to it once i've finished the skills!
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