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  1. Didn't expect to see you around! I still remember buying random mod packs from you that would fund your nights out haha.
  2. It's amazing that this site is still going! Most people probably don't even remember me, joined here in like 2009 when I was a kid with no idea what was going on somehow running a game. For some reason I remembered this out of the blue and thought I'd drop back in and see if any familiar faces are still around. Crazy looking at back some old posts and seeing how time has changed.
  3. Faz`


    It's me. I've been wondering if all these...but on a serious note, what's up guys? Thought I'd pop back in here and see what everyone is up to. Some familiar faces still posting I see, amazing that this forum is still going after all these years. Hope everyone is doing well and the New Year is off to a good start!
  4. Faz`


    Wait, wasn't that the company that was on the Google Chrome advert on TV a while back? I didn't realise they were a legit company, I thought it was just a random advert.
  5. I don't post often here any more, and this thread pretty much sums up why. This nice chap comes on here to tell us about his new game, clearly explains why it is limited to Firefox, yet the first 3 pages are all questions as to why it is limited to Firefox and not supported on other browsers. Not one person decided to actually review the game and it's content, quite sad really. That being said, I will give your game a try tomorrow when I get the chance. It definitely does look interesting from what I've seen so far. Seems like you've put a lot of time and effort into this.
  6. Quite sad to see. Bought a couple of mods and they were really good. I think the customizable donator packs was a huge hit in my game. Support was also really good, don't know why people were complaining about this a while back. All the best Cronus!
  7. Haha, I remember Oxidati0n! He made a brief comeback a couple of years ago claiming to have made some new engine, turns out it was just a modded V1 and then he disappeared again.   Mdshare did a great job with this forum, but judging by his Facebook, he's onto much bigger and better things now. A lot of the people I used to talk to here are gone too, most of those I used to enjoy developing with. Only remaining people I know really are Nick, Spud and Djk. I don't know what the reason is for the decline. It seemed to be quite gradual, I think the forum layout changes had a lot to do wit
  8. This is definitely one of the nicer looking games I've seen from a user around here. You are definitely doing really well with it financially, and I'm still quite baffled by your decision to sell. What do you mean by full potential? In 280 days you've amassed over $16,000 which is amazing. The problem with many games is longevity and I honestly think if you kept it going you'd continue to see a steady rise. That being said I wish you all the luck in selling it.
  9. You keep saying "when you're thinking small" whenever anyone gives you relevant advice. What are these "big" projects you have in mind then?
  10. I think it is rather sad. Whilst I haven't been around as long as Guest and co, I still did post quite a while back and the decline has been quite rapid. Sad really, there were some very good threads before and the community was thriving. Now it just seems to be the same 10 odd people posting, with the occasional goofballs who try to sell mods that aren't there's or yet another "I got scammed, please give me sympathy because I wasn't clever enough to check up on the person I'm giving money to" thread. That being said, I really don't know how this forum could be revived?
  11. Faz`

    Who's this guy?

    What makes you think we already aren't?
  12. Faz`

    Who's this guy?

    Nick is one of the sexiest people around. No, seriously...he is.
  13. Currently browsing the forums for that engine and it certainly looks active. Quite a few sites up and running with the engine too!
  14. Faz`

    Booher, you alive?

    I'm unsure if it's still up, it was ridden with spam and I THINK it got taken down. I might be wrong though and there might be an archived copy of all modifications somewhere.
  15. You're worse than me these days disappearing several months at a time BD!
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