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  1. public function sendActivationCode($email, $id, $username) { $settings = new settings(); $from = $settings->loadSetting('from_email'); $headers = array(); if ($from) { $headers['From'] = $from; } $gameName = $settings->loadSetting("game_name"); $activationCode = $this->activationCode($id, $username); $subject = $gameName . " - Registration"; $body = "$username your activation code for $gameName is $activationCode, after you have logged in please enter this when
  2. i was uploaded the the module and after i changed the mail address, but still sends the messages from the hosting mail and not from mine address. What you think, did i something wrong?
  3. Hi all! i did not find any topic about, but i would like to change the system messages email address, do you have any tips where can i change it? GLV2 thanks
  4. Sorry , i guess the download link is broken... 😞
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