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  1. All I did was replace my gangs files with sniko mod , and removed all SQL tables , now I get this error .
  2. Gang's QUERY ERROR: Unknown column 'gang' in 'field list' Query was SELECT `gang`,`username`,`userid` FROM `users` WHERE `userid`=1 QUERY ERROR: Unknown column 'u.gang' in 'on clause' Query was SELECT `u`.*,`g`.* FROM `users` `u` LEFT JOIN `gangs` `g` ON `g`.`gangID`=`u`.`gang` WHERE `u`.`laston` > unix_timestamp()-15*60 ORDER BY `laston` DESC
  3. Does anyone have the v2 version of this ?
  4. I still ain't able to fix this problem.
  5. Were the mods? So I could have a look at them . Are they mccodes v2?
  6. How about players raid for gang Headquarters = +3 gang points other gang -3 if they draw in total stats wise = 0 points . Gang raid members = cash only , gang raid gang just for experience friendly raids no - on headquarters. I also want a mod were if your in the same gang whilst jailbreaking you gain more labour experience busting a gang member out gang member names in jail = purple . Gang raids , bounty colour green means gang ain't been successfully raided lately meaning if a gang wins them in a raid they again more cash , orange bounty if they win and lose raids and red bounty were a g
  7. It's the links I'm using my phone to change it however it's difficult I'll do it once I'm home Okay we're can I add the code or change the code ?
  8. Willing to pay 20€ for this .. Or more .
  9. It doesn't allow me to click the links .. I've used Joshua code ..
  10. safetries` int(11) NOT NULL default '10 This SQL gives me a error. .
  11. Does anyone have the roullete image gif?
  12. Mccodes v2 Can someone do this for me and we could negotiate a price . I think it will keep gang members active and it's a great add on . I do have few ideas for a better gang system . Gang layout ..
  13. How much would you charge me to make a gang raid files were gangs raid other gangs for money crystals and gang respect , for example 1 raid targets gang members money and gang vault money , second raid targets gang members crystals and gang vault crystals , 3rd raid targets gang respect ... This will be known as a HQ raid , members could fill in gang raid to raid the other gang, raid takes 10 min , only 5 members can join a raid . And the defending gang could also join Defense , to see which gang wins it all comes to who has the higher stats , example my strength is 200k the other gang member
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